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Chapter 889 Where Is He Siyang

He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao seperated once they left the casino.

Fan Zhihao felt utterly embarrassed today, and he lost a fortune.

“Dad, what should we do now” He Yixi felt helpless.

He Hongyuan seemed displeased and remained silent, because he didnt know what to do now either.

An idea dawned on He Yixi.

“Dad, why dont we use He Siyang to threaten Uncle Hongjie”

Hearing that, He Hongyuan was mad.

“I wish I could! He Siyang escaped yesterday, and hes nowhere to be found now.”

“What He escaped How is it possible” He Yixi panicked.

If He Siyang escaped, they had no bargaining chip left to negotiate with the He family.

After what they had done behind the He familys back, it was impossible that the He family would let them get away with it.

“Although he escaped, he must still be on the island.

We have to catch him as soon as possible,” He Hongyuan said.

The island was very far from the mainland.

No matter how excellent a person was at swimming, he couldnt leave this island.

Therefore, even though He Siyang escaped from the place where he was kept, he was still trapped on this island.

The problem was that it was very difficult to find a person on this large island if the person hid well.

He Hongyuan couldnt send more people there, because he knew that the He family was keeping a close eye on him.

The moment he did something, the He family would find out.

Once the He family found He Siyang, his good days would be over.

Zuo Jiangkui stayed in the casino with He Yishao.

When the others were all gone, He Yishao told Zuo Jiangkui to come have a talk in his office, then let the bodyguards catch him without delay.

Zuo Jiangkui was surprised.

He figured out why He Yishao suddenly caught him, but he still played dumb before the dirty secret was fully exposed.

“Yishao, what are you doing”

Zuo Jiangkui was He Hongjies first apprentice, and he had followed He Hongjie for over a dozen years.

He Hongjie always treated him like he was his own son, so he was very close to the offspring in the He family.

He could directly call their names, instead of addressing them as lady or lord.

“Zuo Jiangkui, I dont think my family has treated you badly.” He Yishao stared straight at Zuo Jiangkui.

“Of course not,” Zuo Jiangkui said.

“Then why did you still betray us” He Yishao became angry all of a sudden and raised his voice, questioning Zuo Jiangkui.

The He family had never treated Zuo Jiangkui badly.

Why did he betray the He family once the He family encountered a minor problem Other apprentices, however, still sided with the He family.

A touch of guilt flashed in Zuo Jiangkuis eyes, but he refused to admit it.

“Why do you say that” He still hoped that He Yishao didnt have solid proof so that he could be safe.

“Well.” He Yishao understood what Zuo Jiangkui was thinking now.

He sneered, then took out a pile of photos from a drawer.

“Why dont you have a look for yourself”

When Zuo Jiangkui saw the pile of photos, he got nervous in an instant.

Those were photos of his secret meetings with Hong Yuefei and He Hongyuan.

“What else do you want to explain” He Yishao asked.

In fact, he already had the answer from Zuo Jiangkuis expression.

Zuo Jiangkui remained silent for a while, but still tried to deny it.

He argued, “You cant accuse me of betraying the He family just because of some photos.

I did meet them, but they came to me first.

They tried to bribe me to help them, but I turned them down!”

“Why didnt you tell us that they found you if you really turned them down” He Yishao asked.

He didnt believe a single word Zuo Jiangkui told him.

If Zuo Jiangkui was really loyal to the He family, he should have told them that Hong Yuefei and He Hongyuan had tried to bribe him.

If he kept it a secret, then he must be doing something that he didnt want the He family to know.

“I-I just didnt want to cause misunderstandings.” Zuo Jiangkui panicked again.

“Oh, interesting.

Werent you afraid that we would find out someday” He Yishao sneered.

“I know that you dont trust me now, but Ive done nothing that hurt the He familys benefits,” Zuo Jiangkui said.

It was the truth.

Even though Zuo Jiangkui betrayed the He family, he hadnt hurt the He familys benefits, yet.

“Zuo Jiangkui, since you want to cooperate with He Hongyuan, you must know where Siyang is now.

As long as you can tell me, we can let you leave if Siyang is safe and sound when we find him,” He Yishao said.

The He family would punish him without doubt, but his life would be saved.

“I have no idea,” Zuo Jiangkui said.

“Are you sure” He Yishao asked.

He obviously didnt believe it.

“Zuo Jiangkui, struggling is useless now.

We all know what youve done behind our backs.”

Zuo Jiangkui didnt say a word, but hesitated.

He knew how powerful the He family was.

After hesitating for a while, Zuo Jiangkui opened his mouth again.

“I only know that He Siyang is still on the island, but I dont know his specific location.”

“Hes still on the island” He Yishao frowned with doubt.

They had searched everywhere on the island for He Siyang before, but found nothing.

Maybe they should search there more carefully again.

“Are you sure” He Yishao fixed his eyes on Zuo Jiangkui.

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