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What She can deal with it

Hearing that, everyone was astonished again, and felt confused.

They didnt believe that Gu Ning was able to deal with an antique covered in Yin.

Maybe it was totally a lie that this vase was covered in Yin, and Gu Ning was just deceiving them.

“What You can deal with it” Old-man Xia couldnt believe it either, but he strongly believed that this vase was covered in Yin.

“Yes, I can, and I also know that your body isnt in a good condition now.

It takes a long time for you to recover from the effect of Yin.

If you trust me, you can take this pill, and youll be fine soon,” Gu Ning said, and put her hand into her pocket.

She then used her mind to take a porcelain bottle with a power crystal inside from the telepathic eye space.

After that, she gave Old-man Xia the porcelain bottle.

Old-man Xia was struck dumb for a second.

Somehow, he believed that this young girl in front of him wouldnt hurt him, so he took the porcelain bottle.

Others were also curious to see whether the pill was effective, so they all stared at Old-man Xia.

Old-man Xia opened the porcelain bottle, and poured out a power crystal from it, then directly swallowed it.

The pill melted the second he put it into his mouth.

A flow of coolness spread across his body like lightning, and he felt much better in a few seconds, which surprised everyone around him.

“Wow, he looks much better now that he took the pill!”

“Its so amazing!”

“Does the girl really know Yin and Yang”

“Although I dont believe in Yin and Yang, its so hard to explain it now.”

People began to discuss again.

Old-man Xia felt the unbelievable effect of this medicine himself, and was shocked more than ever now.

“Miss, may I know what this medicine is Its so effective!”

Gu Ning wore a mysterious smile and said, “Im sorry, its a secret.

Please excuse me, I need to leave now.”

After that, she gave the middle-aged man a glance, then strode away.

The middle-aged man followed her at once.

Old-man Xia wanted to ask Gu Ning more questions, but he knew that she wouldnt tell him, so he gave up.

Although the blue and white porcelain vase used to be his, he had no intention to take it back, because it was covered in Yin and he had no idea how to deal with it.

In fact, he always wanted to smash it, but someone stole it before he could do that.

It was very valuable, but he didnt pay much for it, so it wasnt a big deal.

Most importantly, no more people were harmed by it, which was the best result.

On the way, the middle-aged man said nothing about what had happened just then, but casually chatted with Gu Ning.

Sometimes, the less you knew, the better it was.

“Miss, I think youre younger than 20, right” the middle-aged man asked.

“Yeah, Im 18 now,” Gu Ning said.

Hearing that, the middle-aged man was surprised.

“You should be a high school student, right”

“Yes, Im a senior student and the National College Entrance Examination is two months away,” Gu Ning replied.

“Wow, you behave like a mature and stable adult, which amazes me.” The middle-aged man complimented Gu Ning.

“My kid is 17 this year, but all he knows is mobile games.

He never studies hard, and Im worried about his future.”

Gu Ning felt a little embarrassed.

Even though her body was just 18 years old, her soul was already 27, so it was very normal that she behaved like a mature grown-up.

“My surname is Gu.

May I have your name” Gu Zuhui, the middle-aged man, said.

Hearing that, Gu Ning beamed.

“What a coincidence! My surname is also Gu, and Im Gu Ning.”

Gu Zuhui was slightly surprised.

“Its rare to meet someone whose surname is Gu in HK.”

“I wasnt born in HK,” Gu Ning said.

“Im from City F.”

Gu Zuhui was more surprised.

“You werent born in HK How come your HK dialect is so good”

Gu Zuhui talked in mandarin now.

They just communicated with each other in HK dialect.

“Oh, I learned it from my friend who was born in HK.” Gu Ning lied.

Gu Zuhui nodded and didnt ask further.

“I wasnt born in HK either, but I often come here for business,” Gu Zuhui said.

Gu Ning smiled but didnt say anything.

While they walked to the appraisal center, Gu Ning didnt forget to use her Jade Eyes to scan those objects placed on the stands by the sides of the road.


Gu, please wait a moment,” Gu Ning said, because she found a real antique.

Gu Zuhui walked over behind her.

He knew little about antiques, and only bought them with certificates issued by the appraisal center.

If anyone dared to sell fake antiques with certificates, he would be charged double compensation.

Therefore, no common antique stores dared to sell fake antiques with fake certificates.

The real antique Gu Ning noticed was a Rohan Buddha decoration made of Hetan jade, and it was worth around three million yuan.

“Hi, how much is this” Gu Ning pointed at a random object.

The owner of the stand gave Gu Ning a glance and showed disdain on his face, but his eyes lit up once Gu Zuhui showed up.

Gu Zuhui dressed like a rich man, and the owner of the stand thought that Gu Ning must be his daughter.

If the daughter liked it, her father would buy it for her.

“Ten thousand yuan,” the owner said.

“This bracelet is made of colored glaze, and itll be very beautiful on your wrist.”

Ten thousand yuan was an absurdly high price for a fake object, because it was only worth a hundred yuan.

“How about this one” Gu Ning pointed at the Rohan Buddha decoration this time.

She didnt show her interest on her face at all.

“Thirty thousand yuan,” the owner said.

“Can it be lower” Gu Ning asked.

“Twenty thousand yuan, thats it.” It seemed that the owner of this stand disliked bargaining.

“Fine, Ill take this one,” Gu Ning said.

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