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It was a policewoman who was around 27 years old and she looked unkind.

A touch of jealousy flashed by the policewomans eyes when she noticed Gu Nings unusual beauty and the handsome man by her side.

Hearing that it was a homicide, passers-by surrounded them at once, and glared at Gu Ning.

They believed that Gu Ning was the killer because of what the policewoman had just said.

Policeman Zhao was displeased.

“Policewoman Zhang, we havent done a thorough investigation yet.

Dont jump to conclusions.”

It seemed like Policeman Zhao was an upright man.

“Policeman Zhao, it couldnt be more obvious that they killed Miss Jin.

If you dont close this case as soon as we can, itll cause us more trouble,” Policewoman Zhang said airily.

She didnt care whether Gu Ning was innocent.

All she wanted to do was to settle this case as soon as possible.

She had no sense of justice.

From the surveillance cameras, no one would doubt her assumption.

As for the motivation, it was easy for someone who wanted to harm you to make up one.

Gu Ning and the others were mad when Policewoman Zhang said that.

Leng Shaoting wanted to defend themselves, but Gu Ning stopped him and stood out.

“Well,” Gu Ning sneered, “do you mean that there is no need to investigate it, and do you want to directly announce that were guilty”

“Miss, please dont get us wrong.”

Before Policewoman Zhang could say something, Policeman Zhao interrupted them.

He was unwilling to let Policewoman Zhang damage the polices reputation.

Gu Ning, however, refused to retreat.

“Dont get you wrong Policeman Zhao, were not idiots, and are able to understand Policewoman Zhang very well.

She simply wants to settle this case as soon as possible because of the dead girls identity.

Why dont you spend some time searching for the real killer Arent you a public servant, Policewoman Zhang”

“You…” Policewoman Zhang panicked and felt embarrassed.

Many onlookers were also mad after hearing Gu Nings argument.

“How could they do that”

“They must do the investigation first!”

“Theyre public servants and they should serve the public.”

“I dont think that Id have the courage to call the police in the future when I need their help.”

Facing their criticisms, Policewoman Zhang was furious.

Policeman Zhao didnt want any citizens to have a bad impression of the police, but the situation was out of control now.

In fact, he also hoped that Policewoman Zhang could learn a lesson from it.

He never liked her, because she always made decisions without discussing with other colleagues.

She believed that she could do everything she wanted just because she was the sergeants niece.

Policewoman Zhang argued.

“Do you have any proof to prove that youre not guilty Is there any witnesses”

Hearing that, Gu Ning wore a sarcastic smile.

“Isnt it your duty to collect evidence”

“Since youve checked the surveillance cameras and said that only we were there, how could I find anyone else to be a witness You didnt see us kill at all.

How could you know that were guilty of it Youve done no investigation at all, so you cant declare us guilty.”

Gu Ning looked a little aggressive.

The police indeed hadnt done any investigation yet.

The person who found the dead girl had a relationship with the police station, so nobody thought that he was guilty.

Therefore, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting, who finally appeared at the crime scene, became killers in Policewoman Zhangs eyes.

Only Policewoman Zhang claimed them to be guilty, while the others just wanted Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to assist them with the investigation.

Gu Ning added, “We had been there, so its understandable that youre suspicious of us.

Were willing to assist you in the investigation, but dont announce that were guilty before the final result is out.

Were common citizens, but that doesnt mean that we dont have the right to sue you for damaging our reputation.”

“You…” Policewoman Zhang didnt know how to retort.

“Policewoman Zhang, Im responsible for this case.

If you want to take it over, please report it to the sergeant and shut me out of it,” Policeman Zhao interrupted them again at this moment.

Policewoman Zhang didnt have many skills, but liked to be noticed.

What she was doing now was useless.

“You…” Policewoman Zhang was annoyed, but didnt dare to say another word.

Although she was very arrogant because her uncle was the sergeant, she was afraid of her uncle as well.

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