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Ye Chaoxiong was the next one who was going to gamble against Gu Ning.

Although nobody believed that he could defeat Gu Ning now, the others still hoped that Ye Chaoxiong could win.

He was the gambling magnate of City M after all.

Some hoped that Ye Chaoxiong could beat “Tang Aining” so that they could feel better after their successive failures.

Some, however, still hoped that “Tang Aining” could win.

If Ye Chaoxiong lost the competition as well, it wouldnt be so embarrassing for them to be the losers.

“Im not confident, but Im very interested,” Ye Chaoxiong said.

He had been in a high position for so long, and he wanted to lose more than he wanted to win.

However, he was only willing to lose to his match.

Gu Ning smiled, but said nothing.

They played Sic Bo first as usual, and Ye Chaoxiong shook the dice cup before Gu Ning.

Gu Ning gave the correct score and specific numbers once more.

Nobody was surprised by that anymore.

Ye Chaoxiong was the gambling magnate after all, so he was better than the other skilled gamblers in the room, so the first round was a tie.

However, no matter how good he was, he was still not comparable to Gu Ning who had a pair of Jade Eyes.

Gu Ning was able to tell the correct scores and specific numbers every round, while Ye Chaoxiong couldnt, so he sometimes lost.

They played Sic Bo for 10 rounds, and six of them were ties.

Ye Chaoxiong lost four rounds, not because he gave the wrong scores, but because he failed to tell the specific numbers.

From the first round to the last round, Ye Chaoxiong paid his full attention to the dice cup and he looked excited the entire time.

He didnt feel unhappy at all even though he lost, because he had never enjoyed a game so much before.

“Miss Tang, I have to admit that youre the best gambler Ive ever seen!”

“Im flattered, Master Ye,” Gu Ning said politely.

The others in the room had already accepted that Gu Ning would never lose.

After that, Ye Chaoxiong and Gu Ning played 5 card stud and baccarat.

Gu Ning was the winner again without a doubt.

In the end, Gu Ning won 10 million yuan from Ye Chaoxiong.

Ye Chaoxiong lost the least money out of everyone.

When the gambling competition ended, Gu Ning had won 606 million yuan in total.

“Miss Tang is the new God of Gamblers!”

“I think that Miss Tang is the number one gambler in the gambling industry.”


They kept expressing their admiration and surprise towards Gu Ning in the following minutes.

“Well, can I ask you all for a favor,” Gu Ning said all of a sudden.

“Sure,” Ye Chaoxiong said.

“I hate being involved in trouble, so please keep it a secret,” Gu Ning said with sincerity.

It was true, but she also said that to keep their faces.

Gu Ning didnt know them well.

What if they took revenge because they had lost too much money to her today

She disguised herself so she wasnt worried that they would find her, but Leng Shaoting showed up with his real face.

If they found Leng Shaotings identity, it wouldnt be good.

In fact, the others all believed that Gu Ning would want to seize this chance to gain fame in the gambling industry, but Gu Ning did the opposite thing.

They couldnt believe that Gu Ning was willing to give up this great opportunity.

None of them stopped chasing fame and wealth after all.

Actually, it wasnt their fault; the society was ill.

If everyone valued fame and wealth above anything else, nobody could avoid chasing it.

Those skilled gamblers felt a little ashamed.

Ye Chaoxiong, however, understood Gu Nings intention.

He knew that she did that to keep their faces and self-respect.

Shes a considerate and smart girl.

He thought to himself.

Even though he didnt care much about his face, he should also consider others feelings.

Therefore, Ye Chaoxiong agreed.

After that, Gu Ning walked out of the room, and Ye Jiasheng sent her back to the hotel.

When she left, people walked her out with enthusiasm.

“Miss Tang, Im your biggest fan now!” Ye Jiasheng said to Gu Ning.

“By the way, did you really give up this great chance to be famous because you are afraid of trouble” Ye Jiasheng thought that it couldnt be so simple.

Gu Ning didnt bother to lie to him.

“Well, I am afraid of trouble, because Ive won too much money from them.

Its possible that they will take revenge.

In addition, Im not very interested in gambling, so I have no intention to become famous in this industry.”

What Shes not very interested in gambling Ye Jiasheng was shocked.

Given the unbelievable gambling skills of “Tang Aining”, it was hard to believe that she had no intention to be deeply involved in this industry.

After driving Gu Ning back to the hotel, Ye Jiasheng left.

Ye Jiasheng had invited them to stay in City M for a few more days, and said that he could be their tour guide, but Gu Ning declined his invitation because they had to leave tomorrow morning.

Since Gu Ning needed to deal with her business, Ye Jiasheng didnt insist, but he offered to book plane tickets for them.

Gu Ning planned to find the boxes of treasure in HK, so she told him that she was leaving for HK.

Ye Jiasheng then told Gu Ning that he would arrange a yacht for them.

They would leave for HK at 1 pm tomorrow after lunch.

It was almost 10 pm when they got back to the hotel.

And Gu Ning was a little hungry, so she invited the others to have night snacks and also to celebrate her victory.

A group of them went to have some local food at a food street.

Unfortunately, they encountered some trouble there.

Gu Ning and her friends didnt cause the trouble, but two tables beside them did.

The people sitting around the table on their left came from another city, while the people around the table on their right were local citizens.

After eating for a while, those local citizens suddenly began to criticize those tourists from another city.

Those tourists were unwilling to cause trouble, so they tolerated it, but the local citizens wouldnt stop swearing at them.

After a short while, the tourists couldnt stand it anymore.

They started to fiercely argue with the local citizens.

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