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“Miss Gu, did you have a fight outside this hotel last night” he asked.

Although it was a question, he already had the answer.

However, he couldnt believe that Gu Ning was so good at martial arts.

She was only 18! Everyone would be shocked to know that.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning nodded.

He must have witnessed the fight.

“Wow, outstanding people always gather together,” Xu Jinlin said.

He was talking about Leng Shaoting.

“Miss Gu, please stay alert and be careful these days.

Theyre members of the gang after all,” Gong Zehan said out of kindness.

He never bothered to get involved in others personal affairs, but he was willing to remind Gu Ning to be cautious since she and Xu Jinlin were acquaintances.

“Thanks, I will,” Gu Ning said.

The elevator stopped at the third floor, and Gu Ning waved good-bye to Xu Jinlin along with Gong Zehan.

“Hey, what happened between you two” Gong Zehan asked Xu Jinlin once Gu Ning was gone.

Xu Jinlin sighed, then told him everything.

Gong Zehan laughed out loud afterwards.

“Seriously Its so funny!”

“Who is Leng Shaoting It seems that youre very afraid of him,” Gong Zehan asked again.

“Hes the eldest grandson of the Leng family in the capital and senior to Jinchen.

And he always keeps a distance from women.

If he finds out that Ive struck up a conversation with his girlfriend, hell tell Jinchen to practice fighting skills with me.

Ill be punched to the ground,” Xu Jinlin said in fear.

“The eldest grandson of the Leng family” Gong Zehan was greatly surprised.

He knew that the Leng family and the Xu family were allies for generations, and he had heard of the cold eldest grandson of the Leng family.

And the most admirable thing was that Leng Shaoting became a major general at such an early age, which had never happened before.

That was all Gong Zehan knew about Leng Shaoting.

When Gu Ning and her bodyguards walked into the booked private room, she received Leng Shaotings call.

He was in the airport of the capital now, and would arrive at HK around 10:30 pm.

Gu Ning would pick him up later.

She didnt remember that she had planned to visit the small island until all the dishes were placed on the table.

However, since she forgot, she gave it up.

In the He familys house.

Zuo Jiangkui dined in the He familys house that afternoon.

However, only He Siyin and He Hongjie were aware that Gu Ning was going to help them.

The moment Zuo Jiangkui was gone after dinner, He Hongjie told He Siyin to come have a talk in his study.

“Youre right.

Jiangkui does maintain a secret relationship with Hong Yuefei and he has even met He Hongyuan in private,” He Hongjie said in a cold tone.

Hearing that, He Siyin was annoyed, but she wasnt surprised.

“Father, you treat him so well, but he still wants to steal our family business!” He Siyin said in anger.

“Maybe he thinks that Im doomed this time, so he wants to join another party.

Once I find solid proof to prove that he has no loyalty to me, Ill chase him away,” He Hongjie said, and made up his mind to get rid of anyone who dared to betray him.

Hong Yuefei stayed in the hospital for a whole day, and He Yixi was by his side to help him get out of bed and walk.

Because of the pain all around his body, he couldnt do anything and easily lost his temper.

He Yixi felt aggrieved and displeased, but had to tolerate it.

Once Hong Yuefei was able to walk, he left the hospital and went back home.

It was a torture for him to stay in the hospital.

Hong Yuefei was prurient with strong sexual desire.

He felt utterly uncomfortable if he didnt have sex for a day, so he forced He Yixi to help him out with her hands and mouth the second they were home.

It took her almost an hour to please Hong Yuefei.

A while later, He Yixis father called her to come home because the gambling competition would be held tomorrow, and he needed to discuss something with her.

When He Yixi was absent, Hong Yuefei called one of his mistresses.

He couldnt live a day without a woman.

Around 9:50 pm, Gu Ning left for the airport, and she drove alone there.

Before she left, she told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya that she wouldnt come back tonight.

Twenty minutes later, Gu Ning arrived; Leng Shaoting would arrive in dozens of minutes.

Gu Ning found herself a seat in the arrival hall and played on her phone, reading the news.

Her name was still on the hottest topics list, but gradually moved down.

A lot of gossip about celebrities behavior and private lives replaced her name.

Celebrities needed attention and they often hired an Internet Water Army to help them attract peoples attention.

Only a few pieces of news were put on the list by real Internet users frequent searches, like the news on Gu Ning.

Gu Ning read the news for a while, then heard an excited discussion about something she knew.

“I cant wait for it! Ill finally get my favorite Kouzi in 10 minutes!”

“I cant either! I thought that it was a brand without much fame and isnt reliable, but it turns out to be so effective! I just used several of its facial masks, and my skin is much better now.”

“Thanks to Fei, we dont need to fly to the capital.”

“Right, if Fei didnt bring some for us, I would fly to the capital myself.”

“I hope Kouzi can soon be put on the market of HK so that we can buy it here.”

“I have the same idea.”

Gu Ning was happy to hear that people liked her products, and Kouzi would be available on the market of HK sooner or later.

In fact, she was going to build Kouzi into an international brand.

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