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“Whats going on”

“No idea, its so scary!”

“It sounds like a voice from hell.”

“Dont scare me.

There is no hell in this world.”

“I dont know whether there is a hell or not, but the ground is shaking.

Is it an earthquake”

“Earthquake Will this small island sink I dont want to die young!”

“Me either! Are you dying”

Around 20 minutes later, the male ghost stopped struggling and was burnt completely.

After that, Gu Ning left.

She let the yacht out, then went to the blockage in the passage.

When she got there she put the yacht away, and dived into the sea.

After leaving the passage, she surfaced again far from the shore.

Gu Ning observed the surroundings for a while.

When she was sure that there was nobody in her sight, she took the yacht out again, and sailed away.

Those men who were left on the small island didnt notice the yacht in the beginning, but they began to shout to it once they noticed it after it moved farther away.

However, no matter how loudly they shouted, Gu Ning couldnt hear them because of the sea wind.

And even if she heard them, she would ignore them.

When she was about to arrive, she disguised herself as “Tang Aining” again, then went back to the wharf.

After returning the yacht, Gu Ning took a taxi and went back to the Gonghao Hotel.

Due to the support of so many important figures, Infinite Horror passed the censorship in a short time.

The person who was responsible for censoring the film was also scared when he was watching it.

At the same time, he believed that it would be a great success.

Once it passed the censorship, it was set to be shown in theaters the next Saturday.

It took the shortest time to be shown in theaters.

After that, Fenghua Entertainment began to widely publicize it.

News about Infinite Horror was still popular on the Internet, so many people were attracted to it.

The majority of them were interested in the film itself, while the rest was either curious about Gu Ning or Fenghua Entertainment.

Anyway, Infinite Horror was the most popular film right now, and the leading actors in it gained a lot of attention as well.

Chu Peihans and her friends faces were shown in the films, so many students in City F recognized them.

Although they just played unimportant roles in the film, they soon became popular in all of the high schools in City F.

Many schoolmates asked them whether Gu Ning had a relationship with Fenghua Entertainment, they gave them an affirmative answer with Gu Nings permission.

Before long, someone revealed it on the Internet, and said that Fenghua Entertainment was owned by Gu Ning.

Once the post was out, the news spread abroad within a short time.

Gu Ning, once again, became a hot topic on social media.

“OMG, Goddess Gu is the boss of Fenghua Entertainment.”

“Jesus, shes so unbelievable! She owns Jade Beauty Jewelry, Charm and Fenghua Entertainment!”

“She must be super rich.”

“I have a feeling that Fenghua Entertainment is going to be popular.”

“It is popular right now.”

“And itll be more popular in the future.”

“To be honest, I want to be an actor now because of Goddess Gu.

I hope that she can sign me.”

“Its not easy to do that.”

“Fighting! If you want to be signed by Goddess Gu, you must be a lot more outstanding than your peers.”

“In my opinion, I think Goddess Gu values talent and skills above appearances.”

“I think so.”

The news that Gu Ning was the boss of Fenghua Entertainment became one of the hottest topics on Weibo after a short while.

Gu Ning was really a frequent visitor of the list of the hottest topics.

Her name now occupied almost half of the list.

Many celebrities got jealous of her again.

In the company of Fenghua Entertainment, the capital.

Staff members of Fenghua Entertainment paid attention to the news about their company the entire time.

They didnt know that their real boss was an 18-year-old girl until now.

Nevertheless, they didnt think that a young girl wasnt qualified to be their boss, because Gu Ning was the most popular business woman these days.

In addition, most of them had heard of Gu Nings previous achievements and they were all her fans.

Therefore, they felt very proud after knowing that Gu Ning was their boss, and worked even harder.

Till now, Su Tongnuo and Xia Yichu were the only two artists signed by Fenghua, and they got along quite well.

They had read news about each other before their first meeting in real life, so they felt for each other.

They had an appointment to dine together tonight, but Xia Yichu suddenly had to deal with something else.

Xia Yichus younger brother, Xia Yidong, wrote a song named Dedication a while ago.

She recorded a sample and posted it online, then a director of a new TV series found and liked it.

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