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It was very shocking that a common human being could be so skilled at martial arts.

“Who are you, and why did you abduct this girl” Gu Ning asked the man and pretended that she didnt know that he was a member of the Evil Practice.

Hearing that, the man lied, “I didnt.

Shes my daughter, and she was abducted by someone.

I came here to rescue her.”

“Oh, really” Gu Ning sneered.

She didnt believe his words at all.

“What do you want to do” the man asked with impatience.

“I know that you simply want to absorb her virgin blood to promote your inner discipline,” Gu Ning said.

The man stiffened a little in shock.

He thought that no humans in this world could believe in or even understand the Evil Practice.

However, Gu Nings appearance changed his mind.

“Who the hell are you” The man got furious.

“Its not important, but I wont let you get away with it!” Gu Ning was also mad, then used her magical power to attack the man.

The man soon sensed the magical power around Gu Nings body.

Compared with Yin, the magical power was much more useful and alluring in his eyes.

From the past till now, magical power was always the best source for those people who wanted to improve their inner discipline.

Unfortunately, magical power was getting rare these days, so many of them joined the Evil Practice.

Yin was much easier to find than the magical power, and they could also absorb virgin blood to help them.

As long as they could find 49 virgin girls, they could improve their inner discipline.

Till now, the man had already absorbed virgin blood from 7 young girls, so his inner discipline was on the middle level.

Once he sensed the magical power on Gu Nings body, his eyes lit up and he kept swallowing.

“You smell much better than the young girl.

You must be super delicious!”

“Well, Im afraid that you cant come near me at all,” Gu Ning said with obvious disdain.

Hearing that, the man was displeased, but he had to admit that he was barely comparable to her.

No matter how unwilling the man was, he had to give up for his long-term goal.

If he continued to fight against Gu Ning, he was doomed to fail.

Therefore, he had to escape and wait for a better chance to catch Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning could control the situation, it wasnt easy for her to catch the man either.

When the man pretended to attack the young girl, Gu Ning ran to rescue her but accidentally let the man escape.

Gu Ning could chase him, but she had to check on the innocent young girl first.

She was worried that something bad might happen to the girl if she left.

Gu Ning didnt wake the girl up right away, but untied her and removed the cloth from her mouth first.

After that, she called the police.

“Hi, this is Gu Ning, the founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

I just found an abducted girl in No.

32 villa at XX Road.

Shes about 14, but the human trafficker escaped,” Gu Ning said.

“The founder of Jade Beauty Jewelry”

Hearing Gu Nings self-introduction, the policeman who answered her call got excited.

He was her fan too.

Actually, Gu Ning already became the idol of the majority of the police because of her previous achievements.

“Seriously” Two other policemen who were on duty in the police station looked at the policeman who was talking to Gu Ning on the phone with one accord.

“Did you just say that you found an abducted girl in No.

32 villa at XX Road, who is about 14 years old” the policeman asked Gu Ning with a serious face.

The other two policemen were also serious in an instant.

“Right,” Gu Ning said.

“Please come here as fast as possible.

Ill tell you the details when youre here.”

“Great, well be right there,” the policeman said, then reported it to his leader.

Half an hour earlier, they also received a call and a man told them that his daughter who was 14 was missing, so they believed that the girl Gu Ning found could be the lost girl.

The girls father was an important senior official in the government, so without delay the police had sent out a lot of people to search for her.

The head of the police station also came.

Nevertheless, they failed to find the girl for more than half an hour until Gu Ning called them.

Knowing that someone found the girl, the vice director went there in person along with his people.

Before the police arrived, Gu Ning checked around the house and didnt find the man of the Evil Practice.

She put out her car at once and went back to the villa.

There were surveillance cameras along the way from the airport, so the police could easily see her car from the surveillance cameras.

If she didnt put her car out, it would be hard for her to explain.

Gu Ning would tell the police how she had chased the man till here, but she wouldnt tell them that the man was a member of the Evil Practice.

Gu Ning also put her cloak and mask into the telepathic eye space, and went back to her normal appearance.

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