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Although it was very painful, Fan Sixuan refused to show her real feelings in front of her family, so she pretended to be fine.

“How dare you slap me in the police station Arent you afraid of being arrested”


Hearing that, Fan Sixuans father panicked and felt regretful.

He only dared to vent his anger at Fan Sixuan, but was scared of the police.

After looking around and making sure that there were no policemen by their side, Fan Sixuans father was relieved.

“Dont scare dad!” Fan Siping argued.

“Youre too dumb to know the result of breaking the law! Its illegal to beat others, especially in the police station,” Fan Sixuan said.

“You…” Fan Siping was mad, but still retorted, “So what The policemen cant see us.”

“Really Dont you know that there is a thing called surveillance cameras” Fan Sixuan pointed at a corner of the ceiling.

“There is a camera right above your head.”

Hearing that, Fan Siping was scared and closed his mouth.

“I dont want to waste time arguing with you.

Just give your money and the key of your house to us,” Fan Sixuan said in a domineering tone.

“Forget it! I wont give you a cent,” Fan Sixuan said with determination.

“You…” Fan Sixuans father raised his hand again in anger.

He wanted to slap her once more, but thought of the surveillance camera and had to put it down.

Right at this moment, a policeman walked over, which frightened Fan Sixuans parents and Fan Siping.

They thought that the policeman came because he saw that they had slapped Fan Sixuan.

In an instant, the three of them lowered their heads.

“Time is over, and you should leave now,” the policeman said.

Because of the surveillance camera in the room, the policemen outside were able to hear and see the situation inside.

Although they knew that Fan Sixuan was hateful, they still had sympathy for her after witnessing what her parents had done to her.

Therefore, a policeman came over the second Fan Sixuans father slapped her.

“Can we stay for a short while longer.

We still need to…” Fan Sixuans father begged, trying to please the policeman with a smile on his face.

“No, its the rules.” The policeman interrupted him.

Fan Sixuans parents and Fan Siping were disappointed about not getting the money and house, but they had to leave under the policemans gaze.

“What should we do now” Fan Sixuans mother said when they walked out of the police station.

“I didnt expect that the little bi*ch would dare to refuse to give her money and house to us.” Fan Sixuans father was mad, but didnt know what to do either.

In his eyes, he was Fan Sixuans father.

He gave her life and raised her, so she should listen to him.

Even if he ordered her to die, she should die without any complaints.

Fan Siping, on the other hand, was the apple of their eyes, and they had spoiled him rotten.

All he knew was to play around, and lived a messy life.

Even though he was a good-for-nothing, his parents never criticized him.

That being the case, he never grew up and had no sense of responsibility.

He was only going to be married because his girlfriend was pregnant.

His family didnt dare to annoy his girlfriends family because they had a little power, so they had to be responsible for it.

“Dad, mom, you must solve this problem.

Fan Sixuan has a lot of money, and her house is worth over ten million yuan,” Fan Siping said.

He also thought that Fan Sixuans money and house should be his.

“Dont worry, Ill figure out a way,” Fan Sixuans father said to comfort his son.

Leng Shaoting left after staying in City B for two days.

He would come back for Gu Mans wedding, which was only four days away.

After Leng Shaoting was gone, Gu Ning went to visit Tang Xiaoxiao.

Tang Xiaoxiao already recovered a lot, and it was easy for her to cover the burns with make-up right now.

Gu Ning told her to meet Lu Xiao in the capital, and said that she had informed Lu Xiao beforehand.

Afterwards, Gu Ning went to meet Yu Zi to learn the latest situation in Charm.

Although she was the big boss, she should still be aware of the development of her businesses.

Charm was very profitable and popular as usual.

Many people had booked custom-made gowns from Charm, so Yu Zi was very busy these days.

She didnt even have much time for a date.

Yang Ziqian was unhappy to see Yu Zi being so busy, but he couldnt stop her, because it was her job and she enjoyed it.

Since Gu Ning came today, Yu Zi left work early, and invited Gu Ning to dine together.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning and Yu Zi ran into Zhao Xiaoxuan when they walked into a western restaurant.

Zhao Xiaoxuan had already moved on from the unpleasant relationship with Lin Tianyou, and she was now on a blind-date arranged by her family.

When Zhao Xiaoxuan met Yu Zis eyes, she didnt show any hatred at all, but just felt a little uneasy.

With tacit understanding, neither of them greeted each other.

However, Zhao Xiaoxuan was still scared of Gu Ning because she knew how powerful this girl was.

The man who was on the blind-date with Zhao Xiaoxuan, however, leered at Gu Ning right in front of Zhao Xiaoxuan.

Shes so beautiful! I wish she was my girlfriend.

Her body is so sexy.

I wonder what it looks without clothing.

Seeing the mans expression, Gu Ning knew that he was a man with a filthy mind.

She was displeased, but said nothing because the man didnt say or do anything.

Zhao Xiaoxuan also noticed the mans reaction, but she wasnt mad at all.

She disliked this man, so she didnt care what he was thinking about.

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