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Thirty-six chips were placed in front of Gu Ning at once, but they werent hers yet, because the game would go on.

It was Gu Nings turn to shake the dice cup now.

If her competitor failed to give the correct score of the dice, those chips would be Gu Nings.

However, if Gu Nings competitor was right, Gu Ning had to return the chips to him.

Thirty-six million yuan was a lot, and nobody was willing to lose it within just a few minutes.

Gu Ning shook the dice cup casually.

Her competitor, on the other hand, focused on it from the beginning to the end.

She put the dice cup down, and let her competitor guess.

Her competitor wasnt as bold as Gu Ning, who had given the specific numbers of the dice.

Even Ye Chaoxiong wasnt confident that he could do that.

“There is a pair of 3 inside,” he said.

Gu Ning opened the dice cup, and there was indeed a pair of 3 in it.

Her competitor released a long breath after seeing it.

He was more nervous than ever now.

The odds of pairs were 8-1.

Therefore, he could only take eight chips back, and the other 28 chips were Gu Nings.

In the second round, Gu Ning gave the correct specific numbers again, and the odds were 16-1.

Everyone was surprised by her once more.

Is it possible that “Tang Aining” can win every time Even Ye Chaoxiong cant do that!

They subconsciously compared Ye Chaoxiong with Gu Ning.

In that case, they admitted that Gu Ning was better than them.

They were all losers when gambling with Ye Chaoxiong anyway.

Gu Nings competitor lost ten million yuan after the second round.

Although Gu Nings competitors could tell the scores, they still lost money, because Gu Ning could always double the odds and win a lot more money than them.

The same thing happened in the third round, and Gu Nings competitor was completely disappointed now.

He began to think that he could never win a round in the gambling competition against Gu Ning.

Once he had that idea in his mind, he couldnt pay full attention to the dice cup, so he lost again.

Gu Ning, however, won 23 million yuan after the third round.

After the three rounds with her first competitor, Gu Ning won 61 million yuan in all.

The first competitor, on the other hand, lost 61 million yuan within several minutes.

It was the first time that he had lost so much money within such a short time.

It was unacceptable in his eyes.

Although he lost a fortune and was in despair now, he had to pretend to be calm.

“Miss Tang, you win,” he said.

Gu Ning didnt say anything, but just smiled.

Seeing the result, the others were all shocked.

Some of them even wanted to retreat, but it was too embarrassing to do that.

The second competitor didnt have a much better result than the first one.

He lost 58 million yuan in all.

The rest of the people were increasingly unwilling to compete against Gu Ning, because they clearly knew that they were going to lose.

The third, fourth, and fifth competitor gave up the idea that they wanted to defeat Gu Ning, but did their best to lose as little as possible.

It turned out that all of them lost money to Gu Ning.

After competing against the five of them, Gu Ning won 256 million yuan in the end.

Everyone was amazed by her unerring accuracy, including Ye Jiasheng and Ye Chaoxiong.

Even though they had heard of what “Tang Aining” had done in the gambling competition held in HK last time, they were still amazed when they witnessed it with their own eyes.

They always believed that “Tang Aining” or the He family must have cheated in the game, but they were wrong.

It was as if “Tang Aining” could see the numbers of the dice in the dice cup! They even thought that maybe she had a pair of Jade Eyes.

Those skilled gamblers used to think that Ye Chaoxiong could defeat “Tang Aining”, but given what they had just been through, they thought that “Tang Aining” was more likely to win.

Ye Chaoxiong actually had the same idea.

Although he knew that he was going to lose, he was still very interested in the game, because it aroused his desire for victory.

They now knew that Gu Ning was unbelievably good at Sic Bo, but they still hoped that she couldnt be as good at other forms of gambling.

In that case, they proposed to play 5 card stud.

Gu Ning agreed.

Nevertheless, Gu Ning was still able to win as long as she was in.

After playing 10 rounds, Gu Ning won 180 million yuan in all.

Those skilled gamblers couldnt believe their eyes, and proposed to play baccarat[1] against Gu Ning, but Gu Ning was still the winner and won 160 million yuan in all.

They couldnt be more disappointed right now, and gave up the idea of playing with Gu Ning again.

After playing three forms of gambling, Gu Ning won 596 million yuan in all.

The bet was only a million yuan a round, but Gu Ning still won a fortune.

[1] Baccarat or baccara is a card game played at casinos.

It is a comparing card game played between two hands, the “player” and the “banker”.

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