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Chapter 981 He Isn“t Married

Even though Tang Zhiyu disguised her feelings, Gu Ning was still able to notice her reaction.

Gu Ning was displeased when other girls showed strong interest in her man, but Tang Zhiyu hadnt done anything harmful yet, so she wouldnt do anything to hurt her right now.

Although Tang Zhiyus mother supported her to play dirty tricks, it was unlikely that she could win.

Nevertheless, no matter how impossible it was, Tang Zhiyu still made up her mind to try.

Jiang Yutong and her mother also noticed Leng Shaoting.

Jiang Yutong was attracted to him too, but she was only appreciating his outstanding appearance, because her love was Tang Jiayang.

Her love towards Tang Jiayang wasnt morally acceptable, but it was pure.

“The man is so handsome! He must be a rich heir.

Yutong, do something to get him,” Jiang Yutongs mother said.

“Mom, he already has a girlfriend,” Jiang Yutong said, but it was a lie.

If she really liked a man, she wouldnt care whether he already had a girlfriend or not.

Just like how she had admired Tang Jiayang for a long time, but didnt stop chasing him even though she found out that he already had a girlfriend.

She did everything she could to get his attention whenever she saw Tang Jiayang, but he ignored her all the time.

If she found out who Tang Jiayangs girlfriend was she would do her best to force the girl to leave him.

“So what He isnt married, so you still have the chance to steal his heart!” Jiang Yutongs mother said and took it for granted.

Jiang Yutong remained silent.

She clearly knew that her mother would force her to do it as long as it was her mothers decision.

Just like her love towards Tang Jiayang, her mother also warned her to stay away from him, but this was the only time she disobeyed her mothers order.

It wasnt up to her to tell her to leave someone she really loved.

Once Gu Ning showed up, businessmen who knew her all came to greet her, and most of them had already met each other at the release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry before.

Pan Zirui and his friends also walked out when they heard that Gu Ning had appeared, but she was surrounded by so many people now, so they stood far away.

At this moment, Du Yujian approached them again.

“I just met Lord Tang, and I coincidentally told him that someone slipped into the party without an invitation letter.

Lord Tang just gave an order to find him.”

It sounded like Du Yujian was talking to himself, but he aimed to let Gao Yongkang hear it.

Pan Zirui and his friends rolled their eyes at Du Yujian, but didnt bother to argue against him.

Even if the Tang family was going to chase them away, they could say that it was Gu Ning who invited them.

Since Gu Ning was already here now, they were safe.

Unfortunately, before Gao Yongkangs conflict with Du Yujian was settled, Zhou Guangrui ended up in trouble.

“Hey, isnt this Zhou Guangrui Didnt your older brother say that your family wasnt invited How did you get in here” Three rich men walked to them, and the man who said that was Zhou Guangmings friend.

Zhou Guangming had turned to him for help too.

Du Yujian interrupted at once.

“Hi, Lord Cen, they arent invited, but got in here with Lord Pan and Lord Hu.

A guest is only allowed to bring one person to join this party, but the two of them brought three.

I already told Lord Tang, and he said that he would handle it.”

“Oh, they followed others to get in here Thats not good,” Lord Cen said with obvious disdain.

Lord Cens full name was Cen Xiangfei, the son of the eldest son of the Cen family, which was another super-rich family in City B.

Cen Yanheng, who had set Tang Xiaoxiao up, was Cen Xiangfeis second uncle.

“Well, well,” Zhou Guangrui said and laughed a little.

“Why are you so sure that we slipped in here Didnt you notice that we werent afraid at all when you told us that Lord Tang was going to chase unwanted guests away”

Hearing that, Du Yujian was struck dumb for a second.

Zhou Guangrui looked so confident that he couldnt help but doubt whether he was wrong.

“Tell us, who invited you here” Cen Xiangfei asked.

“I dont think it has anything to do with you Lord Cen,” Zhou Guangrui said.

“Bulls**t!” Du Yujian said.

He couldnt believe that all of them were invited here.

Zhou Guangrui and the others didnt give them a clear answer, so Du Yujian thought that they didnt dare to, but Cen Xiangfei wasnt as stupid as him.

He believed Zhou Guangruis words.

Todays wedding was held by the Tang family after all, and nobody dared to slip inside.

Since they were unwilling to tell them, he wouldnt ask further.

Right at this moment, Tang Jiakai walked towards them, and Du Yujian couldnt wait to see a drama.

He believed that Tang Jiakai came here to chase unwanted people away.

Cen Xiangfei, on the other hand, was surprised.

He thought that it could be Tang Jiakai who invited them here.

Although it would be very surprising because there was a huge gap between Tang Jiakai and them, it could happen, and Cen Xiangfei got jealous at once.

They all wanted to form a close relationship with people of power and wealth, which would benefit themselves and their families.

“Hi, Lord Tang!”

When Tang Jiakai walked near, they all greeted him with respect.

“Hi, everyone,” Tang Jiakai said, then turned to face Pan Zirui and his friends.

“Hey, Ningning is busy right now, so she asked me to welcome you all for a while.

Come on, lets go to meet some friends together.”

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