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In addition, Fan Sixuan was inferior to Tang Xiaoxiao in many ways, so many people thought that Tang Xiaoxiao was more capable than Fan Sixuan in playing the role.

There was a certain amount of people who held doubts about it as well.

As for the official Weibo account of the show, it didnt release any announcements in order to gain more attention.

As long as more and more people paid attention to the news, the show was more likely to be popular.

Given Tang Xiaoxiaos fame now, the news became one of the hottest topics on social media within a short time.

The latest news about it was the directors explanation.

The director said that Lord Cen recommended Tang Xiaoxiao after he chose Fan Sixuan, so he had to change his decision.

Although the director didnt say whether Tang Xiaoxiao was the other woman in Lord Cens family, his explanation proved that Lord Cen had a special relationship with Tang Xiaoxiao to some extent.

Cen Yanheng was also being criticized be many Internet users now, but everyone was aware that rich men always had a mistress or two.

Men could easily be forgiven even if they cheated on their partners, while women were in the opposite situation.

Cen Yanhengs wife knew him very well, and they appeared united outwardly but divided at heart.

They didnt even live together, so his wife wasnt affected by this scandal.

“What Tang Xiaoxiao is a bi*ch! How could she do that to Sixuan”

“I have a deep sympathy for Sixuan now.”

“Be strong, Sixuan.

We support you!”

“Now I know why Tang Xiaoxiao became popular so quickly.”

“She looks like a pure young girl, but turns out to be a sl*t!”

“Im not her fan anymore!”

Afterwards, Tang Xiaoxiao lost many followers on Weibo.

“Ridiculous, Xiaoxiao is more famous and beautiful than Fan Sixuan.

Its obvious that shes a better choice for the leading role in Palace.

I think the director has a sexual relationship with Fan Sixuan, so he is defending her.”

“I agree! Lord Cen just recommended Tang Xiaoxiao, which doesnt prove that there is a special relationship between them.

Hes a businessman after all, and Tang Xiaoxiao can make more money for him.”

“Xiaoxiao is an A-list actress now.

There is no need for her to compete against Fan Sixuan in that way.”

“Im not a fan of either of them, but I also think that Tang Xiaoxiao is more beautiful and suitable for the role than Fan Sixuan.”

Fan Sixuan kept focusing on the news about the scandal on the Internet, and she got angry when she read the above comments.

She hated it when others said that she was inferior to Tang Xiaoxiao.

She did everything she could in order to surpass Tang Xiaoxiao.

However, there were still so many people who believed that Tang Xiaoxiao was better than her.

Tang Xiaoxiao had a good reputation after all, and it was hard for them to ruin her career with just a dirty trick.

Fan Sixuan had Lord Cens support, so she could replace Tang Xiaoxiao someday, but not right now.

Fan Sixuan used a Weibo account which nobody knew was hers, and left a comment: “Stop defending Tang Xiaoxiao.

If there is no special relationship between Lord Cen and Tang Xiaoxiao, why is Lord Cen remaining silent”

“Right, there must be something they want to hide!”

Fan Sixuans fans supported her without doubt, while Tang Xiaoxiaos fans defended Tang Xiaoxiao at the same time.

The majority of Tang Xiaoxiaos fans were still willing to defend her, and only a small amount of her fans were disappointed in her.

Many Internet users were also onlookers who gathered together on the Internet when there was gossip.

“An idea just dawned on me.

Is it possible that Fan Sixuan is the one who has an affair with Lord Cen It could be her scheme against Tang Xiaoxiao.

I heard that they were classmates at university and they used to be very close, but Fan Sixuan got jealous of Tang Xiaoxiao when Tang Xiaoxiao received many offers and ended their relationship.”

Reading that comment, Fan Sixuan panicked.

She thought that it might be Tang Xiaoxiaos secret Weibo account.

Fan Sixuan had a secret Weibo account to attack Tang Xiaoxiao on the Internet, so Tang Xiaoxiao might do the same thing.

However, Fan Sixuan wasnt afraid of it at all, because she had Lord Cens support now.

She believed that Tang Xiaoxiao would soon be abandoned by the company she worked for because of Lord Cens influence.

Tang Xiaoxiaos connections were hardly comparable to Lord Cens, so Fan Sixuan dared to call Tang Xiaoxiao and directly tell her that it was her idea.

Fan Sixuan had something else to deal with, so she put her phone down.

“Wow, its a bold idea, but I think its possible.”

Many people agreed on the idea that Fan Sixuan was the one that had the affair with Lord Cen, and that it was a scheme against Tang Xiaoxiao.

Nevertheless, without solid proof, nobody knew which was the truth.

“Stop trying to whitewash the scandal.

Its useless.”

“Hey, did anyone see the news where sulfuric acid was poured on Tang Xiaoxiao by a woman outside the Huangdeng Hotel and Goddess Gu rescued her”

People got excited seeing that comment.

“Really Send me the link please!”

“Me too, thanks!”

Internet users swarmed to read the news.

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