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Chapter 980 Stay away from Tang Jiayang

Jiang Yutongs mother was a little bossy, and even her father was slightly afraid of her mother.

“Mom.” Jiang Yutong turned to face her mother with great respect.

Jiang Yutongs mother pulled her aside when there was nobody around.

“What are you doing Didnt I tell you not to have conflicts with Jiang Jiamin again”

Jiang Yutongs mother understood that Jiang Yutong wasnt a match for Jiang Jiamin, so she told Jiang Yutong not to argue against Jiang Jiamin again, in case Jiang Yutong would be embarrassed.

“She laughed at me first.” Jiang Yutong felt aggrieved.

“If you hadnt done anything inappropriate, she wouldnt have laughed at you!” Jiang Yutongs mother snapped at her.

It sounded like she was defending Jiang Jiamin, but she knew her daughters characters very well.

“I…” Jiang Yutong panicked.

“Ive told you countless times to stay away from Tang Jiayang.

Why couldnt you listen to me for once You are cousins, and its impossible for you to marry him.

Why dont you seize this chance to attract another rich heir at this party” Jiang Yutongs mother said.

“Look at Jiang Jiamin, shes Lord Lus girlfriend now, and I just got to know that Cao Wenxins boyfriend is a lieutenant colonel.

Although Cao Wenxins boyfriend isnt very rich, he has power in his hands! Hes only 26, and he already has a bright future.”

Although the Jiang family was also a super-rich family, it wasnt among the top of the list of those super-rich families.

In the psat, the Jiang family wasnt much poorer than the Tang family.

Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunhangs marriage was also a marriage between families of equal social status, but things were different now.

The Tang family became the richest family in City B with hundreds of billions of yuan in assets.

The Jiang family, on the other hand, didnt develop much even though they had a close relationship with the Tang family.

Neither of Jia Lihuas two older brothers were good at running a business, so the Jiang family wasnt very successful.

Jiang Yutongs mother loved to compare her family with others.

Even though they werent closely connected to Cao Wenxin, she would still compare her daughter with Cao Wenxin.

Besides, Jiang Yutongs mother was also snobbish, so Jiang Yutong could only marry into a family which was better than their family.

“What A lieutenant colonel”

She had heard of Jiang Jiamins boyfriend, but was shocked by the military rank of Cao Wenxins boyfriend.

However, she wasnt jealous of it, because she thought that it had nothing to do with her.

She loved Tang Jiayang, and Tang Jiayang only, which had nothing to do with his family background.

Although Jiang Jiamin had a boyfriend with a good family background, she wasnt jealous of her either.

“Yes, and hes also very handsome!” Jiang Yutongs mother said, and sounded super jealous.

She wished that Cao Wens boyfriend could be her daughters.

If her daughter could marry a senior military officer, her daughter would be in a higher social status than Jiang Jiamin.

All of a sudden, people cheered, which attracted most peoples attention in the hall, and they all turned to look at the door.

A group of young people walked inside at this moment, and every one of them was very good-looking, especially the couple that walked in the front.

People started to talk about them at once.

“Jesus! The man is so handsome!”

“Ive never seen such a handsome man before.”

“Oh, I cant breathe now.”

“The girl is also so beautiful!”


Actually, Hao Ran and the others were also very attractive, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting still overshadowed them.

They didnt mind at all.

Instead, they felt super proud of Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

They admired Gu Ning, and regarded her as their idol.

While Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings boyfriend so they also admired him.

Moreover, they were also fans of him.

After all, Leng Shaoting was the youngest major general in history!

“Look at their gowns! Theyre also very beautiful.”

“I love the style of their gowns.”

“Oh, they are gowns from Charm.

I saw them when I went to pick a gown at the flagship store of Charm a few days ago.”

“Dont you think the girl looks very familiar”


“Shes the boss of Charm, Gu Ning!”

“Really She is Gu Ning”

“It is her! She looks much prettier than in those pictures!”

“Wow, they look perfect when they stand together.”

“Wait, are they a couple”

“Yeah, I read a piece of news on the Internet, and it says that the man is her boyfriend.”

“They match each other so well.”

The people who talked about Gu Ning were all young, because only young people surfed on the Internet all day long.

Tang Zhiyu and her mother also noticed Leng Shaoting, and Tang Zhiyu couldnt wait a second to get close to him.

Not only Tang Zhiyu, but other girls also had the same idea.

When Tang Zhiyus sight fell on Gu Ning, she got jealous again, but didnt dare to show it on her face.

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