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“My younger sister isnt bragging at all.

Have you heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry Its my older cousins brand,” Gu Qingshi said.

“What Jade Beauty Jewelry is owned by your relative”

The woman couldnt believe her ears.

She lived in City G as well, and the first store of Jade Beauty Jewelry was opened in City G.

Moreover, she heard that Jade Beauty Jewelry had over hundreds of millions of yuan in assets, and almost half of the important figures in City G had attended its opening ceremony.

The boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry was a girl who was only 18 years old.


Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin were quite proud.

They werent showing off, but couldnt stand the womans arrogance anymore.

Neither Gu Qinyang nor Wen Yulan stopped Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin, because they hated the woman as well.

However, they were adults and parents, so it wasnt appropriate for them to say that, but it was different if their children did it.

Although it was Gu Ning who was super rich, not them, others would still respect them if they had a super-rich relative.

“R-Really” The woman refused to believe it.

“Were not lying.

You can check for yourself.” Gu Qingshi rolled his eyes at the woman.

The woman was simply unwilling to accept that Wen Yulan had a super-rich relative now.

“Alright, were not as rich as Ningning.

Its enough, and you should stop now.” Gu Qinyang interrupted them.

Hearing that, both Gu Qingshi and Gu Yinyin closed their mouths.

They had become Gu Nings fans now, and took her as their idol.

However, their relationship had been terrible in the past after all, so they felt a little uneasy when they spent time with Gu Ning.

The woman didnt know what to say, but had to face the fact that Wen Yulans relative was the owner of Jade Beauty Jewelry.

Although Wen Yulans family wasnt rich, she didnt dare to annoy them anymore for the sake of their super-rich relative.

In that case, the woman also stopped making fun of Wen Yulan.

Wen Yulans family then walked ahead.

Once they walked out, Gu Ning and the others were already waiting for them.

“Hi, were here!” Gu Qing waved her hand at them.

They greeted each other when they met, and left with Gu Ning.

Wen Yulans colleague followed her, so she saw Gu Ning too.

She recognized Gu Ning at a glance, and unwillingly believed that Gu Ning was Wen Yulans relative.

Gu Nings family name was Gu, so was Wen Yulans husband, so Gu Ning must have a family connection with Wen Yulans husband.

Gu Nings car was stopped outside of the exit, not the parking lot.

Normally, it was forbidden to stop a car there, but it was the Tang familys car and nobody dared to say anything about it.

Sometimes, it would be more convenient if you had connections.

Gu Ning told Gu Qing and Wen Yulan to get in her car, while Gu Qinyang, Jiang Xu and the three kids sat in the MPV.

However, when Gu Qinyang, Jiang Xu and Gu Qingshi saw Gu Nings car, they were all stunned because it was a white, limited edition Lamborghini.

Men all loved cars.

So although they werent familiar with luxurious cars, they could still recognize many brands.

Most importantly, the car had a great shape!

Wen Yulan and the other females werent fans of cars, so they only thought that Gu Nings car looked good.

Many people paid a lot of attention to Gu Nings car ever since it was stopped there.

Some women even stood by it on purpose to see whether its owner was a handsome and rich young man.

If they could be noticed by its owner, they could also live a luxurious life.

Women who had that idea obviously werent quality women.

To their astonishment, the owner of the car was a beautiful, rich young girl!

“Ningning, this car looks so cool! How much is it” Gu Qingshis eyes lit up.

He ached to touch it, but didnt have the courage.

“Around twenty million yuan I think,” Gu Ning said.

“What Twenty million yuan”

Other than Gu Man who was already aware of it, the others were all shocked.

Its price was beyond their imagination.

They knew that Gu Ning was very rich, but thought that it wasnt necessary to buy such an expensive car.

“It must be the limited edition, right” Gu Qingshi asked again.

“You know a lot about cars!” Gu Ning smiled.

“Yeah, youre right.”

“Of course I do!” Gu Qingshi looked proud.

“I can buy a lot of things with twenty million yuan!” Gu Yinyin said.

She wouldnt spend that much money on a car.

“Ningning, can I ride in your car” Gu Qingshi said.

“Well, it wont be comfortable if too many people are inside.

You can get in the car behind mine.

Ill take you for a ride after we have a rest at home,” Gu Ning replied.

Since they were friendly to Gu Ning now, Gu Ning was willing to treat them well.

They were kids in her eyes, so she could forgive them.

She was a 28-year-old woman in her mind after all.

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