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Chapter 108: No One Is A Match

In the dark underground, there was only a bonfire in a branched-out cave that shook.

A group of strange little creatures seemed to be having a meeting.

The little creatures squeaked and asked, “Is it okay to let them go just like that”

The old creature with a toothpick said, “No matter what, we dont need to send any more sacrifices this year.”

“What if we anger that guy” The little creature was worried.

The old creature sneered, “Its better to anger him to let him know that we were not powerless! How can we live with less and less water”

The little creatures thought it made sense.

They nodded.

Only one of them, the big head with a round forehead, disagreed.

“What if they kill that guy” he asked, reaching out to add some wood to the bonfire.

“Is he going to teach us how to make poison”

It raised its head and looked around.

“Also, the source opens up the water flow.

The good environment we have now will disappear.

Do we have to go back to such a dangerous place”

No one made a sound when they heard the first sentence.

Then, the second sentence fell.

The little creatures immediately began to chirp.

“That wont do! That wont do!”

The old little creature holding a toothpick laughed.

“Kill We havent been able to do it for so many years, but you think those outsiders can do it “Dont worry; no one is a match for that fellow!”

On the ground.

After Zhu Xingguo smashed half of the stone pillars with his hammer, all the stone pillars began to move.

They had anticipated that it would move slowly.

They moved as quickly as lightning, which was unexpected.

One of the stone pillars bowed and bounced off the hook of the stone pillar in front of it.

It flicked its finger at Zhu Xingguo like a child playing with marbles.

The ratio of a ten-story-tall stone pillar to Zhu Xingguo was comparable to that of an adult finger to an ant.

The sound of a finger flick was like a loud bell as powerful as thunder.

The ground beneath it cracked on both sides, and dust flew everywhere.

Zhu Xingguo barely managed to roll and dodge.

The stone pillar surprised him by being very agile.

It immediately curved and fired another shot.

Zhu Xingguo shot straight up because he could not get out of the way in time.

He was dizzy after landing on the ground and could not get up for a long time.

After bouncing Zhu Xingguo, the stone pillar turned its attention to Wang Wen.

It curved and shot out.

Wang Wens mental attack shattered half of the stone pillar near the ground.

However, the massive reaction force caused Wang Wen to stumble.

The shadow in the distance seemed to sense something strange about those ants and began shaking the heavens and earth.

The ground beneath the stone pillar was lifted high like soft sand, revealing the massive underground trunk.

Along with the shadow that gradually emerged from the fog, a stone golem the size of the sky appeared in front of everyone.

The few broken stone pillars were simply the stone golems fingers.

Mo Ran, who had dashed into the fog and fought valiantly, could only see the stone golems feet.

Wang Wens face was solemn as he faced such a formidable foe.

He was not sure he could deal with monsters far beyond the scope of humans at the time.

A kick like that could kick out a river and punch out a lake.

Ordinary peoples methods were akin to scratching an itch.

Wang Wen thought for a moment.

He took out the Body Immobilizing Bead and shone it at the stone giant.

The arm that struck the stone giant did not move, but the other arm clenched its claws into a fist and swung at the stone giant.

That damned Body Immobilizing Bead was not controlled by an entire person.

After the giants fist was removed, a massive pit more than a hundred meters wide was revealed.

Mo Ran returned from a distance.

“I cant fight it anymore!” he repeatedly exclaimed as he ran to Ren Ruoruos side.

“It is so massive that I cant even hurt it.

Where has Wang Wen gone”

Ren Ruoruo pointed at the Stone Giants arm.

Mo Ran looked over and saw a small ant-sized person crawling forward on the stone giants left arm.

The stone giant withdrew his right hand and rubbed it on his arm.

It was as if he was chasing away a worm.

Wang Wen, on the other hand, was like a slick worm that could not be brushed off.

He climbed back onto the stone giants right hand in an instant.

That irritated the stone giant greatly.

Two massive hands were hammering on the ground at random.

For a moment, the sky and earth changed color.

The surging sand and dust covered the sky and churned.

Mo Ran and the other two on the ground hurriedly retreated.

Zhu Xingguo spat blood as he worriedly looked toward the stone giant.

He could not see the captains position clearly from that distance.

He was very worried.

Wang Wen, who was on the giants body in the distance, had unintentionally climbed near his shoulder.

He was wearing an earpiece-like translation device that he had explicitly requested from Zhu Xingguo.

“Brother, it is our fault for disturbing you,” he yelled at the stone giant.

“Can we stop and talk about it”

He received the palm slap from the stone giant as an answer.

How ridiculous.

Who would talk to an insect

Wang Wen climbed helplessly up to the other giant hand.

The back-and-forth movement quickly depleted his physical strength, and his climbing movements were erratic.

Perhaps the stone giant, who had long been annoyed, took the opportunity to howl and swallow Wang Wen into its mouth.

Compared to the dry water-absorbing stone.

The stone giants body contained a pitch-black ocean-like body of water.

Wang Wen and the rock both fell into the water, causing a massive splash.

Wang Wen, who had nothing to cling to, plummeted so far that he saw stars.

He barely managed to step on the water to get to the surface to breathe, but he could not tell his head from his feet in the pitch-black body of water.

He was still in the water after stepping in it for a long time.

He thought for a moment.

He silently called for the drone.

The drone entered the stone giants body from an unknown location and appeared beside Wang Wen in the water.

The scanning light illuminated a small area of bright light.

It made people feel more at ease in that pitch-black, deep water.

Wang Wen, too, discovered the path to float through the light, adjusted his posture, and swam up.

The moment he surfaced, he also saw the drones results—the progress of eliminating the stone giant had only increased by 10 percent.

He was still far from clearing the level.

It demonstrated how insignificant that battle was.

He was still essentially cannon fodder for others.

Wang Wen reasoned that he would not be put at a disadvantage for no reason.

While retrieving all the Shear Water Beads in the drone, he stepped on the water.

There were seven left.

They were all crushed flat!

A vortex appeared on the surrounding waters surface.

All the water went into Wang Wens seven Shear Water Beads.

The seven beads were soon gradually filled.

He crushed them all again.

The whirlpool continued.

His body was floating around in the whirlpool.

Because he held the center point in his hand, he did not have to exert much effort to stay afloat and avoid sinking.

It also gave him the courage to take a step into the water.

Outside the stone giants body

Mo Ran and the other two noticed the stone giant, who had been restless, suddenly stopped.

It appeared to be feeling something.

The three thought it was strange, so they approached it slowly and carefully, looking for Wang Wens figure.

They spent a long time looking.

They were unable to locate anything.

Mo Ran guessed with a serious expression, “Did he get beaten into a pulp”

Zhu Xingguos neck stiffened.

He carried the Mountain Splitting Hammer and ran toward the stone giants foot to fight.

Before he could run forward, the mountain-sized stone giant suddenly disappeared.

A figure dropped from the sky.

Wang Wen rolled around on the ground, holding an object.

“The only treasure is the giants heart,” he said to Zhu Xingguo, who was closest to him.

“This time, I got lucky.”


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