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Chapter 10: Wang Wen, That Scum

Yu Zhi raised her head unconsciously to look at the door.

Everyone in the classroom was staring at each other.

With just one glance, they saw a girl wearing glasses.

She was the well-known goddess whose skin was so pale that it seemed to glow.

Cheng Qiaoyi!

The entire classroom suddenly became quiet.

Everyone poked their heads out, looked around, and listened in all directions.

Yu Zhi felt a little dizzy and perplexed.

What exactly was she doing there Was the mechanism technique used in another class different Furthermore, did she still need to take such a fundamental theory class at her level

Cheng Qiaoyis appearance was a mysterious rumor.

What she did next was like an explosive piece of news.

Cheng Qiaoyi seemed a little shy.

She pursed her lips and slightly lowered her head toward a specific direction in the classroom.

She clasped her hands together and pressed the tips of her fingers against her chin as if she was pleading.

She even bowed.

The boys in the classroom seemed to hear a series of cracking sounds.

‘The goddess is bowing!

‘Who is she bowing to

‘Find out!

‘I want that person to bow to the world!

Only Yu Zhi vaguely remembered the shout just now.

The other party was looking for Wang Wen!

She turned around, her eyes wide, staring at the person she swore she would never look at again.


Wang Wen whispered a few words to the thin boy beside him, then moved out of his seat and walked straight out of the door.

He waved his hand as he passed the door and continued walking out.

The two girls obediently followed him out the door like two babies.


In the classroom…

Six chairs were shattered.

One of the tables was cracked.

Thirteen books were torn.

Forty-four pens were broken.


Wang Wen did not know what happened in the classroom.

He led the two girls to the corridor.

He turned around and leaned against the handrail to look at Cheng Qiaoyi.

“Have you entered the tower”

Cheng Qiaoyi nodded.

She played with her fingers, and her body seemed to gather strength.

The bespectacled girl looked at Cheng Qiaoyi, then at Wang Wen.

She moved two steps away to give them some space.


Wang Wens gaze inadvertently swept past the position where the bespectacled girl was standing, and he continued to ask Cheng Qiaoyi without batting an eyelid, “Did an accident happen”

Cheng Qiaoyi finally mustered her courage.

She bent down fiercely toward Wang Wen and said sincerely, “Im sorry!”

Wang Wen was shocked.

His upper body was leaning against the handrail.

His elbow was still propped up.

It was a rush.

The brave girl saluted him.

She almost caused a disaster!

He silently moved to the side to avoid the other partys head.

Only then did he heave a sigh of relief and say, “Its good that youre fine.”

Cheng Qiaoyi stood up straight.

Her large round eyes were already brimming with tears.

She thanked him earnestly.

“Senior, thanks to your advice, I managed to escape with my life.

My dad said you did me a great favor, one I should remember for the rest of my life!”

Wang Wen pointed at the numbers on the classroom door.

“Why are you calling me that Im in the same grade as you.”

“Then what else should I call you”


Cheng Qiaoyi blinked.

Suddenly, she turned into a curious cat.

“Senior, you know Im also in the first grade How do you know so much about me Senior, you must be very familiar with the World Tower, right May I ask what level youre on now ”


Wang Wen was expressionless.

“Level zero.

Ive never entered the World Tower before.”


Cheng Qiaoyi came to a sudden realization.

“So thats how it was.

No wonder you know so much.

Youre an expert!”


“No! What did I say” Wang Wen was stunned by the other partys refusal to listen to his answer.

Cheng Qiaoyi did not listen to him, indeed.

She rolled her eyes and smiled through her tears.

She playfully grabbed Wang Wens sleeve and said, “Senior, Im hosting a feast at home this weekend to thank you for saving my life.

Will you come”

“It depends.

I have been quite busy recently.” Wang Wen looked at his sleeve and then at the flames in the eyes of many of his classmates who pretended to have passed by them several times.

He said, “Actually, I just mentioned that casually.

Its not a big favor.

Theres no need to be so polite.”

Cheng Qiaoyi smiled happily.

“Thats great! Then its settled.

I will pick you up this weekend.

Thank you, Senior!”

Wang Wen looked at Cheng Qiaoyi as she happily left with her companion.

He was utterly petrified.

What was going on

He was not like that in his previous life!


Where was that refined, quiet, absent-minded, reasonable, and gentle Xiao Yi


Why was she acting like a fool now


Did a zombie eat her brain


Wang Wen leaned against the handrail and pondered for a long time, but he still could not figure it out.


He only entered the classroom when it was time for class and sat back in his seat as if no one was looking.

He continued to ponder.


He waited for the lecturer to begin his lecture.

The skinny boy at the same table quietly gave Wang Wen a thumbs up and moved closer.

He lowered his voice with an exaggerated expression and said, “Not bad at all! Youre invincible! You angered one goddess and confessed your love to another goddess.

Youre unbeatable, Wang Wen! You dont even brag about it.

No one knew you before this.

Now, youll be famous!”


“What kind of nonsense was that”

Wang Wen rubbed his temples.

He said, “Theres no confession.

My relationship with Cheng Qiaoyi is not what you think.

The two of us cant become a couple.

Shes only here to thank me for the reminder that day.”

“Reminder That day” The skinny boy also fell into deep thought.

Time passed quickly.

After the class ended, it was time for a break.

Yu Zhi led a group of her friends and surrounded Wang Wen.

She remembered her oath and did not say a word.

She got her friends to fire the questions.

“Wang Wen, whats wrong with you You chased after Yu Zhi and Cheng Qiaoyi at the same time.

Are you cheating on her”

“All scums deserve to die! ”


Wang Wen suddenly stood up.

The stool fell heavily to the ground, making a loud noise.

The girls were shocked and took a few steps back in panic.

Wang Wen reached out his hand and grabbed Yu Zhi, who had no time to dodge.

He pulled her by her collar and asked her condescendingly, “Are you done”

Yu Zhi was stunned.

She did not even care about how his pulling of her collar brought out her sexual desires.

She just looked blankly at Wang Wens face, which was right in front of her.


Wang Wen also noticed that situation.

His gaze swept down.

His disdain for the immature girl was written clearly on his face.

He curled his lips and casually pushed her away.

He said impatiently, “That is the last time.

Get lost.”

The girls, who had been scared off, reacted.

They were ashamed of their behavior, but at the same time, they were angry at Wang Wens actions.

They rushed forward and attacked Wang Wen with all their might.

At the same time, they shouted, “You dare hit a girl You shameless thug! Ill beat you to death!”

The skinny boy grabbed his schoolbag and stood up to help Wang Wen block the attacks.

His effort was a hindrance to Wang Wen.

How lethal could a group of first-year female students be Their movements were simple, their speed was slow, and their strength was as light as a feather.

They would not be able to injure Wang Wen.


As a result, when the skinny boy stood up, most of the girls attacks landed on his head.

Wang Wen had no choice but to protect him as the girls pulled the boys hair.

He was hit a few times in the chaos, and a few bruises appeared on his face.

The two sides were locked in a stalemate.

A shout came from the classroom door again.

“Wang Wen Is Wang Wen here I need to see you.”



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