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In their eyes, Fan Sixuan was only a tool for making money.

No matter what she chose to do, they would be satisfied as long as she gave them enough money.

They were also aware of the unspoken rules in the entertainment industry, so they didnt believe that Fan Sixuan could exclude herself from it.

However, they felt embarrassed when the dirty secret was exposed, because their relatives would make fun of them.

Fan Sixuans parents despised their poor relatives ever since they got rich.

Fan Sixuan, however, silently wore a cold expression during the visit.

“Sixuan, Ive asked the police and youre going to be sentenced to a few years in jail.

In that case, it isnt necessary for you to have so much money with you.

Why dont you give your money and house to your younger brother You know that hell be married soon,” Fan Sixuans mother said, and took it for granted that she would.

Fan Sixuan clearly knew their purpose, but it still hurt when she heard it with her own ears.

It wasnt a secret that her parents had a son preference.

Ever since she became famous, her parents had kept asking her for money.

If she refused to support them, they would swear at her and even threaten to ruin her.

As a public figure, the last thing she wanted was a scandal, so she had yielded again and again.

Fan Sixuan ached to end her relationship with them, but she didnt have the courage.

Even though she lacked courage, she still used all kinds of reasons to keep two thirds of her income, and only gave her parents the other third.

It was enough for them to live a luxurious life, so they said nothing about it.

However, things were different now.

Fan Sixuan was going to be put in jail, so they became greedy and wanted to grab everything she owned.

“I agree! You dont need it anyway.

You can just give it to me,” Fan Sixuans younger brother said.

“I think its a good idea,” Fan Sixuans father said.

Fan Sixuan sneered at her family.

She was disappointed in them and even had the idea to break off their relationship, but was still hurt and affected by them.

This time, she refused to give in again.

“Well,” Fan Sixuan sneered.

“I am going to be put in jail, but Ill come out in three years at the most.

I need my money and house.”

Hearing that, Fan Sixuans parents and younger brother were annoyed.

“How could you say that Siping is your younger brother, and what is yours is also his.”

“Right, you can still make money on your own after you come out of jail,” Fan Sixuans mother.

“You cant be so cold-blooded!” Fan Sixuans younger brother, Fan Siping, said.


Fan Sixuan couldnt stand it any longer.

“Ive given you enough money during the past years! None of you have a job, and I have to make money to support all of you.

Fan Siping is your son, not mine, and it isnt my duty to raise him!”

“You…” Fan Sixuans parents and younger brother were struck dumb.

“You have never treated me as your daughter, but I provided you with a luxurious life.

You cant force me to give you everything I have right now!” Fan Sixuan raised her voice.

She felt helpless and wanted to cry.

Her family was really shameless.

It was impossible for her to work in the entertainment industry ever again, so it would be hard for her to make money in the future after she came out of jail.

She could find an ordinary job, but her income would be much less then.

“What did you say You were born into our family, so you should give everything you own to us! We raised you, and you should be grateful.

If we had known that you would be so cold-blooded, we would have killed you when you were born!” Fan Sixuans father shouted in anger.

“Youre insane! I gave you enough money so I dont owe you anything.

Dont you know that your son is a stupid good-for-nothing I wish I hadnt been born into your family!” Fan Sixuan also yelled.

Since they had a serious son preference, why hadnt they killed her once they found out the babys gender


The second Fan Sixuan finished her sentences, her father slapped her across the face with great force.

Fan Sixuan almost fell and her cheek was swollen at once.

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