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Chapter 979 Jiang Yutong and Jiang Jiamin

No matter how eager those girls were to attract their attention, they couldnt force them to pay attention to them.

They still needed to leave a good impression on them after all.

“Hi, Jiayang!”

At this moment, a beautiful girl around 20 years old in a long pink princess dress jumped over towards Tang Jiayang, but she ignored Tang Jiakai.

Tang Jiakai didnt mind it at all.

Tang Jiayang, however, looked displeased.

It seemed like he disliked this girl.

“Hi, Yutong,” Tang Jiayang said to her politely.

Jiang Yutong was the daughter of Jiang Lihuas older brother, and she was also Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakais younger cousin.

However, neither Tang Jiayang nor Tang Jiakai liked her, especially Tang Jiayang.

Jiang Yutong liked Tang Jiayang and she even wanted to become his girlfriend, but Tang Jiayang hated that.

Besides, they were cousins, and it was impossible that they could be girlfriend and boyfriend.

Their families wouldnt allow it to happen either.

“Jiayang, I havent seen you in a long time!” Jiang Yutong said and acted like a 3-year-old kid.

“Um, Yutong, Im sorry, Ive gotta leave to deal with something.

Enjoy yourself!” Tang Jiayang said, and wanted to leave right away.

“Where are you going Ill go with you!” Jiang Yutong wouldnt let Tang Jiayang leave her.

She hadnt seen him in a long time, and missed him so much.

“Its not convenient for you to follow us.

Youre a girl and were men.”

Tang Jiayang was a mature stable young man, so he didnt have the heart to tell the truth, but Tang Jiakai was different and straightforward.

Therefore, Tang Jiakai stopped Jiang Yutong.

“I…” Jiang Yutong felt like crying looking at Tang Jiayang when Tang Jiakai criticized her.

She hoped that Tang Jiayang would side with her.

However, it wouldnt happen.

“Jiakai is right.

Youre a girl, and you cant follow men all the time.

We need to chat with our guests right now,” Tang Jiayang said.

Jiang Yutong bit her lips, and looked aggrieved, but she didnt turn around, nor walk away.

Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai ignored her, and left without hesitation.

Once Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai were gone, another beautiful young girl in her early twenties walked over.

“Oh, what happened to my cute younger cousin You look so pitiful!”

This young girl who mocked Jiang Yutong was also Tang Jiayangs cousin, but she was older than him.

There were three children in the Jiang family.

The eldest son was Jiang Jiamins father, the second son was Jiang Yutongs father, while the only daughter was Jiang Lihua.

Jiang Jiamin never liked Jiang Yutong because Jiang Yutong always pretended to be kind and weak, which was totally different from her real personality.

When they were little kids, Jiang Yutong often blamed Jiang Jiamin for her mistakes.

Jiang Jiamin had also fought back a few times, and the two started to act against each other.

Usually, Jiang Yutong was the loser in their arguments, so she gradually learned to stay away from Jiang Jiamin, but she would still seize every chance to aggravate the situation once she got the goods on Jiang Jiamin.

In that case, Jiang Jiamin hated Jiang Yutong more than anyone else, especially after she got to know that Jiang Yutong liked Tang Jiayang.

She thought that it was disgusting that Jiang Yutong fell in love with their cousin.

“Its none of your business!” Jiang Yutong stopped pretending, and became aggressive in an instant.

“Oh, I feel so sad.

I just care about you as your older cousin.

Why do you have to vent your anger at me Ive done nothing wrong,” Jiang Jiamin said.

Although she looked sad, she actually gloated over Jiang Yutongs failure.

“Bi*ch, stay away from me!” Jiang Yutong was mad.

Her voice wasnt loud, and there was music in the hall, so not many people heard that.

Only some people around them turned to look at Jiang Yutongs unkind face and frowned.

It was very rude that she swore at others in public.

Noticing that others were looking at her, Jiang Yutong felt angry as well as aggrieved.

She planned to pretend to be innocent and play the blame game to make Jiang Jiamin the bad person in order to gain peoples sympathy.

Nevertheless, they had acted against each other for so many years, and Jiang Jiamin knew Jiang Yutongs tricks very well.

Before she could say anything, Jiang Jiamin opened her mouth at first.

“Alright, if you dont like to hear that, lets drop this topic, but do remember not to follow boys all day long.

Even if theyre your cousins, theyre boys, and its inconvenient for you to stay by their side all the time.

What if other people misunderstand your relationship”

Hearing that, those who were staring at Jiang Yutong showed obvious disdain on their faces.

They thought that JIang Yutong was mad because her older cousin stopped her from following boys.

“You…” Jiang Yutong was furious now.

“Fine, I need to meet my friends now.

If you cant find a female friend here, go back to your parents side,” Jiang Jiamin said, then turned around and left Jiang Yutong behind.

Glaring at Jiang Jiamins back, Jiang Yutong ached to tear her to pieces.

At this moment, Jiang Yutongs mother walked over, and called her, “Yutong!”

When Jiang Yutong saw her mother, she had to compose herself.

She wasnt afraid of her father, but was afraid of her mother, especially when her mother looked as displeased as she did now.

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