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As for the registration, Gu Ning still believed that it would be faster if she used her network.

The first person she thought of was Qin Yifan.

If Qin Yifan couldnt help her, she would figure out another way.

As for the car, most of the elder generation loved Mercedes-Benz or Bavarian Motor Work.

Jiang Xu had seen that Gu Qinxiangs car was a Mercedes-Benz.

After that he loved Mercedes-Benz.

Therefore, he had bought a Mercedes-Benz as well; he paid 486,000 yuan for the car.

Gu Ning didnt say anything about that, as long as Jiang Xu liked it.

Jiang Xu also bought a computer, and the workers would come to settle the network tomorrow.

Gu Ning then told Jiang Xu to help her get the network set up in her house as well.

Gu Ning thought it would be more convenient if she had her own computer.

Leng Shaoting followed them from far behind until Gu Ning arrived at zone G.

He didnt leave until she walked inside.

Leng Shaoting drove his car and made several turns, then arrived at his house.

He now lived in zone C.

There were maisonettes 1 in zone C.

Each house was a least two hundred square meters.

People who lived in this zone were truly the rich or the authorities.

Well, those who lived in the zone of villas were richer or higher in the authorities.

Leng Shaoting didnt live in City F.

He actually didnt have a house here either.

He was going to one of his close friends, Xu Jinchens house.

Xu Jinchen didnt live in City F either.

He was supposed to be on a vacation, but was forced to deal with some business here by his boss, so he was living here temporarily.

Right now, Xu Jinchen was in a grey suit of home clothing.

He lay on a white sofa with his arms and legs spread far apart watching TV, he was complaining about the actors acting skills at the same time.

He seemed like a nut who was talking to himself.

He didnt have many friends in City F.

He only came here for work, without any entertainment, so all he could do was stay at home watching TV and talking to himself.

Xu Jinchen almost hated Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting seldom came to visit him, but now the man was nowhere to be found.

Xu Jinchen was so bored.

Well, even if Leng Shaoting was here, he wouldnt talk to him a lot, but at least Xu Jinchen wouldnt be as lonely as by staying alone.

If it hadnt been for his job, he would have already had a girlfriend.

Thinking of that, Xu Jinchen was in pain having to watch the actors kissing in the show.

Suddenly, some noises sounded outside.

Xu Jinchen knew that it must be Leng Shaoting.

He immediately sat up straight.

As a military man, he couldnt help but behave himself in front of his boss, otherwise he would be criticized or punished.

Although it was kind of an honor to be punished and trained by Leng Shaoting, it was a torture too, because he was too cruel.

Xu Jinchen had no intention to torture himself.

“Shaoting, where have you been” Xu Jinchen asked.

“None of your business,” Leng Shaoting answered.

Xu Jinchen rolled his eyes.

He knew he couldnt get any information he wanted if Leng Shaoting wasnt willing to tell him, thus he closed his mouth.

Leng Shaoting changed into a pair of slippers then walked upstairs.

It seemed he didnt want to talk to Xu Jinchen.

Not because he disliked Xu Jinchen, but he was always this quiet.

People who were familiar with him had all gotten used to it already.

Leng Shaoting stopped halfway all of a sudden.

He turned to look at Xu Jinchen.

“Ill be staying in your place for a while longer.

Please help me prepare some clothes.”

Leng Shaoting was terrible at choosing clothes.

He only wore military uniforms or his black clothing.

On the other hand, Xu Jinchens family was involved in the clothing industry, so it only took a call for him to get new clothes.


Xu Jinchen rounded his eyes.

He couldnt believe what he had just heard.

He wasnt surprised that Leng Shaoting let him prepare clothes, but because Leng Shaoting was going to stay here for a while longer.

What had happened Did he finally want to have a vacation

Leng Shaoting obviously understood why Xu Jinchen was so shocked, but he didnt say another word.

He turned around and walked upstairs.

Xu Jinchen finally got his mind back.

He smiled.

He was happy to see Leng Shaoting wanted to take a break.

To be specific, all the Red Flame team would be thrilled to see that.

Actually, there werent many things the Red Flame team had to deal with.

Leng Shaoting as the captain didnt need to deal with everything in person either.

Everyone in the team was super powerful on his own, but Leng Shaotings life was occupied with work.

If the assignment wasnt very dangerous, he could step aside.

However, as long as it was very dangerous, he would definitely join in.

They could have one or two months vacation a year, but he never had a vacation.

Accordingly, Leng Shaoting had been living a super dangerous and boring life.

Even his teammates couldnt tolerate it.

Many had persuaded Leng Shaoting to take a vacation, but he wouldnt listen.

Since Leng Shaoting decided to go on a vacation, Xu Jinchen made up his mind to help his captain have a relaxing one.

Now, lets introduce the Red Flame team.

The Red Flame team was the highest-level military team in the country.

Although it was subordinate to the country, it wasnt controlled by it.

It had absolute autonomy.

That was because the Red Flame team had absolute strength and loyalty to the country.

Once the country faced any threat, the Red Flame team would be the first team to protect its country.

Although there were only 12 men in the Red Flame team, each person was very strong and super powerful.

Moreover, every member of the Red Flame team had an absolute military rank as well as position.

Every one of them was also in charge of an army.

Leng Shaoting was the major general himself.

He was the youngest major general in the countrys history.

He could win the rank of major general, not because he had a powerful background, but because he had created extraordinary achievements.

As for Xu Jinchen, he was a Senior Colonel with many great achievements, but most of them had been done under the leadership of Leng Shaoting.

His ability was hardly comparable with Leng Shaotings.

All in all, no one in the Red Flame didnt admire and obey Leng Shaoting.

Although Xu Jinchen only ranked a level lower than Leng Shaoting, that level was a huge gap in reality.

Leng Shaoting was the captain, so he didnt need to tell others that he was going on vacation.

If anything happened, his teammates would call him.

Gu Ning and Jiang Xu went straight to Gu Nings house, because both Gu Qing and Jiang Xinyue were in her place.

Jiang Xinyue was a ninth grade student.

She was supposed to have evening class, but her parents were worried about her safety, so they had applied for her to not attend the evening class.


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