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Chapter 887 A Total Failure

People stared at He Hongyuan.

Nobody wanted to miss any of his reactions.

Some even took out their phones to see whether He Hongyuan could really wake up within three minutes.

“Do you think the pill is effective” Although they knew that they would soon find out the answer, someone still asked with curiosity.

“Miss Tang seems very confident.

I think it should be effective.”

“I agree, but I dont think it can be very effective.”

“Lets see!”

However, to everyones surprise, He Hongyuan woke up after just a minute, and his pale face gradually turned ruddy.

“Jesus, Master Hongyuan woke up after just a minute!”

“Its so amazing!”

“Can this pill cure other diseases”

“You should ask Miss Tang.”

People began to discuss the magical medicine.

When He Hongyuan heard their discussion, he frowned.

He didnt understand what they were talking about.

“Father, are you alright” He Yixi was excited.

“Do you feel uncomfortable”

He Hongyuan shook his head, but didnt say a word, because he was also confused as to why he suddenly felt much better now.

What happened

Although He Hongyuan made a little movement, he didnt say a word, so others didnt know whether he was really back to consciousness or not.

People still stared at him to see his reaction.

After a short while, He Hongyuan realized that he was sitting on the floor and felt embarrassed, then got back to his feet at once.

“Father, how do you feel” He Yixi asked again with concern.

“Im feeling well,” He Hongyuan said.

Hearing that, everyone was sure that He Hongyuan was fine now, and they were surprised again.

“Wow, Master Hongyuan is really fine now.”

“Miss Tangs medicine is so unbelievable.”

He Hongyuan frowned.

He glanced at Gu Ning, then looked at He Yixi.

“What happened”

He learned something from their discussion, but wasnt clear about it.

“Father, you just fell unconscious and we were supposed to send you to the hospital, but Miss Tang said she didnt want to waste time, and she could rescue you within three minutes.

She gave me a pill and I helped you swallow it, and you woke up after just a minute,” He Yixi said.

Knowing that, He Hongyuan was astonished.

He knew his condition very well, so he understood how effective the pill was.

Even though Gu Ning just saved his life, he wasnt willing to thank her, because he knew that Gu Ning just did it for the money.

Gu Ning didnt mind it either.

“Master Hongyuan, if youre fine now, shall we continue There are still five rounds left.”

Since Gu Ning didnt mind whether he thanked her or not, He Hongyuan dropped that topic too.

He looked to Fan Zhihao and said, “Mr.

Fan, please help me play the rest of the rounds.”

It was obvious that they were going to lose, so Fan Zhihao was reluctant to play the rest of the rounds, but he had to do it.

If he left before the competition ended, he had to pay the liquidated damages.

After the following five rounds, Fan Zhihao made 62 million yuan in all.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, made 201 million yuan in all.

Seeing the result, He Hongyuan was struck dumb.

He had a sudden impulse to either spit blood out or fall unconscious again so that he wouldnt see the terrible failure.

However, after taking Gu Nings power crystal, his resistance was much better than before, so he couldnt spit blood out nor fall unconscious, but had to witness the whole process.

Fan Zhihao was already used to it.

It was a total failure.

He Hongyuan was in despair now, so was He Xiyi.

She lost her identity as the lady of the He family and her title of Mrs.


He Hongjie walked towards He Hongyuan at this moment, and asked him in a cold deep voice, “He Hongyuan, youre the loser.

What can you say now”

He Hongyuan remained silent, because he didnt know what to say.

He Hongjie didnt care about it.

According to their agreement, it was impossible for He Hongyuan to be the leading role in the He family, and he also lost his control of the He familys casinos, which meant he was deprived of power and position.

All he had left was his shares.

Besides, if anything bad happened to He Siyang, He Hongjie could kill He Hongyuan.

Ever since He Hongyuan had schemed against the He family, they werent brothers anymore.

He Hongjie wasnt weak at all, and he was determined to pay his enemies back.

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