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Chapter 976 Joined Forces


Tang Haifengs old friends were all curious, but they knew that they shouldnt ask more about it.

Master Lei, however, asked Leng Shaoting, “Well, can you tell us your rank in the military”

Master Lei didnt ask Leng Shaoting for his family background, but his rank in the armed forces, because Master Lei wasnt interested in ones family background.

He was more curious about Leng Shaotings rank in the military because he had also served in the army before.

“I serve in the army, and am a part of the special forces.

My rank is major general,” Leng Shaoting said.

“What Major general”

Hearing that, those old men were all shocked.

Leng Shaoting looked too young to be a major general after all!

An idea dawned on Master Lei.

He had only heard of one man who could become a major general at such an early age.

“Whats your name” Master Lei asked again to make sure that he was right.

“Leng Shaoting,” Leng Shaoting said.

Master Lei was right.

Leng Shaoting must be the grandson of Master Leng who had been part of the leading cadre, and he was the youngest major general in the history with countless great achievements.

“Hows your grandfather now Is he in a good condition” Master Lei was a little excited and asked with concern.

Master Lei and Master Leng were also old friends.

They had even fought together against enemies before, and they sometimes called each other to chat for a while.

The other masters werent involved in the military, so they knew little about it, although they had heard of the name Leng Weihua.

It was obvious that Master Lei was familiar with Leng Weihua since he asked Leng Shaoting that question.

“My grandfather is still in good condition.

Thank you so much for your care,” Leng Shaoting said with respect.

He wasnt surprised that Master Lei knew his grandfather because Master Lei got to know who he was once Master Lei heard his military rank and name.

In addition, Leng Shaoting also sensed that Master Lei must have served in the army too.

“Great, glad to know that!” Master Lei beamed with happiness.

It was a tough old time of wars, and not many of those old soldiers could survive and stay healthy till now.

Even he was suffering from many diseases, but he was still able to stay alive.

“Let me introduce you, this is Master Cao, Wenxins grandfather; you two can call him Grandpa Cao,” Tang Haifeng said to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Hearing that, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting remembered some basic information about the Cao family.

Generations of the Cao family were involved in the military.

Master Cao had been ranked lieutenant general in the army, the head of the military region in City B.

Although he had already retired for many years, his military rank stayed with him along with the honor and high social status.

After that, Tang Haifeng introduced his other friends to Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

“Oh, whats their relationship” one master asked all of a sudden.

“Shaoting is Ningnings boyfriend,” Tang Haifeng said with satisfaction.

It couldnt be more obvious that he really liked his future grandson-in-law.

Not only was Leng Shaoting born in a super powerful family, but he was also outstanding.

Most importantly, he loved and cared about Gu Ning.

As long as Leng Shaoting treated Gu Ning with sincerity, the Tang family would approve of him.

They wouldnt allow anyone to hurt Gu Ning.

Knowing that, Tang Haifengs old friends were shocked again.

If Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings boyfriend, the Tang family and the Leng family would join forces once the two married.

In that case, both the Tang familys and the Leng familys position would be more stable.

They wondered whether the two young people would marry each other in the end.

Tang Zhiyus mother entered the living room and glanced around till her sight fell on Leng Shaoting.

She had to admit that Leng Shaoting was indeed much more attractive than Xin Bei.

No wonder Tang Zhiyu changed her mind so soon.

Tang Zhiyus mother hesitated for a while.

Because Tang Haifeng was talking with several other masters, it wasnt appropriate for her to interrupt them.

“I think Ningning and Shaoting could be a great match!”

At this time, Tang Zhiyus mother heard a females voice by her side.

She subconsciously gave the woman a glance, then saw two women along with three kids around 13 years old standing not far away from her.

They were all looking at Gu Ning.

Tang Zhiyus mother was struck dumb for a second.

Is Ningning the girl named Gu Ning

Is the young mans name Shaoting

Are they a couple

Thinking of that, Tang Zhiyus mother walked towards the two women, and asked them politely, “Nice to meet you, ladies, are you talking about the young girl and man over there May I know their names Theyre really attractive standing together.”

In fact, the two women were Gu Qing and Wen Yulan, while the three kids were Gu Qingshi, Gu Yinyin, and Jiang Xinyue.

Gu Qing beamed and said, “The girl is my niece, and the young man could be her husband in the future!”

Hearing that, Tang Zhiyus mother was shocked.

Leng Shaoting wasnt single!

“Alright, lets leave for the hotel now!”

Tang Yunhang said to everyone and they stood up at once.

“Shaoting, lets go to see my mother now,” Gu Ning said, then walked upstairs with Leng Shaoting.

At the same time, Gu Qing and Wen Yulan also walked to the stairs.

They were about to see Gu Man too.

Tang Zhiyus mother wanted to ask something else, but she didnt have a chance anymore, so she directly turned to find her daughter.

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