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Chapter 107: Cannon Fodder

A group of four walked on the gravel beach.

Since Zhu Xingguo stated that the refined young man did not accompany them into the cave, no one cared if he was missing.

Even if they could communicate with the little creatures, Wang Wen did not ask any more questions.

In his opinion, he was a teammate and was worth saving.

He would not waste his energy if he were not a teammate.

Maybe he had left the tower

Ren Ruoruo, who had just woken up from her coma, seemed to feel the preciousness of life.

She could not stop looking at everything, and her eyes were filled with joy.

Occasionally, she would pick up two stones of similar shape and color and be happy for a long time before solemnly putting them away.

Her appearance was becoming increasingly dissimilar to the professional tower climber she had imagined herself to be.

She did not know if she was aware of the changes that had happened to her.

She also did not know if she was aware that if that team was the type of professional tower climbing team she had once favored, she might have already become a piece of meat in the bellies of those underground creatures.

That was because the professional tower climbing team would not risk entering an unknown hole for the sake of their so-called teammates.

It did not conform to the tower-climbing rules.

Mo Rans face was still cold as he grumbled unhappily, “I dont know why I want to solve the water problem with you.

You get benefits, but I dont get any benefits.”

Wang Wen comforted him.

“Who says you dont get benefits Helping others is fun.

I believe you will feel happy!”

Mo Ran was still upset.

Wang Wen smiled and said, “Didnt you say that you wanted to study something weird Isnt it weird right now”

Mo Ran snorted in disdain.

Then, he asked curiously, “What do you mean”

Wang Wen raised his eyebrows mysteriously, looked up at the sky, and said, “Weve been walking for so long.

Even though were hot and thirsty, we havent even sweated a single drop! Im usually a person who sweats where I stand.”

The three people around him could not help but wipe their foreheads.

They could not see a single drop of sweat.

Mo Ran was the first to be alerted.


“It doesnt look like it.” Wang Wen drank a mouthful of the Body Health Water.

He opened the bottle cap and said, “Theres an unknown phenomenon rapidly absorbing the water in the exposed air.”

Ren Ruoruo turned pale with fright.

“No wonder I keep feeling that my skin is very dry! I thought it was because of the weather!”

Mo Ran looked at the rapidly evaporating Body Healthy Water and smacked his lips.

His face was dark as he said, “This is a trick Those things lied to us!”

Wang Wen closed the bottle cap and found that the water level had stopped decreasing.

He looked up and around.

He smiled and said, “It might not be a lie, but more or less, theyre using us as cannon fodder.”

Mo Ran put on his gloves.

He took a few steps forward and jumped.

In mid-air, the Dharma Hand suddenly burst with a dazzling light.

The earth-shaking punch landed on the gravel beach.

A two-meter-wide half-circle pit was formed in the surrounding area with the fist as the focal point.

Wang Wen and the other two retreated to the pits edge in one breath, but they still could not avoid being hit by a large pile of dust.

There were also pieces of gravel flying at different speeds, splashing and smashing into everyones bodies like hail.

If they were not careful, it would still hurt quite a bit.

Wang Wen looked at Mo Ran, who was walking up from the bottom of the pit, and asked inexplicably, “What happened Did you see the enemy”

Mo Ran calmly put his gloves away, gently waved his hand, and said expressionlessly, “I dont have any enemies, so I just want to vent a little.”

The three of them were stunned.

Wang Wen lowered his head and looked at his pathetic appearance.

He did not know whether to laugh or cry as he said to Mo Ran, “Can you please tell me in advance when you want to vent next time, or run far away to vent, okay”

Mo Ran nodded and replied, “Okay.”

That amused Wang Wen.

He asked him in puzzlement, “How did you climb up to the 439th floor with your personality Were you not angered by the enemies along the way”

Mo Ran replied, “No.”

Wang Wen did not continue their conversation because a large shadow appeared in front of their line of sight.

The shadow was caused by the fact that, aside from the few ten-story-high stone pillars in front of them, the ones further away could not be seen clearly.

It was as if they were shrouded in gray fog.

The shadow was enormous because the shadow in the distance that could not be seen clearly was ten times larger than the stone pillars in front of them, which were more than ten stories tall!

It was like a mountain lurking in the shadows.

Everyone walked to the stone pillars.

Zhu Xingguo wanted to reach out to touch it.

But Wang Wen stopped him.

He took a bottle of regular drinking water from his pocket and poured it on the stone pillars.

The water that came into contact with the stone pillars was as dry as a sponge or as hot as a rock.

It quickly shrank and vanished without a trace.

All the water that came into contact with the stone pillars was like a dry sponge or a hot rock.

It quickly shrunk and disappeared without a drop.

That scene made Zhu Xingguo rub his fingers with lingering fear.

Who knew what would happen to his hands if he had grabbed them

Wang Wen nodded and said, “It seems like these are the water-absorbing stones that those little creatures were talking about.

These stones have absorbed all the water within a hundred-meter radius.”

Zhu Xingguo thought about it and said, “What should we do Can we smash it”

Ren Ruoruo took a knife and hacked off a small piece of gravel.

It fell to the ground.

She dripped a few drops of water on it to test it.

She was delighted to find that the speed at which the water disappeared had slowed.

“It seems to be of some use!” she said.

Zhu Xingguo rolled up his sleeves right away.

He appeared relieved that he could do some physical labor for his captain.

His movements were very upbeat.

At that moment.

Mo Ran, who had not said anything since seeing the stone pillar, looked at the distant shadows and muttered softly, “I have found the source of my depression.”

Wang Wens ears twitched, and he turned to look at him.

Mo Ran put on his gloves, and they shone brightly again.

He raised his fist and broke the stone pillar, but his momentum did not decrease as he charged straight toward the big shadow behind him.

“Take it easy!”

Wang Wen shouted at the retreating figure.

However, Mo Ran had already rushed forward without looking back.

Wang Wen took two steps backward and looked into the distance.

There were flashes of light in the fog.

Thunder rumbled.

From time to time, there were faint tremors on the ground.

Perhaps due to the fogs stirring, the mountains shadow became blurry.

Wang Wen shook his head and looked at the scanning results of the drone on the stone pillars.

He realized that those stone pillars were also considered progress.

According to his experience, very few non-living beings in the World Tower could be considered progress, except for traps.

Were those stone pillars some kind of rare trap


The entire floor was more likely to be used as a checkpoint.

Wang Wen kept an eye out and said to the two people beside him, “Hes busy with his work; were busy with ours.

Lets start smashing.

Be careful.

There might be something fishy about those stone pillars.”

After saying that, he took out a metal rod and swung it at the stone pillar.

Stone powder fell with a rustle.

He shook his hand.

The backlash caused his thumb and finger to go numb, but the stone pillar did not shatter much.

Zhu Xingguo retrieved a blunt tool from the drone.

He smiled and said to Wang Wen, “Captain, leave this kind of physical work to me.

I have all the tools.”

Wang Wen looked at the 40th-floor ordinary tool—the Mountain Splitting Hammer—in his hand.

He thought that he would have to go to the tool market sometime.

After all, he had earned so much money, but some essential tools that could be bought on the market still needed to be prepared.

It was not appropriate to rely entirely on his existing items to support the battle.

As he was thinking.

Zhu Xingguo raised the Mountain Splitting Hammer and smashed half of the stone pillars.

Then, all the stone pillars started to move.


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