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986 Gu Ning“s Real Identity

Gu Man burst into tears of joy and repeatedly nodded.

Tang Yunfan also beamed and put the ring on her finger.

They got another round of thunderous applause.

After that, Gu Man also put a ring on Tang Yunfan\'s finger.

Gu Ning didn\'t leave the stage, because she was also an important figure of today\'s ceremony.

Tang Yunfan turned to hold the microphone again, and said to the guests in the hall, Well, today isn\'t only the wedding day of me and my wife, but it\'s also the day when my daughter, Ningning, officially returns to our family.

Saying that, Tang Yunfan looked at Gu Ning with his eyes full of love.

However, people under the stage were all shocked.

Although they had had that thought, none of them actually believed it.

And then it turned out to be true!

Jiang Yutong\'s mother, Tang Zhiyu, and Tang Zhiyu\'s mother were struck dumb after hearing the shocking news.

If Gu Ning was Tang Yunfan\'s biological daughter, they had to give up the idea of stealing Leng Shaoting away from Gu Ning.

If Tang Yunfan found out that they had that idea, they would be severely punished.

Tang Yunfan wasn\'t weak at all.

Cen Xiangfei glanced at Zhou Guangrui at this moment.

He couldn\'t be more jealous of Zhou Guangrui right now.

It seemed like Zhou Guangming was doomed to fail in the competition against Zhou Guangrui.

Mom, is it… Tang Zhiyu rounded her eyes in shock.

She was reluctant to give up such an outstanding young man.

Zhiyu, I think that you better give up the idea.

We can\'t mess with Tang Yunfan, Tang Zhiyu\'s mother said in fear.

Jiang Yutong had no intention to steal Leng Shaoting away from Gu Ning, so she didn\'t mind it, but her mother felt quite disappointed.

However, they had to accept the truth.

Man, thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful and smart daughter.

She\'s made so many great achievements at such an early age.

Even I, as her father, feels inferior to her, but I\'m also proud of her.

She\'s established Jade Beauty Jewelry, Charm, Fenghua Entertainment and so forth all on her own.

We didn\'t help her at all.

Tang Yunfan was unwilling to let people think that Gu Ning relied on the Tang family to build her business empire.

Gu Ning didn\'t care about that, but she felt touched that Tang Yunfan was so considerate.

It was unavoidable that people might think that the Tang family had helped Gu Ning a lot after her family connection with the Tang family was revealed.

Compared with Gu Ning, the Tang family was too influential to be ignored, and people heard more about the Tang family than Gu Ning.

Because Gu Ning was too young, it was hard for others to believe that she could become so successful all on her own.

In that case, it was necessary for Tang Yunfan to make it clear that Gu Ning was an independent girl.

In fact, if Gu Ning hadn\'t become so outstanding among her peers, the Tang family wouldn\'t have paid attention to her.

It sounded cruel, but it was reality.

Tang Yunfan added, To be honest with you, Ningning has more powerful connections than the Tang family does.

Hearing that, people were astonished again, but soon figured out that Gu Ning had gained a lot of help from her connections that she made when she built her business empire.

Shengshi, Jinlin, and Tanghuang were all large corporations with hundreds of billions of yuan in assets.

In addition, the two corporations owned by the two biggest gangs in the country were also very profitable.

People had heard that Gu Ning maintained a good relationship with the two corporations owned by the Kirin Gang and the Qing Gang.

What they didn\'t know was that Gu Ning actually had a close relationship with the leaders of the two gangs.

At this moment, Tang Haifeng walked over and said, I need to share something with all of you today.

I visited City Teng before the New Year festival, but had a heart attack just as I walked out of the airport.

Fortunately, Ningning was also at the airport, and she saved my life.

I noticed that she closely resembled Yunfan…

In the following minutes, Tang Haifeng told everyone how he got to know Gu Ning and what had happened between them.

All in all, Gu Ning had already become successful before she met the members of the Tang family.

It proved that she had the ability to run her business on her own.

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