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Chapter 977 I“ll Try I

“Mom, how is it What have you got” Tang Zhiyu was right at the door, so she asked her mother urgently once her mother walked out.

Tang Zhiyus mother pulled her aside when there was nobody around them.

“I heard that the young mans name is Shaoting, but I dont know whether its his full name or given name.”

Although her mother wasnt clear about it, Tang Zhiyu still felt happy.

Seeing her being so happy, Tang Zhiyus mother didnt have the heart to tell her the shocking truth.

“Well, Zhiyu, the young man is indeed Gu Nings boyfriend, and it seems like they could marry in the future.”

“What” Tang Zhiyu was shocked.

She had thought of that earlier, but refused to believe it.

However, Tang Zhiyu was unwilling to give it up.

Even though Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings boyfriend, she would still have a try.

She still hoped that she could be successful.

“No matter what happens, Ill try it!” Tang Zhiyu said with determination.

“Good girl, mom supports you!” Tang Zhiyus mother didnt know much about Gu Ning, so she was willing to support her daughter.

If she had heard of what Gu Ning had done, she wouldnt have allowed her daughter to mess with Gu Ning.

Relatives and friends of the Tang family all left in cars, but Tang Zhiyu still waited at the same place hoping to see Leng Shaoting again.

Before Leng Shaoting walked out, Tang Zhiyus father showed up and said to them, “Lets go now.”

Since Tang Zhiyus father said that, Tang Zhiyu had to leave, but she didnt dare to tell her father that she was going to steal another girls boyfriend.

Tang Zhiyu didnt think that there was anything wrong with it, but her father wouldnt accept it.

Without delay, Tang Zhiyus family left together.

The members of the Tang family didnt leave their house until the others were mostly gone.

The dinner party would officially begin at 5:20 pm.

It was almost 4 pm now, but the Tang familys house was located near the suburb, so it took nearly half an hour for them to get to the hotel by car.

The dinner party would begin soon after their arrival.

Gu Ning and the others drove to the hotel themselves.

Pan Zirui and his friends arrived at Huangdeng Hotel earlier than Gu Ning.

Although they didnt have an invitation letter, Gu Ning had told Quan Mingkai to arrange some seats for them.

When they walked into the hall, there werent many people inside, so they sat down together and casually chatted with each other.

This banquet hall was very large, and it was the largest hall of the Huangdeng Hotel with booths and cubicles for people to have a rest.

Todays wedding dinner would be a buffet.

It was a formal event, so everyone came in suits or gowns.

Pan Zirui and his friends were also in formal suits.

In fact, except for Zhou Guangrui and Hu Hao, the other young men seldom wore suits unless they were forced to do so.

They thought that it was very uncomfortable to walk around in suits, so they hated to wear it.

Nevertheless, they had to put on formal suits at todays wedding dinner.

After putting on the suits, they looked totally different from their normal appearances.

When they were quiet, they seemed to be financial elite, but they failed to hide who they really were once they moved.

Anyway, they still looked much better than before.

Only Pan Zirui and Hu Haos family were invited by the Tang family, while the other three were directly invited by Gu Ning.

Hu Haos family was involved in politics, and was in the same faction as Tang Yunhang.

“This is the most luxurious wedding Ive ever attended!” Guan Bin said.

“Of course it is.

The Tang family is the richest family in City B!” Pan Zirui rolled his eyes at Guan Bin.

“I think that they dont want to attract too much attention, or the wedding could be more splendid,” Zhou Guangrui said.

It left a better impression on the attendees.

There were many people who hated those who owned wealth.

If you were rich and showed off your wealth, they would criticize or even attack you, but they would compliment you if you kept a low profile.

That was human nature.

As time went by, people were coming into the hall one after another.

“Oh, isnt this Gao Yongkang Is the Gao family invited too” At this moment, a male voice interrupted their discussion.

The booths were separated by classical carved screens, but the doors were made of tassels, so people were able to see one another from the inside and outside.

Hearing the male voice, Pan Zirui and his friends were annoyed at once, because they already knew who the man was.

The man was Du Yujian, Gao Yongkangs older cousin.

The Du family was also a common super-rich family in City B with similar assets as the Pan family.

Although Du Yujian was Gao Yongkangs older cousin, neither of them admitted it, because the Du family and the Gao family had a long-standing grudge against each other.

It was an old story.

When Gao Yongkangs mother was young, the Du family planned to use her to increase the Du familys social status by marrying her into a family richer than them.

However, Gao Yongkangs mother was deeply in love with Gao Yongkangs father back then, so she refused to do so.

The Du family despised Gao Yongkangs father because Gao Yongkangs father was just an ordinary man back then.

In order to be together with Gao Yongkangs father, Gao Yongkangs mother eloped with his father.

They didnt move back to City B until many years later.

After working hard, Gao Yongkangs father finally owned over a hundred million yuan in wealth now, and he still loved Gao Yongkangs mother as always.

Actually, given Gao Yongkangs fathers ability, he could be more successful, but the Du family caused him a lot of trouble to stop him from developing.

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