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Chapter 969 Can I Go with You

It took a long while for Guan Bin to digest the news, but he hesitated to accept the invitation.

“Did Miss Gu invite me too, or just you Is it appropriate if I go with you”

The Guan family wasnt invited, and Gu Ning didnt call him in person either, so he felt a little embarrassed.

Although the Guan family owned several hundred million yuan in wealth, which was qualified to be called a rich family, it was barely comparable to the Tang family.

The Guan family and the Tang family seldom met each other, except at some business meetings.

There was a huge gap between them after all.

“My boss didnt call you in person just because she thinks that she isnt very familiar with you.

Ive asked her whether I can attend the wedding with my friends, and she agreed,” Pan Zirui said.

“Really” Guan Bin was excited.

It was his honor to attend the wedding held by the Tang family.

Therefore, Guan Bin agreed with alacrity.

Pan Zirui also called his other friends.

His other friends were shocked as well, when they found out that Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans biological daughter.

However, even though Gu Ning was a member of the Tang family, they still believed that she had built her business empire on her own.

They admired as well as trusted Gu Ning.

However, they had just met Gu Ning a few times, so they were simply acquaintances.

If it hadnt been for Pan Zirui and Gu Nings invitation, they wouldnt have thought to show up at the wedding.

In their eyes it was a great honor to attend the wedding held by the Tang family.

They had even felt greatly honored when they had dined with Tang Jiakai and Cao Wenxin before.

They thought that they were very lucky to have met Gu Ning in their life.

Zhou Guangruis home was located in a high-end villa area in the suburb near City B.

It was Saturday today, so Zhou Guangrui didnt leave for work.

When he received Pan Ziruis call, he had just gotten up and was exercising in the yard.

Zhou Guangrui and Pan Ziruis conversation on the phone was heard by his older brother, Zhou Guangming, who was also in the yard.

Zhou Guangming figured out that Zhou Guangrui was going to attend the wedding held by the Tang family because of his friends invitation.

Knowing that, Zhou Guangming was displeased.

He had done everything he could to get an invitation to the wedding ever since he heard that the Tang family was going to hold it today.

Many important figures would gather together at the wedding, so he planned to meet and become familiar with them, which would be helpful for the Zhou familys business and himself.

However, he failed.

It wasnt easy to get an invitation letter for it after all.

Zhou Guangming had also turned to his friends who were invited for help, but they all turned him down.

Nevertheless, he didnt dare to show up at the wedding without an invitation, because it would be humiliating if it was exposed.

Now to his astonishment, Zhou Guangrui was invited, and he couldnt accept it.

When Zhou Guangrui turned around, he saw Zhou Guangmings unhappy face, and the excited smile disappeared from his face in an instant.

It seemed that they didnt get along with each other.

In fact, the two brothers were like enemies.

Zhou Guangming and Zhou Guangrui were half-brothers, with the same father, but Zhou Guangming regarded Zhou Guangrui as a thorn in his side ever since they were just kids.

He ached to chase Zhou Guangrui away from their home, because he believed that it was Zhou Guangruis mother who had forced his mother to leave.

Therefore, Zhou Guangrui had been bullied a lot by Zhou Guangming during their childhood.

However, the fact was that Zhou Guangmings mother had left his father for another man because his father was poor back then.

Zhou Guangrui was a little troublemaker when he was a kid, while Zhou Guangming was always quiet and obedient.

That being the case, their father had never believed Zhou Guangrui when he told on Zhou Guangming.

Zhou Guangruis mother believed him, but she couldnt criticize Zhou Guangming as a step-mother.

If she did that, people might say that she was a unkind step-mother, so she could only comfort Zhou Guangrui in private.

When they grew up, Zhou Guangming gradually understood the truth, so he stopped bullying Zhou Guangrui, but their relationship didnt get better because of the heir position of the Zhou family.

At the beginning, Zhou Guangrui had no interest in taking over their family business, but Zhou Guangming wouldnt believe him.

Accordingly, Zhou Guangrui decided to compete against him, and both of them worked hard in the company to gain their fathers approval.

Because both of them were outstanding, their father had no intention to pick an heir from them right now.

Their father wouldnt pick the heir according to their ages, instead he would look at their ability.

“Are you going to attend the wedding held by the Tang family” Zhou Guangming asked, although he already knew the answer.

He hoped that Zhou Guangrui might help him.

Even though they didnt get along well, they still maintained their family connection with one another.

No matter how much he hated Zhou Guangrui, he would still make use of him when it was necessary.

“Yeah,” Zhou Guangrui said.

“Can I go with you” Zhou Guangming asked in a polite tone.

Hearing that, Zhou Guangrui cocked his eyebrow.

He obviously understood Zhou Guangmings aim and despised it, but didnt show it on his face.


“I need to deal with something,” Zhou Guangming said.

Actually, both of them were clearly aware that they both wanted to get to know more important figures through all kinds of social events.

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