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Chapter 12: Wang Wen Has Arrived

Wang Wens surprise was not caused by the scene.


He had seen many similar scenes in his previous life.

His surprise was caused by the fact that the head of the intelligence department was there to see him!

Wang Wen, as a member of the First Consortiums elite, had had the most contact with the intelligence department in the past.

He understood the meaning of the mans presence.

That old man, who was over 70 years old, was more powerful than some regions rulers!

In ancient times, the ruler of a region was equivalent to a king in a country.

The deans status might be two levels higher than the old mans, but even he had to stand respectfully in the mans presence.

Others attitudes toward the old man may be one of fear, flattery, or respect.

However, Wang Wens eyes welled up with tears when he saw the old man.

No amount of calm could make up for his feelings for the old man.

Wang Wen had no family in his previous life, and the old man had none as well.

Both of their loved ones had perished in the World Tower.

There had been many deaths in the World Tower, and they were no big deal.

However, not many people had died as cleanly as Wang Wen and the old man.

They were both noisy and irritable when they first met.

It was because they did not get along.

Wang Wen wanted to fulfill his parents dying wish by entering the World Tower and taking the first place.

It would be ideal if he could break through thousands of floors and discover the secrets hidden in the sky.


The old man hated seeing people climb the tower.

As the head of the intelligence department, he had seen too much information about the World Tower.

He had also seen too many people scheming against each other.

In addition to his relatives deaths in the tower, he was also disgusted with the World Tower.

He thought it was a foreboding place and that everyone who climbed the tower was simply greedy for wealth and willing to fall.

He had always been the head of the intelligence department, and he refused to resign.

Aside from the consortium pleading with him to stay, he wanted to see what the World Tower could do to the world.

Wang Wen refused to discuss the fate he had to bear.

He simply worked hard and gave his all.

The old man despised those who climbed the tower.

He also hated Wang Wen, who would enter the World Tower every week and never leave.

He always made things difficult for him and gave him the most dangerous and arduous intelligence testing work.

Wang Wen was also very stubborn.

He never refused.

He would accept any test, no matter how difficult or tiring.

He made no complaints and completed all the tests efficiently.

In any case, he expected to die in the World Tower.

It did not matter when it happened.

No one in the intelligence department could do the test work better than him at the time.

He even trained the upper teams team leader.

Every time they met, he addressed Wang Wen as Master.

Wang Wen was not afraid of death.

He did not feel tired.

He was not scared of hard work and did not mind fat or skinny teammates.

However, he disliked the old man making things difficult for him.

As a result, he never treated the old man kindly.

Hence, the two of them quarreled the moment they met.

One of them was an elite that the consortium had focused on nurturing.

Everyone knew the extent of his hard work.

The other was someone who had spent most of his life in intelligence work.

He had read more reports than the young man had eaten daily meals.

Sometimes, whenever they had new intelligence, he could analyze it with just a glance.

They were both the consortiums treasures.

It was unfair for the consortium to be on anyones side.

They could only persuade them.

Most of the time, they could only let the two fight until they were tired.

Their quarrel could last for many years.

They fought so much that the entire consortium was used to it.

They fought so much that Wang Wen noticed that the intelligence reports he had to read increased.

They fought so much that every time Wang Wen was about to go to the World Towers teleportation door, he would see the old man sitting in the consortiums building staring at him through the window.

The old man always assumed that because the consortiums building was so far above the ground, the ant-sized man could not see him through the reflective glass.

He had no idea that since Wang Wen broke through the 600th floor, he could even see the excrement at the corner of a birds eye.

His high-level skills had given him that ability.

The intelligence department could no longer keep up with Wang Wens progress.

The two of them still quarreled whenever they met.

The old man still liked to make things difficult for him.

He also never smiled at the old man.

However, the intelligence department had become Wang Wens home, with no restrictions on access.

He could access any intelligence freely.

The personnel in the department were also at Wang Wens beck and call.

Those who did not know would have thought he was the intelligence departments chief.

The old man also frequently discovered strange things in his food or water cup.

At first, he thought that it was a prank, so he casually poured a cup of contaminated water into the turtle pond.

Finally, he discovered that the little turtle who had eaten those strange things had become extremely healthy.

Some of the cracks in its shell and skin had healed without medication, and even a broken nail had grown back.

When he summoned someone to ask who had touched his water cup, he was told that only Wang Wen, the young master from the intelligence department, had dared to do so.

The intelligence department would receive information about the World Towers super high-level treasures a few days later.

For example, some precious and rare treasures that could prolong ones life and strengthen ones body.

When one inquired about the location of those treasures, one would be told that some higher-up person had already consumed them.

How many teams in the consortium had reached beyond the 500th floor

Not to mention more than 600 floors.

Apart from Wang Wens team, who would dare to use a treasure without waiting for approval

Only the old man knew that the team had not consumed any of the treasure.

In reality, the person who ate the treasure was not human.

It was the little turtle who would definitely live longer than most people.


After that, the old man did not dare to pour the water out again.

Even if there were something that looked like a fly in the water, he would drink it with his eyes closed.

The facts proved that he had made the right decision.

His body, which had gotten older and poorer, gradually became stronger.

The consortiums medical experts had diagnosed him with an incurable disease.

He could only live for a few more years.

However, his health had improved year by year.

Seeing that situation, the consortiums higher-ups had their own guesses.

However, no one exposed the situation.

An elderly man who was regarded as a treasure by the consortium had been using precious medicinal herbs available on the market to prolong his life at any cost.

He could only hope to continue contributing to the consortium for a few more years.

In the end, someone contributed to the old mans survival.

The consortium did not need to worry about it.

They even saved the money to buy medicine for the old man.

Was there such a good thing in the world

Who would not eat those treasures

Even if they handed them in for distribution, they would probably be distributed to the old man.

Only an idiot would punish a respected official who had misappropriated them to use them for good.

They might even nurture another outstanding elite.

If they killed the meritorious official who helped the old man, they would also end up killing the former.

They did not care if he wanted to use the treasure.

Wang Wen had done something many tower climbers had failed to do.

The number one in the world had to have some special privileges.

Otherwise, who would stay with them

The two of them still quarreled whenever they met.

The old man still liked to make things difficult for Wang Wen.

Wang Wen also never smiled at the old man.

It was not until many years later that the old man turned 90 years old.

No matter how valuable the treasure used to expand his life span, it could not withstand his lifes end.

When the old man collapsed in the hospital, Wang Wen had just entered the World Tower.

Old age was different from illness.

There was always no sign of it.

Wang Wen did not know about it at all.

He had entered the tower after a quarrel with the old man.

Who would have known that the old man would not live to see another day

The doctors were helpless.

They announced that the old man would die in the next second.

No one could relax.

In the end, the old man could no longer see anything.

All the consortiums higher-ups visited him, but no matter what they said, there was no response from the patient.

The old mans cloudy eyes looked at the sky and moved slightly as if he was looking for something.

Everyone knew who he was waiting for.

However, there was nothing they could do.

Once someone entered the World Tower, they were isolated from the world.

The outside world could not contact them at all.

Everyone could only wait.

They waited with the old man.

That was the longest week for the entire First Consortium.

The moment Wang Wen left the tower, the staff who had been standing guard in front of the tower immediately informed him of the old mans situation.

Wang Wen, exhausted and in pain, did not bother with any of the items.

He displayed his extraordinary power in front of the world for the first time.

His figure broke through the sound barrier and disappeared.


When he reappeared, he was already outside the old mans ward.

Blood oozed from all over his body.

He was completely unaware of it.

He gently opened the door and walked into the room with blood stains on his feet.

Everyone in the room stood up in shock.

Someone close to the bed whispered to the old man, “Wang Wen has arrived.”

The old man, who could no longer see and hear, suddenly blinked his eyes and slowly opened them.

At that moment, everyone in the room covered their mouths as tears streamed down their faces.

Wang Wen walked toward the old mans bed.

The old man turned his head and accurately captured Wang Wens direction.

His facial muscles twitched and revealed an expression that did not seem to mean anything.

His mouth opened and closed a few times before he finally let out a long breath and closed his eyes forever.

Wang Wen, the all-rounder tower climber, was proficient in the languages of various countries.

He had no problem with lip-reading.

He understood what the old man wanted to say before he died.

As long as he was safe.


Those were the old mans last words.

When he saw Wang Wen, he felt at ease.

After he finished speaking, he felt at ease.

Everyone was crying, but Wang Wen was smiling.

He had never smiled at the old man before.

It would be too late if he did not smile at him then.



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