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“Why dont we go to the night snack street Its very late now, and we can only find delicious food there,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure!” Leng Shaoting wasnt picky when it came to food.

HK wasnt a big city, so they soon arrived at the night snack street.

It was full of activity and crowded.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting parked the car before they walked inside.

Since it was crowded, all kinds of people were enjoying night snacks there.

Along the way, many men who had drunk a little whistled at Gu Ning, trying to flirt with her, but most of them were stopped by Leng Shaotings cold glance.

However, some still ignored him.

A young man who claimed to be the third son of the Zhan family leered at Gu Ning, and loudly said to others that he could provide her with a good life if she was willing to satisfy his sexual needs.

This time, not only did Gu Ning feel humiliated, but Leng Shaoting was also furious.

No man could accept that his beloved girl was sexually insulted by another man in a public place.

Therefore, the second the young man finished his sentences, Leng Shaoting kicked his stomach with great force.

The young man was kicked away and didnt fall on the ground until his body flew three meters away in the air.

At the same time, his loud screams of pain attracted attention from everyone around the street.

The young man could barely move after the heavy kick.

Onlookers were all amazed by Leng Shaotings strength.

They had never seen anyone else who was able to kick an adult three meters away before.

Afterwards, they were all surprised that Leng Shaoting dared to hurt the young man who was the third son of the Zhan family.

The Zhan family was an influential family in HK after all.

Nevertheless, the third son of the Zhan family was notorious for his strong sexual desire and disrespect for women.

In that case, nobody showed any sympathy for him.

Instead, they all stood aside watching the scene.

“Lord Zhan!”

Two men who came here with Lord Zhan were scared.

If anything bad happened to Lord Zhan, the Zhan family would blame them for everything without doubt.

Their families werent as influential as the Zhan family after all.

Seeing Lord Zhan still lying on the ground in great pain, one of the two men glared at Leng Shaoting and threatened him, “How dare you hurt Lord Zhan The Zhan family wont let you get away with it!”

Leng Shaoting gave him a cold glance, which frightened him.

Thinking of what Lord Zhan had been through, he didnt dare to say another word, in case he was kicked too.

“This is what you get if you dare to humiliate my girl,” Leng Shaoting said in a cold tone.

He didnt care about the Zhan family at all.

After that, he held Gu Nings hand and was about to leave.

The two men, however, were anxious.

If Leng Shaoting was gone, the Zhan family would punish them.

Even though they knew that Leng Shaoting wasnt someone they could mess with, they had to stop him now.

“You cant leave!”

Leng Shaoting squinted at them.

“Do you want to have the same treatment as him”

The two men trembled in fear.

They obviously didnt want to have the same treatment as Lord Zhan, but they were more unwilling to bear the result of what had happened to Lord Zhan.

“You just kicked Lord Zhan, so you cant leave.

We must call the police and the police will handle it,” a man summoned up his courage and said.

His voice was still trembling.

“Stand out of my way, or youll be lying on the ground just like him.” Leng Shaoting ignored them, and walked ahead.

The two men were frightened and moved away at once.

They didnt dare to stop Leng Shaoting again, so Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning left.

Lord Zhan wasnt able to move at all, but he could hear their talk.

Seeing Leng Shaoting leaving, he was ablaze with fury and fell unconscious the next second.

The two men were in sheer panic now, and sent him to the hospital without delay.

In the meantime, they also called Lord Zhans second oldest brother.

Lord Zhans second oldest brother was a violent and cruel man.

Once he heard the shocking news, he went to check the surveillance cameras at once to find out who had kicked his younger brother.

Before long, Lord Zhans second oldest brother focused on Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

He also sent someone to stalk them.

After having night snacks, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning left for the hotel.

Gu Ning booked a suite at the Gonghao Hotel before she went to pick Leng Shaoting up.

However, right after they walked out of the night snack street, a group of aggressive, strong men surrounded them.

Without a doubt, they must have been sent by the Zhan family.

Besides, those men all seemed to be good fighters, which meant that the Zhan family didnt take them lightly.

Leng Shaoting was able to kick Lord Zhan three meters away.

If the Zhan family didnt send many good fighters, they couldnt catch him.

Unfortunately, they would still fail.

Gu Ning couldnt help but think that trouble always found her.

She wasnt an aggressive girl, but was often involved in trouble.

If she werent so excellent at martial arts, she would have been bullied countless times.

Passers-by all stayed away from them, in case they were hurt.

Without hesitation, the bunch of strong men moved near to Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

They aimed to catch them.

The moment they moved, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning attacked them as well.

Someone called the police at once, but the police station refused to deal with it for the sake of Lord Zhan.

Onlookers were all worried that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting would be injured soon.

However, to their surprise, the bunch of men was soon beaten down.

It turned out that Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were much better than those men in a fight.

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