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He Hongyuan prayed that Gu Ning failed, while others all wanted to see her win.

When the reels fully stopped, pictures of 500 times lined up along the third reel.

Seeing that, He Hongyuan was upset, while others got excited.

More pictures lined up on the fourth, fifth, seventh and eighth reels.

After the first round, Gu Ning made 33 million yuan in all.

“H-How is it possible.” He Hongyuan couldnt accept it.

Fan Zhihao had a stronger feeling of failure now.

If he continued to lose like that, he could lose every cent of his wealth.

However, he was left no choice.

While Fan Zhihao and He Hongyuan were both in a bad mood, the audience was excited.

“Wow, pictures lined up along five reels! Its so amazing!”

“And the times are all big.”

“Ive never seen so many chips before!”

He Hongjie was also surprised.

Even though Gu Ning had told him that she was confident to win, he was still amazed to see the result.

What Gu Ning had done today exceeded his expectations.

In fact, there was more to come!

Seeing chips coming out from the slot machine in a large amount, people were all envious of Gu Ning, and they wished that they could win that much money.

More chips were added into the prize pool before the second round began.

Fan Zhihao, who was under great pressure now, couldnt stay calm anymore, so he casually pressed the stop button in annoyance.

This time, pictures only lined up along a single reel, and he won a million yuan.

The more he lost, the more restless he was; the more restless he became, the more he lost.

As time went by, Fan Zhihao was about to lose control of himself.

“How come you only won a million yuan” He Hongyuan was dissatisfied with it.

It was Gu Nings turn again.

She made 27 million yuan in all after the second round.

Everyone was amazed once more.

“Jesus, since when has it become so easy to win money by playing slot machine”

“I think its super easy for Miss Tang to win a fortune!”

“Im so jealous of her.”

“Why Why could she win so much every time There must be something wrong with this slot machine!” He Hongyuan raised his voice.

“Right, you must have done something to it!” He Yixi argued as well.

The He family was displeased facing the unreasonable suspicion, and He Yishao retorted, “Master Hongyuan, you should be responsible for your words.

We checked this slot machine right before the game began, and you know its fine and works properly.”

“You…” He Hongyuan didnt know what to say.

He couldnt afford anymore losses, but he had to admit that he already lost everything now.

“Well, I think the result of todays competition is quite obvious now.

Why dont you just admit that you lose” He Siyin said with pride.

The second she finished her sentence, Gu Ning interrupted her.

“I dont think so.

We agreed to play 10 rounds, and we must do that.

I plan to make more money today after all!”

Although Gu Ning acted greedy, nobody showed dislike towards her.

On the contrary, they still thought that she was adorable and deserved to win.

Since they had agreed to play 10 rounds, they should do that! Moreover, Gu Ning was making money all the time, and she was unwilling to stop.

She didnt come to HK often, so she seized every chance to make as much money as possible here.

He Siyin turned to look at Gu Ning, then changed her words at once.

“Well, I was just kidding, and the game should continue.”

In fact, He Siyin merely wanted to humiliate them.

He Hongyuan had to start the third round.

To everyones astonishment, the prize pool opened when Gu Ning pressed the stop button at the third round.

“Jesus, the prize pool opened!”

“Wow, Ive never ever seen that before!”

“How is it possible How is it possible!” He Hongyuan was too mad to stand still, and almost fell down.

Luckily, He Yixi supported him on time.

“It cant be possible!” He Yixi couldnt believe her eyes either.

Fan Zhihao was struck dumb by the scene as well.

Gu Ning won over a hundred million in a single round!

He Hongjie was more than shocked now.

He totally forgot that Gu Ning was actually winning money from his familys business.

As long as he could win the competition against He Hongyuan, money was nothing in his eyes.

Since the prize pool was empty now, chips were poured into it at once.

Hong Yuehuan observed Gu Ning for a long while.

This woman was too unbelievable!

How did the He family find her Why havent I heard of her name before in the gambling industry Is she a new face

Hong Yuehuan thought to himself.

If the news of todays gambling competition went abroad, the name “Tang Aining” would be the focus of the gambling industry in every big city.

Countless skilled gamblers would find “Tang Aining” to compete against her, but Hong Yuehuan believed that she was better than any of those ace gamblers.

Gu Ning noticed Hong Yuehuans look, but ignored it.

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