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Both Gu Ning and Fan Zhihao exchanged 50 chips with five hundred million yuan, and the face value of each chip was ten million yuan.

Once the chips were in their pockets, the game began.

The dealer lifted the dice cup and let both parties check it first.

He didnt start the game until the dice cup was proved to be fine.

The second the dice rolled in the dice cup, Fan Zhihao focused on the sounds they made, while Gu Ning sat there at ease.

It seemed like she wasnt paying attention to the dice cup at all.

Seeing that, except for Leng Shaoting, Gao Yi, Qiao Ya and He Siyin, the others all doubted Gu Nings behavior.

Even He Hongjie didnt understand what Gu Ning was doing now.

However, he still chose to trust He Siyins choice.

Since He Siyin believed that Gu Ning could help them, Gu Ning would help them.

Zuo Jiangkui didnt know that the woman was Gu Ning.

If he knew that, he would also believe that He Hongyuan was doomed to fail.

He Hongyuan had also heard of Gu Ning from Zuo Jiangkui.

Although he was amazed by her gambling skills, he had already sent the invitation letter to Fan Zhihao, so it wasnt suitable for him to change the person.

In addition, compared with Gu Ning, He Hongyuan was more willing to choose Fan Zhihao who was a famous gambler in HK.

However, even though He Hongyuan didnt choose Gu Ning, he wouldnt allow He Siyin to invite her, so he kept a close eye on He Siyin, but found nothing.

Why didnt he watch Gu Ning

He Hongyuan was influential in HK, but not in other cities, and Gu Ning had a close relationship with the Kirin Gang after all, so he limited his behavior.

He indeed had the support of the Tiandihui now, but he had to win todays game first to get their real help.

Therefore, he didnt know that Gu Ning was in HK now, nor did he pay much attention to He Hongjie once he heard from Zuo Jiangkui that He Hongjie would join todays competition in person.

In fact, he didnt have the ability to stop Gu Ning from helping He Hongjie even if he found out the truth.

The dice cup fell on the table, and they began to bet.

Nevertheless, it was unavoidable that two people would lay the same bet if they could see each others choice.

In that case, they decided to write on a blank board in front of them before they revealed their choices at the same time.

Fan Zhihao wrote his choice down on the blank board with confidence.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, used her Jade Eyes to see the numbers shown on the dice in the dice cup, then wrote her choice down.

It seemed like she wasnt in a serious competition, but was playing an easy game.

Even He Hongjie and He Yishao were a little worried now.

He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao, on the other hand, showed obvious disdain towards Gu Ning on their faces.

They were too arrogant to think that Gu Ning was at ease because she was going to win.

After they wrote their choices down, they turned their boards to face each other.

Fan Zhihao bet on the total score, which was 13.

Gu Ning bet on the specific numbers, which were 2, 5, and 6.

Seeing Gu Nings board, Fan Zhihao and the others frowned.

Both of them bet on 13, but Fan Zhihao failed to tell the specific numbers.

If the total score was 13, and the specific numbers were 2, 5, and 6, Gu Ning would win.

When the total score was 4 or 17, the odds were 50-1.

When the total score was 5 or 16, the odds were 18-1.

When the total score was 6 or 15, the odds were 14-1.

When the total score was 7 or 14, the odds were 12-1.

When the total score was 8 or 13, the odds were 8-1.

When the total score was 9, 10, 11 or 12, the odds were 6-1.

Both Gu Ning and Fan Zhihao bet on 13, so the odds were 8-1.

If the total score in the dice cup was really 13, it would be a tie.

However, Gu Ning told the specific numbers, so the odds doubled, and they were 16-1.

In that case, even if Fan Zhihao and Gu Ning were both right on the total score, Fan Zhihao still had to pay Gu Ning eighty million yuan.

On the contrary, if Gu Ning was wrong with the specific numbers, the odds would be half higher, and she had to pay Fan Zhihao forty million yuan.

Many people thought that it was highly possible that the total score was 13 in the dice cup, but nobody knew the specific numbers.

The dealer uncovered the dice cup afterwards, and the numbers were 2, 5, 6.

Therefore, Gu Ning won, which shocked everyone.

He Siyin trusted Gu Ning, but she was still nervous because todays competition was very important.

She didnt relax until Gu Ning won the first round.

He Hongjie and the others who doubted Gu Ning before also relaxed now.

He Hongyuan, without doubt, was mad after seeing the result.

No matter how surprised they were, Gu Ning stayed calm as usual.

It seemed like she already knew the result.

After the first round, He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao had to take Gu Ning seriously.

The second round soon began.

Fan Zhihao bet on 5, 5, 5, which was “Alls”.

Gu Ning did the same thing.

The second round was a tie.

After the first two rounds, people started to believe that Gu Ning was a skilled gambler, and they held great anticipation for her following performance.

The third round was still a tie, and Gu Ning won the fourth round.

Gu Ning bet on both the total score and specific numbers every time, because the odds would be the highest in that situation.

In the beginning, people didnt realize what she was doing, but they soon noticed Gu Nings plan.

She behaved like she could see the dice in the dice cup.

Moreover, she never lost once!

He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao were suspicious that Gu Ning might have cheated in the game, but they failed to find any evidence.

Actually, even the gambling magnate in City M couldnt be so accurate every time.

Gu Ning did what nobody could do before.

After a while, He Hongyuan and Fan Zhihao began to panic, which affected their judgment.

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