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Once the giant yellow croaker was put into her telepathic eye space, it stayed there in the same position as it was in when it was in the ocean.

Although it was a living animal, it wasnt included in human beings, so Gu Ning was able to store it in the telepathic eye space.

As for the other fish, Gu Ning had no interest in them.

When she caught enough, she swam back to Zhao Jiangquans side.

Seeing the net bag which was full of colorful seafood, Zhao Jiangquan was amazed.

He was curious about the species of the seafood inside, and asked Gu Ning whether he could have a look.

He was astonished when he saw what was inside.

They were all big abalone, sea cucumber, prawns, big crabs, and so on.

Several fish were also inside, which werent rare, but not cheap either.

It cost at least dozens of thousands of yuan if they ordered so much seafood in a restaurant.

Zhao Jiangquan couldnt admire Gu Ning more now.

Gu Ning smiled and looked proud.

A few minutes later, Shen Zhaoxuan and Gao Yi were back.

Seeing the net bag hanging on Gu Nings waist, both of them were surprised.

Their mouths were watering too, because the seafood would be very delicious!

Even though Shen Zhaoxuan lived in a city near the sea, and ate seafood often, he still loved it.

This time, Gu Ning and Zhao Jiangquan carried a large box of jewelry together, and were pulled up.

When they were back in the yacht, everyone was excited.

It was hard for them to stay calm now, because they got so many priceless ancient objects.

It all thanks to Gu Ning actually, so they repeatedly thanked Gu Ning when she got out of the sea.

“Miss Gu, youre so amazing! I lack words to compliment you right now.

If it werent for you, we couldnt get so many valuable things!” Li Maosong said.

“Right, Miss Gu, thank you so much!”

The others all thanked Gu Ning with sincerity.

Gu Ning kindly smiled at them.

It was true that she did a lot to help them get those ancient treasure.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning had an idea.

There must be many ancient commercial ships buried under the sea.

If they could find them, they would find a lot more treasure.

However, the ocean was too large, and it was very difficult to find a sunken ship.

If she was free in the future, she would sail around other areas of this sea.

She could take it as a tour anyway.

She had Jade Eyes, and could directly see the bottom of the sea from its surface.

There was no need for her to search for treasure by swimming in the ocean.

The others who stayed in the yacht were all surprised to see the net bag which was filled with seafood hanging on Gu Nings waist.

“Miss Gu, youre well-prepared!” Li Maosong joked.

Gu Ning laughed a little.

“Yeah, I love eating seafood.

I thought that since were going to dive, why dont we catch something to eat Theyre all fresh, but I think you will have to help me cook them.”

“Ha-ha, dont worry.

Im good at cooking seafood, and we can share a seafood feast in my villa,” Shen Zhaoxuans friend said.

They thought that the seafood in Gu Nings net bag would be very common, but it turned out to be the opposite.

They were all uncommon species.

“Jesus, Ive never seen so much seafood of these species before!” Shen Zhaoxuans friend said with surprise.

It depended on ones luck to catch seafood of rare species.

Gu Ning, however, got a lot of expensive seafood within a short time.

After moving the large box to the yacht, Gu Ning and Zhao Jiangquan rested for a few minutes.

They needed fresh air.

Although Gu Ning had her magical power to protect herself, she still felt a little tired.

Zhao Jiangquan, who was an ordinary human being, was exhausted now.

They could directly move those boxes back with ropes, but the objects inside were all highly valuable.

In order to make sure that they were all safe, they had to carry it with them.

Besides, those boxes were nearly rotten after being soaked in the sea water for so many years.

Several minutes later, Gu Ning and Zhao Jiangquan dove into the sea again.

Shen Zhaoxuan and Gao Yi along with Gu Ning and Zhao Jiangquan decided to carry up the rest of the boxes together.

However, a giant strange creature which looked aggressive quickly swam towards them all of a sudden when they were wrapping ropes around those boxes.

The others didnt notice it, but Gu Ning did.

She focused on it, then felt scared.

It was thicker than a python with two swollen parts on its head.

It was a real jiao!

Jiao or jiaolong was one of the species of water beasts with dragon blood (including fish and snakes) during the evolution of the dragon.

It could transform into a true dragon as long as it passed through a difficult calamity, and had powerful strength.

However, it was also called an evil jiao because of its cruelty.

Although Gu Ning had already met things which only existed in stories, like zombies and ghosts, she was still shocked by the jiao.

The evil jiao was moving closer to them at a rapid pace.

Gu Ning immediately took the rope off her waist and tied it around Gao Yis.

Luckily, Gao Yi was strong enough to support two large boxes by himself.

The others thought that Gu Ning failed to carry the heavy box, but she urged them to move up at once.

She also looked anxious.

They couldnt talk, but were able to understand each other by body language.

They knew that Gu Ning wanted them to leave right away, but she would stay here.

They pointed at her, asking her in silence: How about you

Gu Ning waved her hand at them to tell them to leave before her.

However, seeing Gu Ning so anxious, they were worried that something bad was going to happen, so they didnt leave at once.

Gu Ning was a little displeased.

She knew that they cared about her safety, but they would be a burden on her if they stayed.

Although Gao Yi was also concerned about Gu Ning, he listened to her order, so he pulled Zhao Jiangquan and Shen Zhaoxuan and told them to leave in a hurry with a look.

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