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Chapter 11: A Personal Visit

It was the head of department who appeared at the door.

Several people were standing beside him.

The leader was wearing a straight woolen coat with a gray suit inside.

She looked like a delicate and graceful woman, but she also had a powerful aura that kept people away.

Who else could it be if not Tong Xiaolei


The head of departments forehead beaded with sweat, perhaps because the First Consortiums name was too scary or because he was afraid of the heat.

He noticed that there was no movement in the classroom after a while.

He was a little worried about what was going on, so he casually asked the student closest to him, “Do you remember the student I spoke to before class”

That was originally a hopeless question.

The academy had many first-year students who did not know each other, even if they were from the same class.

Unless they were famous.

Otherwise, it was normal for them not to be famous or know each other.


Surprisingly, the student in the first row turned around and pointed to the group of students, indicating that they were inside.

“Is there trouble” The head of department took out a handkerchief to wipe his sweat.

He walked to the crowd and shouted, “Get out of the way, get out of the way, dont play.

Where is Wang Wen”


When the girls heard the voice, they turned around to see the head of department.

They immediately calmed down and retreated to the side.

The battle in the center was more intense, and no one could react in time.

When the head of department pushed through the crowd and saw Wang Wen, whose face was covered in blood, his face was grave.

He took a clean tissue and pressed it to the wound on Wang Wen and the skinny boys head and face.

He looked around coldly.

The girls were dumbstruck.

One or two of them dared not make a sound, and they stood at the side as if with their hands and feet tied.

The head of department, who always looked kind, was even more terrifying when he got angry.

His angry shout scared the girls into silence.

“Who started this fight”

The head of department pointed with his short and fat fingers.

“Take down their names.

I will personally deal with them.

Dont even think about fleeing! Give me your confession tomorrow before class.

Otherwise, Ill go to your classroom.

Do you understand”

The girls and Yu Zhi, who was still in a daze, left.

The head of department asked Wang Wen worriedly, “Are you okay”

Wang Wen asked the skinny boy, “Are you okay”

The skinny boy rubbed his nose and snarled, “They would have been finished if the head of department had not arrived early! I was about to launch a counter-attack!”

“Forget it! If it were any later, you would have died here!


Wang Wen and the head of department looked at each other and saw that tacit inference in each others eyes.

Wang Wen nodded and said, “Thank you, Sir.

Whats the matter”

The head of department slapped his forehead.

“Im so angry that I forgot.

Come with me quickly.

A distinguished person has come to see you.”

Wang Wen followed the mans line of sight and saw the person at the door.

That person was smiling.

He finally understood.

He patted the skinny boys shoulder and told him to rest.

Then, he followed the head of department to the door.

His face was covered in blood, but his expression was calm and indifferent.

Under the students gaze, he walked to the front of the classroom.

It was as if the chaos was childs play, and he did not care about it.


Yu Zhi, who was sitting in the middle of the classroom, was in a trance as she looked at the figure walking in front of her.


He was a poor student with low grades.

He was not outstanding, had no special skills, and never attracted anyones attention.

He looked like a joke, but he still wrote her a love letter in a ridiculous manner.

Why did he give off a different vibe recently

Nothing had changed.

Why did Cheng Qiaoyi look for him, and why did the head of department look for him

Should the feeling of growing up without seeing the world turned upside down not be a privilege for girls like her


She had done it all—letting go of her long hair, applying makeup, changing out of her long-sleeved school uniform, wearing a skirt or shorts to reveal her straight, white, and long legs, and stunning her classmates for many years.


She had always been the only one who had left others behind, the only one who had walked forward proudly only to see the disappointment on others faces.

What happened that day

Nothing had changed!


Yu Zhi remained silent for a long time, staring at the door where the figure had long vanished.

Outside the classroom.

Wang Wen and Tong Xiaolei shook hands.

Tong Xiaolei smiled and stared at his face, trying to see that there was something unnatural about his face.

Unexpectedly, Wang Wen simply wiped it with a tissue and nodded.

“Dont worry.

Its just a superficial injury.

It wont affect me from collecting my money.”

“Why would I worry” Tong Xiaolei did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She stretched out her hand and said, “Please, Mr.


Wang Wen looked at the head of department with some surprise.

“Why are you here Youre here for me”

The head of department sighed and wiped his sweaty brow with his handkerchief.

That situation piqued Wang Wens interest.

They had gone directly to the deans office.

On the way, the head of department found a lecturer and assisted Wang Wen in requesting leave for the next few classes.

What else could be said if the head of department had personally requested leave for a student

The lecturer nodded decisively and agreed, saying he would keep the class records so Wang Wen could study at any time.

That lecturer had no idea who Wang Wen was in his class before that day.

The unprecedented treatment gave Wang Wen his first taste of the First Consortiums power in the secular world.

He had never had such an opportunity in his previous life.

He had been away from the academy for many years when he joined the consortium.

The environment was different then.

Naturally, the feeling was different too.

Those wealthy businessmen fawned over him.

How could there be any special treatment from the academy teachers

In the past, only top students received such treatment!

The head of the First Consortiums intelligence department

Wang Wen caught a glimpse of Tong Xiaolei, who was not far away, out of the corner of his eye.


She was already acquainted with him.

She could speak to him if she had something to say.

They did not need to go to the deans office to discuss it.

That was because the test results had been obtained.

The upper teams mysterious team leader had come to see him in person.

That was not right.

The identity of the upper teams leader was respectable, but not to the extent of being so cautious.

The rest of the answer was already on the tip of his tongue.

Wang Wen was a little surprised.

That could not be

It was just a piece of information from the 69th floor.

Perhaps it was a little unpopular.

There was no need to go through so much trouble, right

Wang Wen was taken aback when they arrived at the deans office and saw a white-haired old man sitting on a chair.

There were a lot of people in the deans office.

Even the dean was standing…

The head of department, who led the way, was not even qualified to enter the room.

He came to a halt outside the door and wiped his brow.

Tong Xiaolei, who had been smiling without saying a word the whole way, slowed her footsteps before entering the door.

When she lowered her head, she immediately stopped smiling.

She led Wang Wen to a spot about one meter in front of the old man after ensuring he could not guess anything from her facial expressions.

“Wang Wen has arrived, Sir.”

Tong Xiaolei straightened her back and lowered her head as she spoke.


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