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Chapter 888 Hong Shitian

If He Siyang was safe and sound, He Hongjie would let He Hongyuan go, but He Hongyuan still had to bear the result of what he had done.

After counting the chips, the final result of the third form of gambling showed.

Fan Zhihao made 93 million yuan in all.

Gu Ning made 396 million yuan in all.

“Well, after deducting the money that youve won, Mr.

Fan, you still need to pay me 303 million yuan,” Gu Ning said.

“Ill only pay you 203 million yuan, because Master Hongyuan joined the game once and lost a hundred million yuan on his own.” Since the competition ended now, there was no need for Fan Zhihao to care about his face.

He was unwilling to pay the one hundred million yuan for He Hongyuan.

Hearing that, He Hongyuan frowned with dissatisfaction, but didnt oppose it, because he did lose that much money himself.

Afterwards, Gu Ning took out the bank card under the name of Tang Aining and gave it to Fan Zhihao and He Hongyuan.

As for the rest of the chips, she would give them to He Yishao.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya would go to count them together, and exchange them for money before transferring it to the bank card under Gu Nings name.

“Miss Tang must have won a lot today!”

“I think shes won 1.6 billion yuan at least!”

“Jesus, thats a fortune!”

“Ive never seen anyone else who has so easily made so much money before!”

“Shes too outstanding!”

Everyone was envious of Gu Ning, because 1.6 billion was a sky-high number in most peoples eyes.

After playing the first and second form of gambling, Gu Ning won 1.01 million yuan, and the number was 396 million after playing the third form of gambling, which added up to 1.406 million yuan.

Including the 303 million yuan that Fan Zhihao and He Hongyuan still had to pay her the amount she won was 1.707 million yuan.

In addition, the He family would pay Gu Ning five hundred million yuan as commission, so the total number was 2.307 million.

In that case, Gu Ning made 2.307 million yuan after this trip in HK!

After the money transfer, He Hongyuans group left the casino in despair.

Many people also came forward to congratulate He Hongjie, including Hong Yuehuan.

“Master He, congratulations!” he said.

“Thanks, Lord Hong,” He Hongjie replied lightly and kept a distance from him.

Hong Yuehuan understood that He Hongjie wasnt satisfied with the Tiandihuis behavior, so he didnt mind He Hongjies attitude and soon left as well.

He Hongjie still needed to have a private talk with Gu Ning, so he didnt stay in the casino for long.

He told He Yishao to treat the other guests, then walked to Gu Ning.

“Miss Tang, its late now.

Ive ordered a private room in the Gonghao Hotel.

Would you mind joining us for a meal” It wasnt convenient for them to talk here.

“Its my honor, thanks,” Gu Ning said, then walked away with He Hongjie.

Hong Yuehuan called his father the second he got back in his car.

The leading role in the Tiandihui was Hong Shitian, and he was reading a book in his study now, waiting for Hong Yuehuans news.

Once his phone rang, Hong Shitian picked it up and asked, “How is it”

“He Hongjie is the winner,” Hong Yuehuan said.

“What He Hongjie won” Hong Shitian was greatly surprised.

He chose to work with He Hongyuan because He Hongjie was losing his hearing and He Siyang was missing.

He thought that He Hongyuan was more likely to win.

However, He Hongjie became the winner!

In that case, he was cornered now.

He had made his choice to support He Hongyuan, which meant that he was He Hongjies enemy now.

Although he hadnt done anything to harm He Hongjie yet, their close relationship was over.

Since He Hongjie won the competition, he was still the leading role in the He family.

If the Tiandihui wanted to cooperate with the He family, they had to gain He Hongjies permission.

It obviously wasnt possible.

“Did He Hongjie gamble himself or invite another person” Hong Shitian asked.

Even though he heard that He Hongjie would join the competition in person yesterday, he couldnt believe that He Hongjie was the winner.

He Hongjie was losing his hearing, so it was impossible for him to win against Fan Zhihao.

Fan Zhihao was a famous ace gambler in the gambling industry after all.

Even if He Hongjie had good hearing, it wasnt very likely that he could beat Fan Zhihao.

“He invited someone else to gamble for him.

Shes a woman in her late twenties.

Whether the form of gambling was Sic Bo, 5 card stud or slot machine, she could win every time and made a lot of money.

I think she could be the best gambler in the world,” Hong Yuehuan said.

“What” Hong Shitian was shocked.

A woman in her late twenties

Whether the form of gambling was Sic Bo, 5 card stud or slot machine, she could win every time and made a lot of money

She could be the best gambler in the world

Hong Shitian couldnt believe his ears.

It seemed that the woman really wasnt an ordinary gambler.

“Did she cheat” Hong Shitian was suspicious.

“No,” Hong Yuehuan said with certainty.

“Hows He Hongjies attitude towards you” Hong Shitian asked.

“Well, I think hell soon deal with his cooperation with us after he gets rid of He Hongyuan,” Hong Yuehuan said.

Hong Shitian frowned.

It wasnt good news.

“Do something to stop it from happening,” Hong Shitian said.

“Dont you think that you should talk to him in person about that” Hong Yuehuan said.

“I think that we should help them find He Siyang at this moment.”

Even though the Tiandihui was an illegal gang, they couldnt do everything with dirty tricks.

The Tiandihui had betrayed He Hongjie, but they werent opponents, because they hadnt damaged the He familys benefits yet.

“Let me think about it.” Hong Shitian frowned.

Hong Yuehuan then remained silent.

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