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Plates of desserts and fruit were placed on the coffee table in the living room.

It was arranged by Tang Yunfan as well.

“Wow, there is a lot of delicious food!”

Children paid a lot of attention to food and snacks, so the three of them led by Gu Yinyin surrounded the table at once.

“It belongs to others.

Dont touch it!” Wen Yulan didnt know whether they could eat the food, so she stopped the kids.

“Its fine.

It was placed here for you all.

Enjoy it as you like, and we have more on the boat,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

Hearing that, Gu Yinyin and the other two kids started to eat the snacks without hesitation.

“Its so delicious!” they shouted happily as they ate.

“Dont eat too many snacks.

You just finished dinner,” Gu Qinyang said.

“Alright!” Gu Yinyin gave her father a perfunctory answer.

“Fine,” Gu Qingshi said.

Jiang Xinyue ate much slower than Gu Yinyin and Gu Qingshi.

She didnt stuff her mouth with colorful snacks, but ate it one bite at a time.

“Let them enjoy it.

They are still kids,” Gu Man said.

Since Gu Man said that, Gu Qinyang and Wen Yulan stopped criticizing them.

The sides of the pleasure boat were glass, so they could directly appreciate the view while sitting in the living room.

The three kids, however, went to have fun on the deck after enjoying the snacks.

Gu Ning went to the bathroom and set the jiao free.

Once the jiao was out, it got excited seeing the broad river outside the window.

It couldnt wait a second longer to jump into it.

“I plan to put you into the river so that you can have several days of freedom in it, but how can I call you back” Gu Ning said.

“Its easy.

You can release some magical power into the river, and Ill come back to you when I feel it,” the jiao said.

It was most sensitive to magical power.

“Great,” Gu Ning said.

“Dont cause any trouble.”

“I understand,” the jiao said.

In fact, it wouldnt cause trouble if nobody annoyed it.

Afterwards, Gu Ning put the jiao back into her telepathic eye space and walked out.

When nobody was around her, she went to the edge of the boat.

She squatted, and quickly put the jiao into the river.

Luckily, it was very dark at night, and there was a long distance between boats, so no one noticed her movement.

When the jiao was free, Gu Ning went back to the living room.

The pleasure boat moved along the river, and the view by the river at night was breathtaking.

“Ningning, dont you need to go back to City F for your classes Its already April now, and the National College Entrance Examination is only two months away,” Wen Yulan asked worriedly.

“Right.” Gu Qinyang was also concerned.

They knew that Gu Ning was the top student in her grade, but it could still affect her scores if she didnt attend her classes.

If a student stopped studying for a long time, his or her scores could decline.

They didnt know that Gu Ning actually had the help of her Jade Eyes.

“Dont worry about me.

I can study on my own, and Im confident that I can pass the exam with high scores,” Gu Ning said.

She was willing to comfort those who really cared about her.

They trusted Gu Ning, and dropped that topic.

They certainly hoped that Gu Ning could get into a good university.

An hour later, they went back to the wharf.

Although it was still early, there was nothing else they wanted to enjoy, so they went directly home.

When they arrived outside of Gu Nings house, they met Cao Wenxin, who just came back.

Cao Wenxin walked out of the garage, and walked towards Gu Ning the moment she saw the Tang familys car.

Seeing them, Cao Wenxin was a little surprised, but she soon realized that those people must be Gu Nings relatives that came to attend Gu Mans wedding.

“Hi, Ningning, Aunt Man!” Cao Wenxin greeted them.

Gu Man flushed a little when Cao Wenxin addressed her as her aunt.

“Hi, Wenxin,” she greeted Cao Wenxin.

“Ningning, why dont you introduce your relatives” Cao Wenxin said to Gu Ning.

Both the Cao family and the Tang family emphasized the importance of manners.

Since Gu Nings relatives were here, Cao Wenxin should greet them politely.

“Well, this is my Aunt Qing and Uncle Jiang.

This is my Uncle Gu, and this is my Aunt Wen.

These are their kids; Jiang Xinyue, Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin,” Gu Ning introduced them to Cao Wenxin.

“Its so nice to meet you all! My names Cao Wenxin, and Im Ningnings older cousin,” Cao Wenxin said and introduced herself.

The others were all surprised to hear that Cao Wenxin was Gu Nings older cousin, because they thought that she was Gu Nings neighbor or friend.

“Nice to meet you too, Miss Cao,” the others all greeted Cao Wenxin politely.

After that, they walked into Gu Nings house together.

It wasnt 10 pm yet, so Cao Wenxin joined them for fun.

“Ningning, where did you go” Cao Wenxin asked Gu Ning.

“We went to eat first, then had a tour on the river,” Gu Ning said.

“Why didnt you call me” Cao Wenxin complained.

“I must join you tomorrow wherever you go.”

Gu Ning wore a resigned smile.

“We wont go anywhere tomorrow.

My mom is going to be fitted for the wedding gowns and jewelry.

We also need to decorate the house.”

They had to do that before the wedding.

Although Gu Man could have been fitted for the wedding gowns in advance, she wanted to wait until her family was here.

Tang Yunfan had prepared six wedding gowns and six sets of dresses for the toast.

It was the result of their negotiation, otherwise Tang Yunfan would have prepared even more for her.

He, as the bridegroom, was even more excited than the bride.

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