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“You…” The evil jiao was furious, but also scared.

“What do you want”

“I can provide you with my magical power for your inner discipline, but you must listen to my orders before its done,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that Gu Ning was willing to provide her magical power for it, the evil jiao was cheered up, but it got angry when Gu Ning said that it had to listen to her orders.

“What You want me to listen to your orders at any time”

“No pain, no gain.

There is no free lunch in this world,” Gu Ning said.

The evil jiao was struck dumb for a second.

It didnt know how to pay for what it wanted, it had always grabbed whatever it wanted by hook or by crook.

Seeing the evil jiaos reaction, Gu Ning wore a resigned look.

“Anyway, its the condition I lay out.

I provide you with my magical power, and you serve my needs at any time without complaints, or Ill put you away.”

“You…” Although the evil jiao was annoyed at Gu Nings threat, it thought that it wasnt a bad idea.

It was very hard to find magical power, and the evil jiao was unwilling to be put into Gu Nings telepathic eye space again.

After hesitating for a short while, the evil jiao agreed.


“No betrayal.

Keep that in your mind.” Gu Ning warned it.

“I know, and Ill keep my word,” the evil jiao said with pride.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

“Great, now Ill put you into my telepathic eye space for a while.

Its full of magical power, and youll naturally absorb magical power.

Ill make other arrangements for you when Im back at my place,” Gu Ning said.

Even though the evil jiao was able to absorb magical power in the telepathic eye space, it couldnt use it for its inner discipline.

It had to do it in the outside world.

Jiao lived in the sea, so it needed water.

Without water, it could only survive for three days at the most.

Gu Ning planned to keep it in the telepathic eye space during the day, and let it stay in the swimming pool at night.

“Will you let me out after you put me inside” The evil jiao was alert.

“I need you to deal with things for me, so of course Ill let you out,” Gu Ning said and was amused.

“Fine.” The evil jiao agreed.

Afterwards, Gu Ning walked forward and held its claw.

In a second, the evil jiao disappeared.

It was the male ghosts turn now.

The second the male ghost was out, it was also surprised by the changes of the scene and Gu Nings clothes.

“What happened Why am I here When did you change your clothing”

“I put you away and brought you here,” Gu Ning replied.

She gave the male ghost the same answer.

“What You put me away” The male ghost was shocked too, and moved a few steps backwards in fear.

It remembered that it lost consciousness last time when Gu Ning caught it.

“Who are you” the male ghost asked.

It didnt trust Gu Ning at all.

“Its not important, and now Im giving you two choices.

One, disappear completely; two, submit to me,” Gu Ning said.

The male ghost was struck dumb.

It couldnt believe that this young girl was so powerful and threatening.

In fact, it stayed in this world only to protect Commander Hus belongings, so it didnt care about anything else.

Oh, right, where are Commander Hus belongings

All of a sudden, the male ghost stared straight at Gu Ning and questioned her, “Did you take Commander Hus belongings away”

“Yeah, I did.

I know that its not right, but I wont put them back.

Its been over a hundred years.

Why do you have to guard them Someone would take them away anyway.

You can take revenge if you hate me, but its impossible for you to win.

Ill put you away and keep you in the space forever, or Ill burn you with fire till youre eliminated,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

The male ghost understood that Gu Ning wasnt kidding.

Since Commander Hus belongings were already taken away by Gu Ning, there was no reason for it to stay in this world any longer.

Therefore, it chose to be eliminated.

“I feel so guilty that I lost Commander Hus belongings.

I would rather be eliminated than stay here alone,” the male ghost said.

It didnt bother to struggle either, because it knew that it was meaningless.

Gu Ning was surprised by its loyalty to Commander Hu.

Because the male ghost had a strong feeling of guilt, it couldnt disappear by itself.

Gu Ning could only burn it with flames.

“Are you sure Being burnt is very painful,” Gu Ning asked with a serious face.

“I know, and Im not afraid of it,” the male ghost said with determination.

“Great.” Since it was the male ghosts choice, Gu Ning agreed.

The next second, a flame thrower and a can of gasoline appeared in her hands.

Seeing that, the male ghost was astonished.

It was like a magic show.

The male ghost didnt move at all, but let Gu Ning pour gasoline on its body before she burned it.

It yelled and screamed in the flames, which was quite scary.

Gu Ning thought that it was very noisy, but had no other feelings.

Those who stayed on this island, on the contrary, were frightened.

They heard loud howls of anguish, and the ground was even shaking.

It felt like an earthquake, and they were worried that the island would sink suddenly.

This island wasnt big, so it was very likely that it would sink someday.

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