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Hearing what the old man said, the middle-aged man hesitated, and the onlookers all stepped backwards, in case they were affected by Yin.

Even if they didnt believe in Yin, they would still stay away from it once they heard of it.

Another middle-aged man, however, got mad.

“Old-man Xia, are you doing this on purpose to ruin my store You have no proof to prove that this vase is covered in Yin!” He was the owner of this antique store, and he was annoyed that someone damaged his business.

“Right! If you claim this vase is covered in Yin, show us your proof.”

“Youll damage both his business and reputation!”

“I think hes too old to think clearly.”

People were all criticizing Old-man Xia, because they didnt believe in Yin at all, so none of them supported him.

Old-man Xia was also angry, but he had to curb his anger in order to stop the tragedy from happening again.

“This blue and white porcelain vase belonged to me, and my health got worse and worse once I took it home.

I planned to destroy it, but someone stole it, and it showed up at your store now.”

Hearing that, everyone looked at the owner of this antique store.

They were suspicious whether the owner was the thief.

The owner was in a rage at once.

“Old-man Xia, what do you mean Do you mean I stole it from your home I bought it from someone! Do you have any proof to prove that it belongs to you” His reputation would be ruined if people believed that he was a thief.

Actually, he subconsciously believed what Old-man Xia had just told him, because Old-man Xia was an expert in antique appraisal.

The owner of the antique store couldnt help but feel worried.

He had heard before that some antiques could be covered in Yin after being placed with dead people for many years.

Once a living human being touched something covered in Yin, he or she could be affected by it.

Sometimes, the person might have nightmares and be unable to sleep well.

When it got worse, the persons life could be in danger.

It was obvious that Old-man Xia wasnt in a good condition now.

Was he really affected by Yin because of this vase

Thinking of that, the owner of the antique store felt scared.

He didnt dare to think further, and hoped that it wasnt true.

“I-I dont have any proof, but this vase is covered in Yin, and it must be destroyed!” Saying that, Old-man Xia ran to the counter.

He tried to grab the vase and smash it.

However, just as he moved, the owner of the antique store stopped him.

Even if Old-man Xia was right, the owner was reluctant to destroy this vase which was worth several million yuan.

“Old-man Xia, if you really want to destroy it, buy it first.

If you cant pay for it, it still belongs to me, and you dont have the right to smash it.”

The owner didnt care about this antique, but how much money he could make by selling it out.

“I-I dont have money,” Old-man Xia said, feeling upset.

“If you dont have money, were done, and you should leave now, or Ill call the police.” The owner threatened.

“I can pay for it.” At this moment, Gu Ning walked to them.

It was indeed covered in Yin, and shouldnt be placed here.

She could put it into her telepathic eye space to purify it because it was a real antique after all.

Gu Ning was unwilling to pay the market price for it, but wanted to pay a price which was a little higher than his purchase price.

Once the news that it was covered in Yin went abroad, it would be hard for the owner to sell it anyway, even if nobody believed it.

Hearing that someone was going to buy it, people all turned to look at Gu Ning and were amazed by her beauty, but they didnt think that Gu Ning made the right decision.

Nobody would be willing to pay so much money to destroy an antique.

Old-man Xia didnt think so.

Since Gu Ning was willing to buy it, she couldnt lack money.

“Are you sure” the owner of this antique store asked with doubt.

Gu Ning looked very young, and she didnt seem to be very rich.

“Yeah, how much is it” Gu Ning asked.

“Eight million yuan,” the owner said.

“Eight million yuan” Gu Ning sneered.

“Do you think this vase is still worth eight million yuan now”

Hearing that, the owner was displeased.

He knew what Gu Ning was talking about.

Whether this blue and white porcelain vase was really covered in Yin or not, he couldnt sell it at a high price after Old-man Xias appearance.

If he couldnt sell it to Gu Ning right now, it would be difficult for him to sell it in the future.

“Well, five million yuan,” the owner said.

He gave Gu Ning three million yuan off.

Nevertheless, it was still too expensive in Gu Nings eyes.

“I can only offer you a million yuan.

It didnt cost you much when you bought it, so you can still make a lot.”

“You…” The owner didnt expect that Gu Ning would offer such a low price, because this blue and white porcelain vase was worth nearly 10 million yuan! Moreover, the owner got a little nervous because Gu Ning hit the point that this vase just cost him three hundred thousand yuan when he bought it.

The seller of the vase was an amateur, so the owner was able to buy it at a low price.

Normally, the prices of antiques sold at an antique store were one third or half lower than the original prices.

Seeing the owners reaction, Gu Ning knew that it was very likely that she could buy it at a low price.

“Are you going to sell it or not If you dont sell it to me right now, itll be very hard for you to sell it in the future,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” The owner glared at Gu Ning.

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