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Jiang Lihua and Tang Yunrong left a while later, because they were also in charge of the preparation in the Tang familys house.

The decoration in Gu Nings house was already done.

“Man, your sisters-in-law are very kind.

They really care about you,” Gu Qing said once Tang Yunrong and Jiang Lihua were gone.

It wasnt easy for sister-in-laws to get along well with one another.

Gu Man felt for Gu Qing, because they had had the same problem.

Wen Yulan, who was their sister-in-law as well, had treated them very badly before.

As for Lin Lijuan, if she hadnt gone crazy, they would still have a tense relationship with her as usual.

Their biological mother was paralysed now, so she couldnt cause them trouble anymore.

“I feel so lucky that theyre so kind to me!” Gu Man beamed with happiness.

She used to worry about that very much given her previous experience.

Especially after knowing about the Tang familys influence and wealth, Gu Man always felt that she was inferior to them.

Take Jiang Lihua as an example, because she also married into the Tang family.

Gu Man used to think that Jiang Lihua would despise her because she believed that Jiang Lihua must have been born in a super-rich family too since she was able to marry into the Tang family.

On the contrary, Gu Man was simply an ordinary woman from an undeveloped small city.

Gu Man knew very little about Jiang Lihua before after all.

However, her opinion completely changed after getting to know Jiang Lihua.

Hearing that, Wen Yulan felt embarrassed, because she was the one who had despised and made fun of Gu Man before.

Even though she had been so mean, Gu Man and Gu Qing were still willing to forgive her and even help her.

Gu Man and Gu Qing also realized that they shouldnt have talked about that after seeing Wen Yulans expression, so Gu Qing said at once, “Well, we get along very well now too!”

The three of them smiled together and dropped that topic.

At 4:20 pm, Mrs.

Hao and two other noble ladies were about to arrive.

They were Gu Mans friends.

The flight they took was going to land at 5:10 pm, so Gu Ning and Gu Man had to set off for the airport to pick them up now.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to drive her relatives to the Huangdeng Hotel at 5:30 and to book a large private room for them.

Gu Nings sports car couldnt accommodate many people, so she left her car at her home.

Instead she drove Cao Wenxins Land Rover to the airport.

There was enough space in the Land Rover, and Gu Mans friends werent fat at all.

When they arrived at the airport, the flight coming from City F was due to land in 10 minutes.

Gu Ning and the others had waited for 20 minutes before Mrs.

Hao and the other two noble ladies walked out.

“Hi, Gu Man!” They were very excited to see Gu Man.

Although they hadnt been friends with Gu Man for a long time, they understood each other very well, and soon became good friends.

Ever since Gu Man came to City B, they hadnt gathered together again, so they missed Gu Man very much.

Therefore, they were more than thrilled to see her now.

“Hi, welcome!” Gu Man greeted them with great enthusiasm.

She was closest to them in City F.

“Nice to see you again, Mrs.

Hao, Mrs.

Lu and Mrs.

Wu!” Gu Ning greeted them politely.

“Ningning, youve become prettier!”

“Youre prettier every time I meet you.”

They complimented Gu Ning, and Gu Ning thanked them with a smile.

After that, Gu Ning drove them away from the airport.

“Ningning, does your father treat you well” Mrs.

Hao asked Gu Ning with concern once she was in the car.

They were all aware that the man that Gu Man was going to marry was Gu Nings biological father, but they wondered whether he would treat Gu Ning and Gu Man well.

He had been absent from their life for so long after all.

Therefore, Mrs.

Hao couldnt help but ask Gu Ning that question.

“Yeah, My father treats me very well,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

She was telling the truth.

They hadnt spent much time with one another, but Tang Yunfan really cared about her, so Gu Ning was willing to accept him as her father.

“Glad to know that.”

Hearing that, Mrs.

Hao was relieved.


Hao and the other two noble ladies were Gu Mans good friends, but they wouldnt ask for details, because it wasnt their affair.

They only knew that Gu Nings biological father was a rich businessman, but wasnt aware of his family background.

It was almost 6 pm when they arrived at the Huangdeng Hotel.

Gao Yi, Qiao Ya and the others were already in a private room.

Gu Ning stopped the car in the parking lot, then guided them to the private room.


Hao and Gu Qing were also friends, and she had met Jiang Xu a few times before, so they werent strangers.

Gu Qing then introduced Gu Qinyangs family to them.

After chatting for a while, they got familiar with each other.

Wen Yulan felt a little uneasy at the beginning, but gradually got used to it.

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