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“Miss Tang, lets go!” Ye Jiasheng said to Gu Ning, and Ji Manlin didnt dare to stop him again.

When they walked away, Ye Jiasheng apologized to Gu Ning, “Miss Tang, Im so sorry for what just happened.”

“Its fine,” Gu Ning said.

Ji Manlin was annoyed by Ye Jiashengs attitude towards her.

“How could he treat me like that”

She felt aggrieved, and thought that she was innocent.

Even though she knew that Ye Jiasheng disliked her, she didnt care.

She liked him, which was enough in her eyes.

Moreover, she wanted to marry him.

“Manlin, I think you should forget him.”

“Right, there are plenty other fish in the sea after all.”

Ji Manlins friends tried to persuade her to give it up, because they thought that Ye Jiasheng wasnt as gentle as he looked.

Ji Manlin, however, refused to listen to her friends.

“No, I like him, and Im determined to get him!”

Seeing that, Ji Manlins friends closed their mouths.

“There is nothing to look at!” Ji Manlin suddenly shouted at the onlookers in the hall.

Afterwards, Ji Manlin walked on her high-heels to the reception desk and asked with arrogance, “Who was the girl by Lord Yes side just then”

She still believed that Gu Ning had an unusual relationship with Ye Jiasheng.

She was really a self-centered and spoiled woman.

“Im sorry, Miss Ji.

We have no idea,” the receptionist said and apologized.

“Check the register!” Ji Manlin ordered.

“Sorry, Miss Ji, were not allowed to leak out guests information, and the girl didnt register her name either,” the receptionist replied.

There was nothing else that Ji Manlin could do now.

She snorted with disdain, then left with her friends.

It was already 7:30 pm when Gu Ning arrived at the Ye familys casino, so it was still half an hour away from the gambling competition.

Those skilled gamblers were waiting for her in the hall.

There were four of them in all, because it was rare to see an ace gambler in the gambling industry.

As the host of todays gathering, Ye Chaoxiong also appeared at 7:20 pm.

Coincidentally, Gu Ning ran into Ye Chaoxiong at the gate.

The second that Gu Ning appeared in Ye Chaoxiongs sight, he recognized her and greeted her, “Miss Tang, nice to meet you.”

Ye Chaoxiong was nearly 60 years old and had an air of power and authority.

Ordinary people might feel scared facing him.

Even the younger generation in the Ye family stood in awe of him.

Ye Jiayu, the eldest son of the Ye family, no matter how troublesome he was, was also afraid of his father.

“Master Ye, its so nice to meet you too!” Gu Ning greeted him politely but with confidence.

Ye Chaoxiong was impressed by her relaxed attitude.

“Miss Tang, shall we go inside now” Ye Chaoxiong invited her.

“After you, Master Ye,” Gu Ning said with great respect.

After that, they walked in together.

People outside were all excited when Ye Chaoxiong appeared.

It wasnt easy to see the gambling magnate of City M in real life.

However they were confused when Ye Chaoxiong welcomed Gu Ning in person.

The onlookers didnt know that they just ran into each other at the gate, so they misunderstood.

Ye Chaoxiong and Gu Ning took the exclusive elevator to the sixth floor.

Because of the limited amount of attendees, Ye Chaoxiong set the gambling competition in a separate, luxurious private room.

Since Ye Chaoxiong would be coming, the others didnt dare to be late, so they were seated in the private room before 7:30 pm, discussing “Tang Aining”.

They held different attitudes towards “Tang Aining”.

Some admired her and simply wanted to challenge her, while some made up their minds to defeat her.

“Do you think that Tang Aining can defeat all of us” a man asked curiously.

“Hard to tell,” another man said.

“Come on, we came here in order to defeat her, right Although she did defeat Fan Zhihao in HK last time, it doesnt mean that shes the best gambler in the gambling industry.”

“Right, but I heard that she was never wrong in Sic Bo and 5 card stud.

She even won all the chips in the prize pool of a slot machine several times!”

“Dont be naive.

The He family must have cheated in the game.

The result of the competition decided the future of the He family, so its impossible that they wouldnt do anything about it.”

It wasnt a secret that casinos played dirty tricks sometimes after all, but either way, they admitted that “Tang Aining” was a great match for them.

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