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They knew that Gu Ning had founded Kouzi and that Gu Man owned a beauty salon named Kamei Beauty Salon, so they were curious when they saw another Kamei Beauty Salon at Fengshang Shopping Mall.

With Gu Nings affirmative answer, they werent too surprised.

However, they were all touched after hearing Gu Nings plan, and Gu Man almost cried.

They knew that Gu Ning hoped that Gu Man could have her own career and the ability to depend on herself.

Although the Tang family wouldnt say anything even if Gu Man had no career and had a bunch of free time as a super-rich noble lady, they were also worried that Gu Man would soon get bored.

“Ningning, Kouzi has become so popular within such a short time after you established it.

Its very amazing!” Jiang Lihua was proud of Gu Ning.

She also recommended the brand to her friends, and her friends were all fans of it now.

Jiang Lihua didnt tell them that Gu Ning was the founder of Kouzi, because Gu Ning had no intention to make it public now.

“Well, I do hope that Kouzi can become more and more popular and profitable,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

They gathered together to chat and enjoy the tea in a relaxed atmosphere in the living room.

Around 4 pm, Gu Ning received Lin Lus call.

Lin Lu told her that Tang Xiaoxiao had already ended the contract with the company that she worked for.

A while later, K reported the result of his investigation to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning told K her plan, and K did it for her.

On the Internet, news about Tang Xiaoxiao was still one of the hottest topics, and Fan Sixuans fans were criticizing her as usual.

Many Internet users chose to wait for the official explanation.

About 5 pm, a famous entertainment influencer posted a long article with many photos to clear Tang Xiaoxiaos name.

It mainly explained the grudge between Tang Xiaoxiao and Fan Sixuan along with the fact that Fan Sixuan was Cen Yanhengs real mistress.

Those photos were all screen shots of surveillance videos with clear dates on each of them.

Three were pictures of Fan Sixuan and Cen Yanheng walking into the house together.

The dates were about a year, half a year, and several days ago.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth pictures were taken when Fan Sixuan had sex with Cen Yanheng.

Even though their faces were vague, the woman and the man looked the same as Fan Sixuan and Cen Yanheng.

The seventh and eighth pictures showed Fan Sixuan talking to the man who deceived the crazy woman into pouring sulfuric acid on Tang Xiaoxiao.

The ninth picture showed the man together with the crazy woman.

The truth couldnt be more obvious now.

Once the post was out, it caused a great sensation on Weibo.

“OMG, it was a scheme against Tang Xiaoxiao!”

“Fan Sixuan is Cen Yanhengs mistress Im shocked.”

“She is a bi*ch! How dare she set Xiaoxiao up like that”

“She has now ruined her own reputation and career!”

“She deserves it!”

“I think that we should apologize to Tang Xiaoxiao.”

Many people who had criticized Tang Xiaoxiao a while ago now turned to apologize to her.

“No wonder Fan Sixuan has gained so much fame during this year.

She has Cen Yanhengs support!”

“She isnt that beautiful, or good at acting after all.”

“Theyre so disgusting!”

“Im not her fan anymore.”

“Wait a moment, are those photos real”

“I dont believe that Sixuan would do that.”

Fan Sixuans fans still defended their idol.

“Seriously Are you blind Those photos are taken from surveillance videos!”

“Fan Sixuans fans are so stupid, and even refuse to face the truth.”

Fan Sixuans fans were being criticized now.

“This sudden reversal happened so fast!”

“I agree.

The scandal just went viral this morning, and the truth came out this afternoon.”

“Why have none of the three people in the mess shown up”

“Tang Xiaoxiao is injured, and we dont know her current condition, while Fan Sixuan and Cen Yanheng probably feel too ashamed to show up.”

“Im worried about Tang Xiaoxiao now.”

“Im also sympathetic to her.”

“I do hope that Tang Xiaoxiao can have a powerful support.

Shes been working very hard!”

Many comments expressed sympathy for Tang Xiaoxiao.

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