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Chapter 114: The Confused Chen Hansheng

Even though the World Towers level was not the primary factor determining difficulty, the low levels had only a few changes.

However, Mo Rans full firepower could be used to destroy any levels within the first 200 floors.

The progress was completed in less than 20 minutes, and the checkpoint ended.

During that time, Chen Hansheng also completed his plan, which was to coax Mo Ran into joining his team.

He felt even wiser after successfully joining the team and witnessing Mo Rans might.

Chen Hansheng accompanied Mo Ran to the next floors entrance with a smile on his face.

He handed him a towel to wipe his sweat and a bottle of Body Health Water to quench his thirst; on occasion, he even gave Mo Ran a ginseng fruit to eat as a snack.

It had to be said that the wealthy knew how to live.

There were not many rare and valuable high-grade relics, but as long as basic relics could be purchased with money, they would carry a backpack full of them.

Unfortunately, Mo Ran was a First Consortium expert.

He would never say that he was the only kind of treasure.

There was no shortage of basic relics for sale on the market.

Therefore, he turned a blind eye to Chen Hanshengs hospitality.

He was busy handing over the baton to Wang Wen.

Chen Hansheng, who was smiling, still did not understand what Mo Ran had said to Wang Wen.

“Take it slowly.

Give me a little more time to rest.”

Everyone entered the next level.

Dense lines covered the ground and the air.

Every thread could set off a mechanism, releasing a slew of dangerous goods.

Some dangerous goods could be avoided with poisonous arrows, and others could be penetrated in a split second by lasers.

However, if injured, they might not reach the hospital in time.

The most terrifying aspect was launching many explosives or mini cloud bombs simultaneously.

The person and the checkpoint could vanish together, leaving no time for anyone to complain.

In the end, Chen Hansheng saw Wang Wen disassemble the checkpoint with astonishing efficiency.

Not only did he disassemble the mechanism, he would occasionally follow the threads to the dangerous goods storage area to crack the anti-theft lock and attack the Yellow Dragon, taking the dangerous goods as trophies.

The whole scene shocked Chen Hansheng so much that his heart missed a beat.

When all the traps had been dismantled, a safe path leading to the entrance to the lower level was revealed.

He frowned and looked back and forth between Wang Wen and Mo Ran, confused.

“A mechanism master” Chen Hansheng asked that question with extremely complicated feelings in his heart.

He was asking if that big shot was a trap master.

At the same time, he wondered how that guy could be a trap master.

He thought that god brought the three scums.

Did they not say that the elites would bring young masters and young ladies to climb the tower

Why did the young master make a move himself

He was a trap master

Which familys young master was so ambitious

Was it appropriate for a young master to be so ambitious

He had a good background, yet he was still ambitious and worked hard to become a trap master.

How could others live

Chen Hanshengs heart felt extremely complicated!

His thoughts were flying everywhere.

Unfortunately, no one paid attention to him.

Wang Wen, who was initially polite, became very busy when he entered the next level.

Mo Ran ignored him.

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo wanted to help their captain carry the many trophies in their backpacks.

They looked at the dangerous items in their backpacks, such as stinger glass bottles and bombs, and were scared.

They did not have the mood to pay attention to others.

That made Chen Hansheng confused and lonely.

In the past two weeks, he had entered the tower as the Boai Groups director.

Most of the people who climbed the tower were very respectful.

Even if there were big shots from levels above the 300th floor, they would still be polite to him on account of the Boai Group.

That cold treatment was something he had not seen since he became the Boai Groups director.

He wanted to find out Wang Wens identity.

He wanted to find out who that person was.

How could a tower climber who had only reached the 140th floor dare to be so arrogant

It did not seem like he wanted to cooperate at all.

How could a person who had only reached the 140th floor cooperate with an immortal who had reached the 439th floor

Cooperation should be based on equality, right

People should cooperate with each other.

If it was impossible, they could also cooperate with dogs.

Would anyone cooperate with mosquitoes

Would anyone cooperate with ants

Would anyone cooperate with crap

Chen Hansheng stared at Wang Wens back, trying to find some clues.

Until he pushed all the way to the 150th floor.

Not only did he not solve the doubts in his heart, he also added a few more.


‘Is it over

“What did I see”

‘A master manipulator

‘A master of the mind

‘A master of the craft

‘Is he even human

‘What kind of person is he

Finally, after completing nine levels, Wang Wen took a deep breath.

He wanted to sleep.

“Slow down; give me more time to rest,” Wang Wen said.

Mo Ran stretched lazily and smiled at Wang Wen.

“Dream on!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the checkpoint was activated as they had enough people.

A black lightning bolt rushed forth with a swoosh.

He immediately used his ultimate skill.

He leapt up in the direction where there were the most monsters.

While he was still in midair, his Dharma hands suddenly burst out with ten thousand light rays.


The world became quiet.

Wang Wen was dumbfounded.

It looked like Ran was trying his best to catch up with the progress.

He shouted, “Old Mo, dont be like that.

Revenge is not good! If you do that, the two of us will perish together!”

Mo Ran fought until his entire body was filled with murderous intent.

“Then dont be so damn fast!” he roared.

Wang Wen was extremely aggrieved.

“That wont do.

I cant help it.”

“F*ck!” Mo Ran turned around with contempt, and the gloves in his hands started to explode again.

It was difficult to look at the scene directly.

The 150th floor was cleared more than ten minutes later.

Chen Hansheng, who had been watching from the beginning to the end, was dazed as he looked at the noisy Wang Mo and Mo Ran.

It was as if his chest had been stuffed with tens of thousands of cloud bombs.

It was hard to breathe, and there was a feeling of suffocation.

He felt very uncomfortable.

No matter how much he thought about it, he could not figure it out.

That team made him feel toxic, and the longer he stayed, the more questions he had.

Too many things did not make sense and were entangled together.

He reasoned that if he went in one direction, there would be another strange site that would stand out to prove that his theory was contradictory.

For example, why would Wang Wen, the young master, and Mo Ran, his subordinate, spit at each other

Based on that deduction, the two of them might be good friends.

Then, why was Mo Rans level so high and Wang Wens level so low

If one had a 439th-floor immortal as a good friend, an average person would be able to climb up to the 300th floor if they wanted to!

Based on that deduction, the two of them might not have known each other for long and had not had the time to catch up yet.

That raised more questions.

First of all, if they wanted to climb the tower, Mo Ran would be the one to clear the levels.

Wang Wen had put in even more effort throughout the entire process of climbing the tower.

Wang Wen did all the work on all the floors except the speed mechanism, which required everyone to collaborate.

Mo Ran only needed to rest leisurely.

What kind of climb was that

Secondly, if they had not known each other for long and had not climbed the tower together…

Then why did they trust each other so much

Why did they trust each other to dismantle so many dangerous traps Were they not afraid of being wiped out by a single mistake

Why did they put so much faith in each other to progress while looking for tools Were they not afraid of being surrounded and annihilated by the enemy if they could not keep the monsters at bay

Why were those two people so well-coordinated

More importantly, they were spitting venomous words at each other!

How could they do such a thing if they were not familiar with each other to a certain extent

Chen Hanshengs mind was a mess.

Looking around at the noisy men spitting at each other in mockery, he felt a strong desire to die.


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