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Chapter 972 Tang Zhiyu

Hearing that, Cao Wenxins aunt changed her expression.

Although she didnt show her real feelings on her face, a touch of disdain flashed in her eyes.

Even the young girl, Tang Zhiyu, lost interest in Xin Bei at once.

They thought that Cao Wenxins boyfriend would be either rich or powerful given the Cao familys social status, but Xin Bei turned out to be a poor soldier.

In their eyes, a common soldier must be poor.

Because Xin Bei looked very young, they didnt believe that he could have a high rank in the military.

Cao Wenxin was born in a super-rich family, but her boyfriend was just a poor soldier!

Although Tang Zhiyus family wasnt as rich as the Cao family, Tang Zhiyus boyfriend was a rich second-generation heir.

People would only respect those who married into a rich family.

Tang Zhiyu also cared more about a mans wealth than his appearance, although Xin Bei was very handsome and charming.

Tang Yunrong and the others noticed their reaction.

Xin Bei was fine with it, but Tang Yunrong and Cao Wenxin were displeased.

Even though they were relatives, they still often compared themselves with others.

Tang Yunrong smiled and asked, “Do you think that Xin Bei is just a common soldier”

No matter how displeased Tang Yunrong was, she still behaved like a noble lady.

“Oh, what kind of soldier is Xin Bei” Tang Zhiyus mother asked with curiosity.

Tang Zhiyu was also curious.

She thought that at the most Xin Bei could have the title of second lieutenant at such a young age.

Although a second lieutenant was also a military officer in the armed forces, it was nothing compared with Cao Wenxins family background.

Tang Yunrong said, “Hes a lieutenant colonel, and is just a rank lower than Wenxins father.

Wenxins father is much older than him, so Xin Bei is very outstanding to be in that position at such an early age! When Wenxins father became a lieutenant colonel, he was 35 years old, but Xin Bei is only 26 now.

I think its very likely that Xin Bei will surpass Wenxins father in the near future!”

In order to side with Xin Bei, Tang Yunrong even belittled her husband.

If Cao Ruihua found out about that, he would be upset.

However, Tang Yunrong was telling the truth.

Xin Bei indeed had a bright future.

In addition, Xin Bei served in the Red Flame, and he could be in a high position if he wanted to work in a military region.

Although his salary wasnt high, he had power.

Power worked better than money.

Cao Wenxin felt like laughing when her mother defended Xin Bei, especially when she saw Tang Zhiyus mothers reaction.

Xin Bei, on the other hand, flushed a little.

At the same time, he also felt touched that Tang Yunrong was willing to defend him.

“What Lieutenant colonel” Tang Zhiyu and her mother were both shocked.

They couldnt believe that Xin Bei was a lieutenant colonel at such a young age.

If it was true, Xin Bei must have made great achievements.

“Yes, he is,” Tang Yunrong said with certainty.

Tang Zhiyu was interested in Xin Bei again.

If Xin Bei was a lieutenant colonel, he must be in a position of power! If she could marry him, she would be in a much higher position than those girls who just married into a rich family.

It was just Tang Zhiyus idea or daydream.

Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei probably didnt notice what Tang Zhiyu was thinking, but Tang Yunrong did.

She felt very uncomfortable and said, “Wenxin, your father is in the hall.

Why dont you go greet your father with Xin Bei”

“Sure,” Cao Wenxin said, then walked to the hall with Xin Bei.

After that, Tang Yunrong separated with Tang Zhiyu and her mother.

When Tang Zhiyu was alone with her mother, they began to talk about Xin Bei.

“I thought that hes just a poor soldier, but it turns out that hes a junior military officer!”

“Mom, what if I become Xin Beis girlfriend” Tang Zhiyu said all of a sudden.

Her mother was struck dumb for a second, before her eyes lit up.

“It would be great, but Xin Bei is Cao Wenxins boyfriend.”

Tang Zhiyus mother didnt think that it was amoral at all, but instead supported her.

“As long as theyre unmarried, I can seize this chance.

I dont think its a bad idea to play some dirty tricks,” Tang Zhiyu said.

“How about your boyfriend” her mother asked.

“Let him be.

If I cant get Xin Bei, Ill keep him as my boyfriend,” Tang Zhiyu said.

She made her current boyfriend her plan B.

Before Xin Bei showed up, Tang Zhiyu accepted her boyfriend although she didnt love him, but she changed her mind ever since Xin Bei appeared in her sight.

Even though her current boyfriend was rich, he wasnt handsome, nor tall.

On the other hand, Xin Bei was handsome, sexy, and had power.

She only accepted her current boyfriend for money.

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