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Once they were in the room, Xin Bei pressed Cao Wenxin to his chest and kissed her with passion.

“Wenxin, I love you.” Xin Beis warm breath sprayed across Cao Wenxins neck, and she felt slightly aroused.

“Do men always say that when you want to have sex, and then forget everything that you just said afterwards” Cao Wenxin said all of a sudden.

She was a little upset now because she remembered what her friends ex-boyfriend had said and done to her friend before.

The man had said countless sweet-nothings to her friend and made many promises, but dumped her friend right after they had sex.

Xin Bei was struck dumb for a second.

He sensed that Cao Wenxin wasnt in a good mood.

It seemed that she disliked hearing sweet-nothings when they were kissing and touching each other sexually.

Xin Bei knew that Cao Wenxin hadnt been betrayed before, because she was still a virgin when they had sex.

So it was very likely that she was affected by something that happened to her friends.

“Wenxin, I understand your worries, but I treat you very seriously.

Although weve only been together for a short time, Im certain that youre the girl I want to spend the rest life with.

If you dont believe my words, you can trust my uncle and your aunt,” Xin Bei said with sincerity.

In case Cao Wenxin didnt believe him, he used the influence of his uncle and Cao Wenxins aunt.

It was true that they had only been boyfriend and girlfriend for a short time, but everything he said everything to Cao Wenxin was said in all sincerity.

They might not be deeply in love yet, but Xin Bei made up his mind to spend the rest of his life with Cao Wenxin.

In addition, they werent teenagers either, so neither of them had the intention to play around.

If it was possible, Xin Bei would be willing to propose to Cao Wenxin right now.

In fact, Cao Wenxin believed every word that Xin Bei told her.

Girls lost their reason when they were in love after all.

Therefore, she also thought that Xin Bei was her Mr.


“If you dare to betray me, I promise that Ill castrate you,” Cao Wenxin said.

“Ha-ha.” Xin Bei was amused.

“Dont do that.

I need it to have a happy sex life with you.”

Hearing that, Cao Wenxin flushed and Xin Bei kissed her again.

In the following hour, they enjoyed each others body.

The next morning, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to the He familys house for the Appreciation Lunch.

Once Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting showed up, He Hongjie welcomed them with great enthusiasm and repeatedly thanked Gu Ning.

He thanked Gu Ning for everything that she had done for the He family.

Although his still couldnt tell the specific numbers of the dice by listening to it, his hearing was much better than before.

He didnt have much hope that he could fully recover from his hearing problem.

However, what he didnt know was that his hearing would be excellent again or even better after taking the pills that Gu Ning gave him.

The magical power crystal wasnt normal medicine after all.

After that, He Hongjie told Gu Ning that there were several skilled gamblers in the gambling industry who had the interest to gamble against her.

In He Hongjies eyes, there was no need for Gu Ning to gamble with the other skilled gamblers since the gambling magnate of City M already invited her.

Even though those skilled gamblers were as famous as the gambling magnate of City M in the gambling industry, they were good at different forms of gambling.

Nevertheless, it was He Hongjies opinion, not Gu Nings.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, thought that it was a good chance to make more money, so she obviously wouldnt turn them down.

She was going to City M anyway, so she could meet the other skilled gamblers there too.

However, before she accepted the challenge from the other skilled gamblers, she had to tell Ye Chaoxiong about it.

She was going to City M to meet him after all, so she needed to show respect towards him.

Ye Chaoxiong agreed with her on her decision.

He was curious to see whether “Tang Aining” could beat all of them in gambling.

All in all, Ye Chaoxiong didnt think that Gu Ning was a threat to him.

He proposed to hold the gambling competition at the Ye familys casino in City M.

Gu Ning had the same idea.

After talking to Ye Chaoxiong, Gu Ning told He Hongjie that she was willing to gamble against the other skilled gamblers.

Those skilled gamblers were excited and full of anticipation when they heard Gu Nings answer.

They werent worse than Fan Zhihao, so they dared to challenge “Tang Aining” who had defeated him by a significant margin.

If they could beat “Tang Aining” in the next gambling competition, they would gain a lot of fame.

He Hongjie was super interested in the grand gambling competition which was going to be held in City M, but he had to stay in HK to deal with his family affairs, so he had to miss it.

Infinite Horror had been dubbed for several days, but encountered a bottleneck, because the movie was too scary and many voice actors were scared, so it took a much longer time for the voice actors to finish their job this time.

Lu Zhan understood it very well, because he had also been scared many times when he had watched the film.

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