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Chapter 857: A Strange Undersea Ship

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Hong Yuefei then observed the two people by Gu Nings sides.

He was a gangster, and had been practicing fighting skills ever since he was a kid, so he knew that they must be good at martial arts at a glance.

Even though he didnt know if they were better than him, he wasnt confident that he could win the fight.

Besides, he didnt bring bodyguards with him today.

Hong Yuefei hesitated.

Seeing that, He Yixi got anxious.

“Hes the second son of the leader of the Tiandihui.

You should know how influential the Tiandihui is! If you dare to hurt him, the Tiandihui wont let you get away with it.”

Hearing that, Hong Yuefei also raised his voice arguing.

“Right, my father is the leader of the Tiandihui.

If you dare to hurt me, the Tiandihui will pay you back without doubt.”

All of a sudden, Gu Ning felt that Hong Yuefei was a little stupid, and he needed He Yixis help to figure things out.

In that case, He Yixi must have done a lot to become Hong Yuefeis girlfriend.

However, it was just a cheap trick in Gu Nings eyes.

“Youve mentioned the Tiandihui many times till now.

Do you think Im afraid of it” Gu Ning said.

She had already wasted a lot of time on them.

She was running out of time, and had to leave now.

“If you want a fight, lets have a fight outside,” Gu Ning said with impatience, then walked out.

Hong Yuefei, however, still hesitated.

He Yixi didnt say a word now either, because she was worried that they might really hurt Hong Yuefei.

Even though Hong Yuefei wasnt willing to fight against Gu Ning, many people in the hall were staring at him, so he had to accept the challenge as the second son of the leader of the Tiandihui.

Therefore, Hong Yuefei followed Gu Ning, and many onlookers went outside to watch the fight too.

He Yixis ankle was broken, so she could barely stand on her feet.

She yelled at the receptionist in anger, “Are you blind Couldnt you see my broken ankle Call the ambulance, now!”

The receptionist then called the ambulance at once, and went to support He Yixi to sit on a nearby sofa.

Outside, Gu Ning asked Hong Yuefei, “Are you sure”

“Dont waste time on talking.

Lets begin now!” Hong Yuefei said, then attacked Gu Ning without delay.

Both Gu Ning and Qiao Ya stood still, while Gao Yi moved ahead to fight against Hong Yuefei.

He alone was enough to beat Hong Yuefei.

Within seconds, Hong Yuefei was beaten down on the floor, and couldnt get back to his feet on his own.

In ordinary peoples eyes, Hong Yuefei was probably good at fighting, but he was merely nobody in Gao Yis eyes.

Onlookers were all shocked by the scene.

Even Hong Yuefei himself didnt expect that Gao Yi could beat him down within such a short time.

He felt so humiliated and mad.

“Lets go!” Gu Ning gave Hong Yuefei a glance of disdain, then left with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

Hong Yuefei was displeased, but could do nothing about it.

He made up his mind to pay them back.

Hearing the bad news that Hong Yuefei was beaten down on the ground, He Yixi came out with the help of two waitresses.

It was painful for her to move, but she had to do it in order to show her care towards Hong Yuefei.

In that case, He Yixi went outside unwillingly.

When she got outside, Hong Yuefei was sitting on the ground.

“Yuefei, are you alright” He Yixi asked with worries.

“Are you blind Cant you see Im injured” Hong Yuefei vented his anger on He Yixi.

He Yixi was aggrieved, but couldnt say anything about it.

Before long, an ambulance arrived, and He Yixi along with Hong Yuefei were sent to the hospital.

Gu Ning and the others arrived at the hotel Li Maosong and his friends stayed in around seven minutes later, and they gathered together in a private room.

Li Maosong, Sun Chao, Zhao Jiangquan and Guo Yiyang were all in the room, because they worked as a team.

“Hi, Miss Gu!”

“Have a seat, please.”

The second Gu Ning showed up, they stood up and welcomed her with enthusiasm.

“Hi, you all, nice to see you again!” Gu Ning greeted them with a smile, then sat down with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya by her sides.

“Miss Gu, they are” Li Maosong looked at Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

What they were going to talk about was confidential, so he had to be sure that the two strangers here were reliable.

Gu Ning understood and smiled at Li Maosong.

“Theyre my bodyguards.

Dont worry.”

“Great,” Li Maosong said.

“Miss Gu, the thing is that my friend, who loves undersea adventures went on an adventure at the bottom of the sea 10 kilometers away from west HK.

They found a ship there, and it was made dozens of years ago.

I think that there must be many real antiques inside, but nobody can swim near to it,” Li Maosong said, frowning.

“Once my friend swam near, he would be pushed away by a strong current,” Li Maosong added.

Gu Ning thought that there must be some ghosts.

Li Maosong and his friends also had the same idea.

Ever since they had encountered the zombie, they started to believe in ghosts.

“We had the same thought when we heard the information, so we planned to check it out ourselves before we told you,” Zhao Jiangquan said.

“I think its highly possible, but we need to see it for ourselves,” Gu Ning said.

She was very interested in it, so she planned to go there with them.

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