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Chapter 984 What Is It

In that case, those aged women, who married a rich husband, would refuse to have a divorce.

They were already used to living a luxurious life, and had children as their hope.

When their husbands had had enough, they might still have an intact family.

Although they often went to beauty salons, they didn\'t see obvious effects.

However, they had to spend a lot of money on their appearances regardless of the effects.

I don\'t think that she has really taken good care of her skin.

It\'s the effect of her make-up! Jiang Yutong\'s mother said with obvious jealousy.

She couldn\'t tolerate the fact that someone the same age as her was richer and even prettier than her.

Besides, she also had many bad comments on those beautiful young girls.

She was jealous of Gu Man because Gu Man was able to marry into the Tang family.

Gu Man became her relative to some extent.

Without good skin, the make-up wouldn\'t be so useful.

I think she\'s a natural beauty, Jiang Jiamin\'s mother said.

In the Jiang family, not only did Jiang Jiamin and Jiang Yutong argue against each other as long as they met, but their mothers also disliked one another.

Jiang Jiamin\'s mother wasn\'t as beautiful as Jiang Yutong\'s mother, but Jiang Jiamin was prettier and more successful than Jiang Yutong.

Therefore, Jiang Yutong\'s mother would mock Jiang Jiamin\'s mother\'s aged face, while Jiang Jiamin\'s mother would show off Jiang Jiamin\'s achievements.

As a result, neither of them could win.

You… Jiang Yutong\'s mother was mad.

Oh, right, someone is too old to hide the wrinkles on her face, so the make-up is useless for her.

You… Jiang Jiamin\'s mother was furious and also retorted, You\'re only five years younger than me, and you\'ll be old too in the near future with countless wrinkles on your face!

So what There are no wrinkles on my face right now at least, Jiang Yutong\'s mother said, but she was actually very annoyed.

Jiang Jiamin\'s mother closed her mouth, because they were at the wedding held by the Tang family now.

She was unwilling to cause trouble here.

Compared with Jiang Yutong\'s mother, Jiang Jiamin\'s mother behaved better.

On the other side of the hall, a group of noble ladies were talking about skincare products.

I don\'t know how the bride takes care of her skin, but I do know a skincare brand which is super effective.

Really What is it

Tell us now!

No woman wanted to miss this good news.

It\'s called Kouzi, and is produced by Colaine in the capital.

Although it isn\'t very famous yet, it\'s quite popular.

I read many comments about it on the Internet, and most women think that it\'s very safe and effective.

Kouzi Where can I buy it

You can find counters of Kouzi in every large shopping mall, but I bought it from a beauty salon named Kamei Beauty Salon.

Kaimei has a large membership, and you have to get a reservation two or three days in advance before you go there to enjoy their services.

Look, the woman in a purple gown standing over there is the manager of Kamei.

Actually, there were many loyal fans of Kamei Beauty Salon and Kouzi now.

It was very easy for a good brand to gain fame as long as it had high quality.

Customers were walking ads after all.

Nobody wanted to be deceived by fake advertisements on the TV or the Internet.

Oh, how come the manager of Kamei Beauty Salon was also invited

Several women were surprised to know that, because Kamei Beauty Salon was hardly comparable to the Tang family\'s business.

In fact, not every invited guest at this party was either super-rich or powerful.

Some were just senior staff members of Tanghuang.

Although Tanghuang was a very successful company, its senior staff members were merely ordinary people in other guests\' eyes.

Therefore, those women were surprised to know that the manager of Kaimei was also invited, but didn\'t think that it was impossible.

Is Kamei Beauty Salon also owned by Tanghuang

Kamei Beauty Salon wasn\'t dominant in the industry, but it provided high-end products and services anyway.

It could be the leading company in the industry with Tanghuang\'s help and support in the future.

I don\'t think so.

The manager of Kamei Beauty Salon could have a relationship with the Tang family, or its boss has.

No matter what, I\'ll give it a try tomorrow.

If it\'s really so effective, I\'ll apply for a membership too.

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