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Gu Ning was an outstanding girl with unbelievable skills after all, and nobody would refuse to maintain a close relationship with her.

Since Gu Ning became a member of their family, their family could be more powerful.

Therefore, Tang Jiayang beamed at Gu Ning and walked towards her at once.

“Ningning, are you leaving now” he asked.

Tang Jiayang worked in Tanghuang when he stayed in City B these days.

“Hi!” Gu Ning also smiled.

“Yeah, I came here to pick something up, and now Im going home for lunch.”

“Did you drive here” Tang Jiayang asked.

“Yeah,” Gu Ning replied.

“Great, take care,” Tang Jiayang said, then walked Gu Ning out.

Seeing Tang Jiayangs kind attitude to Gu Ning, others were all curious about why he looked so close to the girl.

Some even believed that Tang Jiayang was just pretending to be kind to Gu Ning.

“Why do I somehow feel like the girl looks so familiar” a woman said when Gu Ning had left.

“Shes Chairman Tangs daughter!”

The woman was absent just then, so she missed the shocking news.

“What Really Isnt Chairman Tang unmarried”

Her colleagues then told her everything, and she got to know what had happened.

“Well, actually I think she looks familiar, but not because she closely resembles Chairman Tang.”

“Have you met her somewhere before”

“I guess, but Im not sure.”

The woman couldnt remember where she had seen Gu Nings face before.

However, she was sure that she hadnt met Gu Ning in real life.

“Have you seen her face on the Internet” one of her colleagues asked.

“Oh, right, I did see her face on TV!” the woman said with surprise.

“TV No way, how”

“The release conference of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm! Shes the boss, Gu Ning!”

The woman got excited when she finally remembered Gu Ning.

Many people became Gu Nings fans once they found out what she had achieved before.

Gu Ning was now as famous as those celebrities.

“What Shes the boss of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm”

Everyone was shocked.

Many of them had heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Charm, because the release conference had caused a big sensation.

Unfortunately, they didnt recognize Gu Ning just then, and missed the chance to take pictures with her.

In addition, this talented girl was their chairmans daughter too!

In fact, it was understandable that they failed to recognize Gu Ning at the first glance, because there werent many clear photos of her on the Internet.

Besides, they met so many people every day while working in a famous company, and it was hard to remember so many faces.

They were all aware of Gu Nings outstanding ability and powerful connections, but they were still surprised to find out that Gu Ning was a member of the Tang family.

It seems the Tang family cared about Gu Ning very much.

Nobody would dislike such an able daughter!

After hearing about Gu Nings achievements, people began to believe that she wasnt the kind of person who would compete against her siblings for wealth.

She didnt lack money at all.

Like father, like daughter.

Tang Yunfan was able to make the Tang familys business the number one on the list of successful companies in City B within just a few years.

While Gu Ning owned so many profitable brands and companies at such an early age as well.

The Tang family was going to become more and more powerful in the future.

Gu Ning put the set of jewelry into her telepathic eye space before she drove back to the Tang familys house.

Before long, the security guard received the good news that he was promoted to be the vice leader of the security guard team.

There were many people in the security team given the large size of Tanghuang, so being one of its vice leaders was a position of power.

When the security guard heard the news, he was astonished, so were others.

They were surprised to hear that a common security guard became the vice leader of the team within a day!

They knew that it must have been Gu Nings order.

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