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“No, I want to buy it myself.” Gu Ning actually had the intention to cooperate with An Guangyao, so she didnt want to hide.

She took it more seriously instead to make him feel her sincerity.

“I know Mr.

An doesnt trust me because Im so young, which is quite understandable.

I am too young indeed.

After all, this is a deal of a few hundred million yuan! However, since its a deal, we will need a lawyer to notarize it.

The deal wont be settled until the contract is signed.

Therefore, it would be too expensive for me to trap you, right”

An Guangyao stared at Gu Ning.

He had no idea what to say.

Although he agreed with Gu Ning on what she had said, he felt that it was so unreal.

While An Guangyao was still in the shock, Gu Ning wrote her name and number on a piece of paper beside the table.

She handed it to An Guangyao.


An, this is my number.

I think we probably cant talk too much since the time is limited right now, but I do hope you can make your decision after we talk further about this.

Im free this noon and afternoon.”

An Guangyao took the paper.

“Sure, Ill consider it.”

Actually, An Guangyao had been convinced already.

The other buyers had all given him a very low price.

He would lose a lot of money if he agreed to sell his company to them.

The moment that Gu Ning finished her talk with An Guangyao, Hao Ran and Qin Zixun came downstairs.

Then they left for their school.

When Gu Ning and others were gone, An Guangyao immediately went to An Yis room to check on his wounds.

An Guangyao wanted to ask An Yi about Gu Ning, but gave it up at the end.

Although Gu Ning and her friends would tell their head teacher what had happened to An Yi with proof from the infirmary, An Yis father still called An Yis head teacher himself.

When Gu Ning got back home that night, she found her family were all unhappy.

She was then told that her third uncle, Gu Qinyang, and his family would be back to City F this Friday.

He even asked to have a meal with them the day after tomorrow.

Gu Qinyang didnt live in City F, but City G.

Both Gu Qinyang and his wife worked in a national department.

They lived a good life with a monthly wage of a dozen thousand yuan.

Otherwise, they couldnt buy a house in City G, which was a second-tier city.

They had even bought a second house the other day.

Their housing fund could cover the house mortgage, and they didnt have to worry about the money at all.

Gu Man already had broken off the connection with her mother and Lin Lijuan, so she wasnt willing to go have a meal with them, but it was Gu Qinyang who invited her, so it wasnt appropriate if she didnt show up.

Although they werent intimate, they were brother and sister after all.

They hadnt done anything bad to Gu Man, even though they had never helped her either.

Gu Ning didnt express her opinion.

It was all up to Gu Man.

At the end, Gu Man agreed.

Therefore, Gu Ning decided to go to City G on Saturday.

She knew that those people in the Gu Family didnt want to see her, but she was worried about Gu Man.

Although Gu Qing and Jiang Xu would be there as well, both of them were a little weak.

If there was any argument, they wouldnt be able help at all.

Gu Ning didnt remember that she still had to give the gun back to Leng Shaoting until she was about to go to bed.

Although she was reluctant to do that, she had to fulfill her promise.

She had to give it back anyway, so she decided to give it back earlier.

Thus she sent a message to Leng Shaoting, and told him to wait for her at the gate of zone G at 5 am in the morning.

She would give the gun back to him then.

If he was late, she would leave directly.

Alright, Gu Ning admitted she purposely set such an early time.

If he wanted the gun, then he had to be patient.

However, when Leng Shaoting received the message, he wasnt in City F, so he could only send a message back asking for a rain check.

Gu Ning was speechless.

She typed and sent: I want to give it back to you, but youre absent.

I think the gun doesnt want to go back to you at all.

Why dont you leave it with me

She didnt know whether Leng Shaoting had seen her message or not, because he didnt reply any more.

The next day, Gu Ning walked out of zone G.

Xu Jinchen was in a sport suit, and “accidentally” ran over from the other side towards Gu Ning.

He met Gu Ning with a surprised face.

“Oh, its you! What a coincidence! Are you going to school now” he asked.

It wasnt a coincidence at all.

Xu Jinchen actually did it on purpose.

“Yes, are you running at such an early time”

Although Gu Ning barely knew him, she greeted him friendly, given that he had helped her.


Do you live here too I live in zone C, and were neighbors.

Oh, whats your name by the way Im Xu Jinchen,” the man asked, although he came to Gu Ning for a reason.

“Im Gu Ning,” Gu Ning replied.

“Nice to meet you.

Can I ask you a question Whats your relationship with Shaoting Please dont get me wrong.

Im simply curious about that.

I grew up with Shaoting, and I work with him now.

I have never seen him being with a girl before.” Xu Jinchen didnt bother to hide.

Had never been with a girl

Gu Ning was shocked at first, but then she understood it.

Leng Shaoting was such a cold man.

There properly wasnt any woman who wasnt afraid of him.

Even Gu Ning felt stressed in front of him.

Because Gu Ning had a little disagreement with Leng Shaoting, she said, “Maybe he is gay.

I barely know him.

We have just met for several times, so there is nothing between us.”


Hearing that, Xu Jinchen was astonished for a second then snorted with laughter, “Ha-ha, ha-ha, we thought the same thing before, but I promise you Shaoting is definitely not gay.”

“Oh, have you tried” Gu Ning put on an evil face.

Xu Jinchen immediately understood, and argued, “Nonsense! I have never ever done that! I like women.”

Gu Ning shrugged.

“Maybe, he only likes himself!”

“Ha-ha, youre so funny.” Xu Jinchen laughed again.

“Yeah, maybe youre right.

He is in love with himself.”

After a while, Gu Ning said, “Sorry, I have to leave for my classes.”

“Oh, right.” Xu Jinchen didnt want to bother her any longer.

However, he didnt believe that there was nothing going on between Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Otherwise, why had Leng Shaoting come to meet her so early in the morning

Maybe Leng Shaoting was still chasing her!


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