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Chapter 109: Creatures That Are Hard To Understand

A Giants Heart was the only type of treasure on the 100th floor that could summon water stone giants.

They would not vanish as long as there was still water in their bodies.

If they disappeared, one would have to wait 24 hours before summoning them again.

Mo Rans eyes lit up when he saw the item information.

He looked at Wang Wen and said, “You did it You even obtain a unique treasure.

Even the First Consortium lacks these resources.”

“Im lucky.” Wang Wen was still modest in the first sentence.

The next sentence was like a wave.

“How about it Come work for me The benefits will not be worse than the First Consortium!”

Mo Ran had just said a few pleasant words, but when he heard that, he immediately became angry again.

“Im the intelligence departments team leader who has spent a lot of effort cultivating, and you want me to work for you”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Thats in the past.

Now, the team has spent a lot of effort helping your cultivation.”

Mo Ran took a breather, his words making him want to cry.

After some thought, he changed his stance and continued to say, “The benefits are not worse than the First Consortium Do you know what kind of benefits they are giving me”

Wang Wen smiled and said, “I know.

You get 100,000 points per month and some rare items, right Whats so good about that The Tiansheng Group is more generous than that.”

“You!” Mo Ran widened his eyes.

He looked at Wang Wen for a long time and could not say a word.

He was dumbfounded for a long time.

He eventually became disheartened.

He muttered to himself, “Since I was young, I fought for a place to study in the First Consortium.

When I became an adult, I joined the intelligence department.

After so many years, the group has become my home.

How can I leave now”

His tone was melancholic as he spoke.

It was as if he was about to cry.

Looking at his miserable appearance.

Wang Wen could not bear it, and he did not force the man.

He patted him on the shoulder and comforted him.

“Its okay.

Take it slow.

One day, your consortium will abandon you.”

Zhu Xingguo and Ren Ruoruo were stunned when they heard that.

Zhu Xingguo lowered his head and sighed softly.

“The captains way of comforting people is really unique.”

Ren Ruoruo looked at Mo Ran, who was chasing after Wang Wen with all his might.

She pursed her lips and smiled.

“But the effect is quite good, isnt it”

The four of them returned to the underground.

Before entering the cave, the sky was filled with specks of rain.

The bottom of the pit was already wet as one walked along the underground river basin.

It was most likely due to the stone giants constant water absorption.

That dried-up underground river might be able to regain its former glory.

Wang Wens footsteps were a little hurried.

It was clear that his mood was changing as well.

After all, he had never encountered a Broken Might-level poison master in his previous life, despite having the opportunity to do so.

It was a rare expectation for him.

He noticed a group of strange-looking little creatures packing their belongings with distressed expressions on their faces on the way to the original cave.

They seemed to be preparing to move.

As soon as they saw Wang Wen and the others, they immediately squeaked.

Wang Wen took the translator tool from Zhu Xingguo and put it on.

After listening for a few sentences, he said with an unhappy expression, “It was you who asked me to remove the source of the water-absorbing stone.

Now you want to blame me for removing it What kind of logic is that”

The old creature holding a toothpick walked out from the crowd and asked, “Did you really kill that big guy”

Wang Wen smiled after hearing it.

“It seems like you also know that its not a water-absorbing stone but a terrifying big guy.”

The old creature did not answer.

It rolled its small eyes and thought for a while, then squeaked.

“It doesnt matter what it was.

My clan members have found that the water source is recovering.

This place is about to be flooded.

You have destroyed our home.

Please leave immediately, or I cant guarantee that you will not be poisoned to death.”

Wang Wen narrowed his eyes and looked at it.

“Do you mean you want to renege on your debt”

The old creature rolled its eyes and asked, despite knowing the answer, “Renege on what debt Do you plan to compensate us for our losses”

Seeing the little creatures around them taking out countless blowpipe arrows, Wang Wen understood what the other party meant.

He nodded and did not say anything more.

He turned around and left.

Mo Ran and the other two did not understand, so they quickly followed and curiously asked about the exchange.

A companion next to the old creature came closer and screamed softly, “Are we going to let them go just like that We dont have much food left.”

The old creature thought for a moment, then the toothpick in his hand paused on the ground, and he ordered his clan members to shoot poison arrows.

Wang Wen was already prepared.

When he heard movement behind him, he immediately turned on his mental defense.

A translucent semi circle appeared beside him and gently blocked all the short needles that flew toward them.

Mo Ran shouted, “Fight!” He twisted his body and raised his fist to smash toward the area where the poison arrows were the most concentrated.

His body was imbued with a faint layer of golden light, like golden armor.

All the short needles shot at him seemed to hit a steel plate and fall to the ground.

The 439-floor tower climbers full-strength punch cleared an area.

Wang Wen pulled out a shotgun he had not used in a long time.

He carefully wrapped a thick plastic bag from the inner layer of his backpack, with only a few bullets left.

The shotgun was more useful than the mechanical crossbow in that situation because there were so many enemies.

He raised the muzzle and aimed at the old creature after loading the bullets.

“Actually, I dont quite understand,” Wang Wen shouted through the translation tool.

“You know we can eliminate the stone giants at their source, so why do you continue to attack us How did creatures like you survive up to this point Did you really believe your poison-making skills are invincible”

As his voice traveled over, the little creatures expression changed.

It waved its arms as if it wanted to say something, but Wang Wen did not give it another chance.

He pulled the trigger and fired.

The old creature and its clan members fell to the ground.

They were injured but did not die.

They screamed in pain.

The scene was much more tragic than the area where Mo Ran evaporated with one punch.

Wang Wen was just about to fire another shot when more little creatures came from the distance, packed with all kinds of poison-dipped weapons, ready to fight for their lives.

He thought for a moment and took out the giants heart.

He gently waved it in the direction of the most enemies.

A towering figure appeared slowly in the air.

The top of his head cracked the rock wall above the underground river basin.

The entire space made a terrifying noise as if it was about to collapse under pressure.

All the little creatures were stunned.

They looked at the huge giant in a daze.

The giant obeyed the summoners command and raised his fist, creating a deep pit dozens of meters wide on the ground.

Over a hundred little creatures were in the pit, and they were instantly turned into meat paste before they could even scream.

The old creature screamed when it saw its clan members being slaughtered like melons and vegetables.

It felt like it was dying due to the double blow to its body and spirit.

It wanted to negotiate with Wang Wen.

It promised to teach him the most advanced poison-making technique.

Who knew that once Wang Wen realized it would cheat, he would lose faith in the poison-making technique He had already reassured himself that his skills were adequate.

After that, the other partys ambush made him even more ruthless.

He focused all his attention on completing the level and leaving.

He was unmoved no matter what the old creature promised him.

He raised his shotgun and shot the last few bullets into the other partys body.

The old creature was beaten to a pulp.

There was not even an inch of complete skin to be found.

The little creatures on the scene seemed to have lost their core after it died.

They fled in all directions, squeaking.

Wang Wen put his shotgun away, patiently waiting for the stone giant and Mo Ran to chase each other down and kill each other to complete the checkpoint.

The drone opened the door to the next level.

He removed the translation tool, returned it to Zhu Xingguo, and walked into the entrance solemnly.

Half a minute later.

Mo Ran took several steps back.

He looked at Wang Wen with a mysterious expression and imitated someones tone.

“Guess what I found”


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