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Chu Peihan was one minute later than Gu Ning after they both had finished 10 circles.

It took an ordinary man three minutes and thirty seconds to four minutes to run a kilometer.

The longer you ran, the more tired you would feel.

Gu Ning spent 13 minutes on four kilometers, while Chu Peihan spent 14 minutes.

After running, Chu Peihan was exhausted, but she could still balance her body.

Mu Ke was also one minute later than Chu Peihan.

He almost collapsed on the ground.

Yu Mixi who had run five circles came after Mu Ke.

She was worn-out too, but after several days of running as training, Yu Mixi was stronger now.

The last group was Hao Ran, Qin Zixun, and then Zhang Tianping.

It took him almost 20 minutes to finish the 10 circles.

“HA-ha, Im not the last one.” Hao Ran laughed excitedly.

As if, if he had been the last one he would have been killed.

“No big deal.

I just need to wait until the morning class is over,” Zhang Tianping said airily.

“Relax, I wont do it.

I merely wanted you all to be active,” Gu Ning said.

“What Boss, youre so devious!” everyone said with one accord, but their voices sounded weak.

Gu Ning didnt care.

She sat down on the lawn with her backpack, while the others all surrounded her.

“Honestly, I didnt know what to buy.

I basically chose them randomly.

These are for you four boys.”

Saying that, Gu Ning took out four paper boxes throwing them directly at the boys.

“Wow, Boss! Its an international brand!” Hao Ran raised his voice when he saw the logo on the boxes.

“Exactly, boss, have you picked up money on the road” Mu Ke asked.

Both Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping looking at Gu Ning with curiosity and amazement.

They all knew well about Gu Nings background now.

It was barely affordable for her to buy a well-known domestic brand.

But, she even bought them stuff from an international brand as gifts.

“What brand” Chu Peihan immediately grabbed the box from Mu Ke.

She glanced at it, and was shocked, “Gee! Its Armani!”

She also stared at Gu Ning with surprise.

Gu Ning didnt answer their questions, but took out a bag, giving it to Chu Peihan.

When everyone saw the logo on the bag, they all rounded their eyes once more.

It was Lancôme.

Chu Peihan threw the paper box back to Mu Ke at once.

She even lost her interest in seeing what was inside.

“Boss, did you really pick up money on the roads How generous are you!” Chu Peihan took her gift and asked in shock.

Gu Ning still didnt answer her question, but took out Yu Mixis gift and gave it to her.

“Wow! Its a wallet.”

Meanwhile, Hao Ran had opened his box.

“Gee! Its a perfume.

Boss, I love you! How could you know I love perfume so much!” Chu Peihan was thrilled.

She immediately hugged Gu Ning tightly.

Gu Ning actually didnt know how much Chu Peihan loved perfume.

She could just smell the fragrance every time she met Chu Peihan.

“Oh, my gift is a phone!” Yu Mixi opened her package.

She was excited and surprised to see a phone inside.

Although she already had a phone, it was old and second-hand.

She even felt embarrassed to pull it out.

“Ningning, it must be very expensive.” Yu Mixi liked it very much, but it was too expensive in her eyes.

“Indeed, boss.

It may sound a little harsh, but we all know your background.

How could you afford such expensive gifts” Chu Peihan asked directly.

They couldnt ignore the fact.

The rest all stared at Gu Ning.

They didnt say another word, but their faces showed their puzzlement.

Gu Ning felt warmth in her heart at being cared for by all of her friends.

Although she couldnt tell them too much, she decided to tell them something.

Therefore, Gu Ning told them she had saved a mans life, and she got a Kings Green which was worth ten million yuan as a reward.

However, she didnt tell them what she had done in City G.

“What The Kings Green Ten million yuan”

Knowing that, everyone was struck dumb.

It was so amazingly unbelievable!

Except for Mu Ke and Qin Zixun, no one else knew much about jade, but they had all heard of the Kings Green, which was the top type and super expensive.

That was why it was worth ten million yuan for a piece the size of a quails egg.

Yu Mixi excluded, most of them were from rich families, especially Zhang Tianping who had millions of yuan in assets on his own.

However, none of them had ever had ten million yuan in hand.

Even Mu Kes jewelry store only had several million yuan in assets.

Accordingly, ten million yuan was a huge amount of money in their eyes.

Besides, the jewelry in Mu Kes jewelry store was all made of low-level jade.

One ring only cost hundreds of yuan.

The Kings Green was merely a legend to them.

Qin Zixuns family had run a jewelry business many generations ago.

He had seen many medium-level jade, but he had only heard of the Kings Green from books and the Internet.

After a long while, everyone finally got their minds back.

It was so shocking.

“Boss, youre so awesome!” Hao Ran complimented.

He now admired Gu Ning completely.

The rest all agreed.

Yu Mixi was envious, but not jealous.

She knew she couldnt do it.

“But boss, why didnt you let us have a look before selling it” Mu Ke complained.

“Exactly! It would be more exciting to see the Kings Green than a super star!” Qin Zixun said.

“No, no.

I still prefer to see a super star, especially my idol, Xu Zhefan.” Chu Peihan immediately became shy and was full of love.

Everyone immediately got goosebumps.

“Alright, I dont want anyone else to know about it, or I might get robbed someday,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure, boss.

We definitely wont tell others.”


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