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Chapter 119: Opportunity

“What happened to that top-tier mage” Mo Rans face flushed when he learned that the stone pillar could significantly boost the tower climbers spiritual power.

He looked at Ma Changsi as if he were a gold mine.

He had more information than most people because he was a member of the First Consortiums intelligence department and a member of the management team.

He knew well how difficult it was to develop ones spiritual power.

Far fewer people could become spiritual power masters than in the other four aspects.

The main reason was the lack of a consistent training method.

At the moment, the training methods on the market were primarily intended to push ones spiritual limits.

Face what one was afraid of, despise what one encountered, and be disgusted by what one experienced.

Overall, the goal was to repel stimuli.

That training method was extremely inhumane and painful.

Wang Wen demonstrated that the stone pillar at that checkpoint effectively suited tower climbers!


Even if the effect was not ideal, it was still a new path.

It would undoubtedly be a game-changing reform if it could be brought out of the tower!

Furthermore, that guy hugged the stone pillar for three hours and broke through!

The effect was simply heaven-defying!

Mo Ran had no idea what kind of huge honor and reward he would receive if he offered the group the manufacturing method of that divine stone.

Would he be promoted

Would he receive a raise

Was it possible to choose one more rare item every month

The appearance of such an item was tantamount to completely defying tradition.

It was similar to weight-loss training.

The training method initially required thirty minutes of jogging four kilometers and one to two hundred abdominal rolls to lose a few pounds.

That could change abruptly one day when someone carried a stone pillar and claimed to have lost ten pounds after hugging it for three hours.

How would they feel

As if the sky was falling!

When Mo Ran considered that, a few more veins appeared in his eyes.

On the other hand, Ma Changsi looked confused.


“Where is the person who made that stone” Mo Ran pointed at the stone pillar, giving off the vibe of a thief with his whole body.

Based on his posture, he probably did not intend to leave the tower until he obtained the method for creating the stone.

“Young warriors, you should at least show respect to the top mages of the continent,” Ma Changsi advised gently.

Then he told the truth.

“That person should be in the front lines command center now.

He will lend a hand to any front that has a tough defense.

I heard he had not retreated from the front line for over half a year.

The Alliance Army could only hold on because of him.”

“Lets go to the front line!” Mo Ran shouted as he looked at Wang Wen with high morale.

Ma Changsi calmly said, “No problem, three magic crystals will do.”

A simple sentence made Mo Ran lose his fighting spirit.

He asked the drone to check his inventory quietly.

He mumbled something no one could hear or understand, but he made no sound.

The locals were unconcerned about the drone, which appeared out of place at first glance.

The old man did not continue the topic.

He turned to Wang Wen and said, “Are you interested in joining the association and becoming a great and respected mage”

Wang Wen was stunned.

“Can I”

Ma Changsi laughed cheerfully.

“If an incredible person who can last three hours on the god stone cant do it, then no one else in the world can.”

“What do I need to do” Wang Wen was a little interested.

“You can become an apprentice mage by registering with the association.” Ma Changsi pointed at the door in the corner of the hall.

“Every day, an apprentice mage will have a chance to receive magic water to stimulate their magical power.

They can practice with the meditation manual.

They can become an official mage if they produce magic power within a month.

They will then be ranked based on their total amount of magical power.

The higher the rank, the greater the total amount.”

Wang Wen asked curiously, “What will happen if I dont produce any magic power within a month”

“I believe in my judgment.” Ma Changsi said honestly, “But if that really happens, you can only admit that you dont have the talent to be a mage.

Regretfully, please leave the association.

After all, resources are limited, and it is impossible to waste too much divine water on one person.”

Wang Wen nodded to show that he understood.

Climbing a tower was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

His previous experience taught him that the strongest abilities of tower climbers were never the basic five.

Intelligence and the enhancement of transcendence brought about by opportunities were central.

Any transcendence ability that could allow a person to surpass human limits was not to be overlooked.

For example, a divine protective power impervious to knives and spears, or a bionic eye skill that could see far away.

It was even unreasonable to rely on the physical bodys supersonic speed.

All those were special abilities that Wang Wen had acquired in his previous life through various intelligence reports and fortunate events.

As for transcendence, it was definitely a level that ordinary people could not easily achieve.

The five basic skills were different.

Everyone could learn them, and everyone could practice them.

It was just that their specialties were different.

They were called the basics because one could not live without them.

If they went too far, practicing them would be pointless.

It was only to assist them in climbing the tower to find more opportunities.

It was similar to game enhancement and modification.

No matter how high the enhancements base value was, it could not compete with the combat strength of someone who casually changed the terms to multiply.

Wang Wen was confronted with a familiar scene—opportunities.

An ordinary tower climber might believe there would be nothing worthwhile on the first 200 floors, so it was better to aim higher.

It was really common to look down on the lower floors.

Even Mo Ran and the others present thought so.

However, the experienced Wang Wen knew exactly what kind of talent could not be overlooked.

A mage.

Even if it meant delaying the tower climb, it was worth it.

But he would not delay the teams progress because of his personal matters.

“Lets split up and raise the money together,” Wang Wen said after a brief moment of thought.

“Lets try to collect enough magical crystals to teleport to the front lines before it gets dark.”

“At least thirty gold coins.

How do we raise it”

That was Mo Rans question.

“Master, what can I do”

That was Zhu Xingguos question.

Wang Wen recalled the buildings he saw along the way.

He said, “Old Mo, you have a lot in your inventory.

Momo, go to the pawnshop and see if you can exchange things for money.

Then, go to the Mercenary Guild and look for less dangerous physical labor to trade for money.

As for you two, Director Chen, you can go wherever you want.

Ren Ruoruo, you can go to the mercenary guild with Momo.”

That distribution was quite comprehensive.

They nodded.

Only Zhu Xingguo asked Wang Wen with a sad face, “Master, can you not call me Momo”

“Okay, Momo.” Wang Wen nodded, then said to everyone, “Because it was my suggestion, Ill get 20 gold coins.

You guys just need to get ten gold coins.

Of course, we might need more, so be prepared.”

“Twenty gold coins” Mo Ran thought about how one gold coin was equivalent to more than 3,300 cups of the white melon juice he had drunk before.

He felt a little dizzy.

He tried his best to open his eyes wide and look at Wang Wen.

“Youll be alone”

Wang Wen nodded.

“Yes, lets hurry up and set off! Well gather here for dinner at the local time.

Well see how much money we can gather before we make our next move.”

On the other side, the head of the city guards, Bei Daokan, and the person-in-charge of the association, Ma Changsi, were chatting about something.

Bei Daokan waved his fist excitedly.

Then, he ran to the side of the city lord, who was sitting comfortably in the hall, and bent down to grumble.

The city lord nodded satisfactorily and got up to leave the Mage Association.

Before Bei Daokan left, he patted Wang Wen on the arm and said, “Good luck! Respected Mage, I look forward to the day you return victorious!”

Looking at his excited face, Wang Wen wanted to say that he was overthinking it.

“Once I get the ability of a mage, Ill leave.”


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