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Chapter 988 Net Worth of Tens of Billions of Yuan

Gu Ning indeed had no intention to have a share of the Tang family\'s property.

She preferred to fight for what she wanted on her own.

And as Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter, she would receive a lot of valuable things.

As long as they weren\'t too expensive, she would accept them.

People under the stage were shocked once more by what Gu Ning just said.

They were surprised to hear that she had already prepared the contract and a lawyer.

Nobody dared to criticize her again.

In fact, most of them were simply jealous of Gu Ning.

It was impossible for them to reject so much wealth.

It wasn\'t uncommon for biological brothers or sisters to compete against each other for the right to inherit.

However, members of the Tang family were different.

The Tang family valued familial love above money.

Even if Gu Ning was going to take over Tanghuang, they wouldn\'t disagree with it at all as long as she had the ability to run it well.

They believed that Gu Ning was able to do that.

The members of the Tang family were also astonished by Gu Ning\'s decision.

They had never told Gu Ning that they were going to do this before, but Gu Ning understood what they were going to do and was well-prepared for it.

Gu Ning knew that she would join the Tang family sooner or later, so it was necessary for her to be fully prepared for her future.

Ningning, you don\'t have to do that, Tang Haifeng said.

He was aware that Gu Ning was adamant.

Since she already made her decision, nobody could change her mind.

Tang Haifeng felt proud of his granddaughter, but also felt a little upset.

Grandpa, you know me better than anyone else, and you must be aware that I have the ability to make a lot of money on my own.

I also want to rely on myself to build my business empire, Gu Ning said with determination.

It was true that Tang Haifeng knew more about Gu Ning\'s business than anyone else in the Tang family.

There were more companies than just Jade Beauty Jewelry, Charm, and Fenghua Entertainment under Gu Ning\'s name.

Gu Ning also owned Xiangyun Antique-store and Colaine.

The most profitable company she owned was the Colorful Jade Provider in City Teng, which only a few people were aware of.

She had replaced the Wang family and became one of the three largest raw material developers in City Teng.

Colorful Jade Provider alone had a net worth of tens of billions of yuan.

Jade Beauty Jewelry was also very popular now, and its net worth should be around two billion yuan at least.

There were many real antiques placed in Xiangyun Antique-store too, and each of them was worth millions of yuan.

In addition, Gu Ning had stored many more real antiques in her telepathic eye space.

Colaine and Kouzi were becoming increasingly famous as well.

Within a month, Colaine made the greatest sales in the industry, and the numbers could be even higher in the future.

Kouzi was even more popular among women, and it was very easy to make money from women, so Kouzi was super profitable.

Before Gu Ning took over Colaine, it only had dozens of millions of yuan in assets, but it grew to be a big company of over a hundred million yuan in assets now.

Many businessmen tried to invest in Colaine, but Gu Ning turned their offers down.

Gu Ning would only cooperate with them.

She also laid down a condition that the pharmaceutical factory had to be hers.

Ning Changkai would be in charge of that.

They couldn\'t let more people find out about the magical power after all.

Many businessmen were annoyed by the strict conditions, but they couldn\'t do anything about it.

Charm and Fenghua Entertainment weren\'t dominant now, but they were still growing fast.

In that case, Gu Ning was confident that she could make as much money as she wanted on her own.

She also had a pair of Jade Eyes.

Nobody else could be as successful as her at such an early age!

If Tang Haifeng found out more about Gu Ning\'s business, he would be even more astonished than now.

Others in the hall, however, were curious.

They wondered how many companies Gu Ning already owned.

However, only the Tang family could know more details.

Hao Ran and the others understood that Gu Ning was involved in many industries, but Gu Ning didn\'t tell them many details.

It was obvious that Gu Ning wasn\'t willing to make it public yet.

What does she mean

No idea, but I\'m so curious about it.

I bet that she has more companies under her name.

She\'s so unbelievable.


I can\'t believe that she\'s able to be so successful at such a young age!

People began to talk about Gu Ning\'s business empire.

Well, as one of the grandchildren of our family, you were born to have the right to inherit our family\'s property, Tang Haifeng said.

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