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“Isnt it polite enough that I, the eldest son of the He family, came here to welcome you in person” He Yishao cocked his eyebrow.

He Hongyuan compressed his lips, and remained silent.

It was obviously polite enough that the eldest son of the He family came to welcome them in person.

“Lord He, may I know whether Master Hongjie will attend todays competition in person” someone asked.

The game was about to begin, so it wasnt an inappropriate question.

“I heard Master Hongjie is losing his hearing.

Is he alright” someone asked with concern.

“Who knows!” He Yishao replied with a resigned look.

Seeing He Yishaos reaction, He Hongyuan was more pleased.

He believed that nobody was going to help He Hongjie.

Zuo Jiangkui had leaked the information to him, and he had also done some research before he came.

None of the famous gamblers in HK were invited by the He family.

As for those gamblers without much fame, he didnt bother to do the research.

Therefore, He Hongyuan was confident that he would be the winner at the end of the day.

“Well, if it werent for the fact that Hongjie is losing his hearing and Siyang is missing, I wouldnt hold todays competition for the future of the He family,” He Hongyuan sighed, and played innocent.

Even though it was all a scheme, it didnt mean that he was willing to take responsibility, because it would damage his reputation once the news went abroad.

He also clearly knew that He Hongjie along with He Hongjies family were suspicious of him, but they lacked proof, so he could get away with it.

Moreover, he also had the support of the Tiandihui.

A touch of coldness flashed by He Yishaos eyes.

He knew that He Hongyuan was the mastermind behind todays scheme, but he couldnt do anything about it without evidence.

It wasnt difficult to kill He Hongyuan, but his second younger brother was still in the hands of the Tiandihui which supported He Hongyuan.

Most people knew nothing about it, so they jumped to conclusions from insignificant evidence and believed that He Hongyuan was a good, kind person.

Only a few people had heard of the shocking secret, but none of them dared to say a word.

Only several old friends of the He family were willing to give them a helping hand, but He Hongjie declined them, because he didnt want them to be involved in this mess.

The Tiandihui was a well-known, cruel gang after all.

“Master Hongyuan is really kind and considerate.

Youre a member of the He family as well, and there is nothing wrong with it if you lead the family business,” someone said.

“I agree!” some people agreed on that.

He Yishao ignored them, and waited to see the result with patience.

A while later, Hong Yuehuan walked inside.

He came here not to support He Hongyuan, but to appreciate todays competition.

Not many people knew the relationship between the Tiandihui and He Hongyuan, so some thought that he showed up for the sake of the He family.

Most people only knew that He Hongjie maintained a good relationship with the Tiandihui.

Although He Hongjie had a good relationship with the Tiandihui, the Tiandihui had to stand away from the He familys family issues.

“Nice to see you, Lord Hong.

Please have a seat.” He Yishao welcomed Hong Yuehuan.

In fact, they used to be close, but now He Yishao kept a distance away from Hong Yuehuan.

However, as the heir of the Tiandihui, Hong Yuehuan was left no choice.

From his personal perspective, he hoped that He Hongjie could lead the He familys business as usual, but the Tiandihui must make allowances for themselves.

Benefits were always placed ahead of private relationships in business.

“Nice to see you again, Lord He!” Hong Yuehuan said.

Around 1:50 pm, He Hongjie finally appeared along with many people, including Gu Ning.

Once he showed up, everyone turned to look at him.

Nobody paid attention to people by his sides.

Gu Ning was just a woman, so she obviously wasnt the focus.

However, to everyones surprise, He Hongjie didnt sit in the middle seat of the first row, but let the woman occupy it.

He and He Siyin sat at the womans sides, while the others were all standing behind them.

Everyone was surprised by the scene.

It was understandable that the He family invited another gambler to play the game on behalf of them, but the woman looked very young.

He Hongyuan casually glanced at Zuo Jiangkui.

He was questioning him in silence.

Didnt Zuo Jiangkui tell him that He Hongjie would play the game in person How come this woman replaced him

Is he deceiving me Thinking of that, He Hongyuan disliked Zuo Jiangkui at once, but he hadnt figured out the truth yet, so he wasnt sure if it was Zuo Jiangkuis fault.

This young woman wasnt on the list of famous gamblers in HK, so she should be either fresh or a mysterious gambling master.

He Hongyuan refused to believe that the woman was a mysterious gambling master, because he thought that there was no one who didnt value wealth and fame in this world.

Therefore, he didnt think that the woman was a match.

Fan Zhihao was the best gambler in his eyes.

Zuo Jiangkui was also surprised to see Gu Ning, because He Hongjie had told him that he would play the game in person.

All of a sudden, Zuo Jiangkui realized that he had already lost He Hongjies trust.

He Hongjie had probably found something out.

Zuo Jiangkui panicked a little, but he still believed that he would be safe since he already sided with He Hongyuan.

What he didnt know was that He Hongyuan was also suspicious of him now.

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