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Hearing He Yixis voice, Hong Yuefei finally got his mind back, but he still ignored her and pretended to be a gentleman before Gu Ning.

“Miss, nice to meet you.

Im Hong Yuefei, the second son of the leader of the Tiandihui.

May I know your name”

However, Gu Ning turned to He Siyin.

“Miss, after you.”

Gu Ning didnt address He Siyin as Miss He, because she didnt want Hong Yuefei and He Yixi to find out that they were acquaintances.

He Siyin also had the same idea.

Although she was worried about Gu Ning, she understood that Gu Ning could protect herself since Gu Ning told her to leave now.

Therefore, she thanked Gu Ning, then left.

Gu Ning was the one who had kicked He Yixi, so He Yixi didnt stop He Siyin from walking outside.

He Yixi also realized that Gu Ning was going to pay Hong Yuefei back.

Nevertheless, she was unwilling to let Gu Ning go.

“Well, you werent born here, right” Hong Yuefei suddenly asked.

Many people in the hall showed disdain after hearing that.

Citizens in HK never liked people from other cities, because they thought that others were all poorer than them.

HK did have a highly developed commerce and finance, but it was a very small city with absurdly high housing prices.

Many people had to live in space the size of a box.

Only super-rich people could afford a large house or manor.

In that case, countless people from other cities couldnt understand why citizens in HK believed that they were better than others.

“Lets go now!” Gu Ning said to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya, then strode away.

She didnt bother to give Hong Yuefei a glance from the beginning to the end.

“Stop right there!” Hong Yuefei opened his mouth.

Gu Ning, however, didnt stop at all.

She acted like Hong Yuefei wasnt calling her.

Hong Yuefei let He Yixi go at once, and He Yixi almost fell down, but she didnt mind it now.

She knew that the girl was going to be punished once Hong Yuefei got mad.

Hong Yuefei went ahead and blocked Gu Nings way.

At the same time, Gao Yi stood in between Gu Ning and Hong Yuefei to separate him from Gu Ning.

Hong Yuefei was displeased, glaring at Gu Ning like a hungry wolf.

“How dare you ignore me Dont you know who I am You wont be able to bear the result if you annoy me.”

Gu Ning stared at him with an expressionless face, and Hong Yuefei somehow felt stressed.

“Really Did I annoy you” Gu Ning coldly asked.

She didnt seem scared of his family background at all.

“You…” Hong Yuefei was struck dumb for a second.

“You kicked my woman!”

“I kicked your woman, not you.

Its none of your business.

If your woman is annoyed, you can tell her to argue with me.

In addition, your woman tried to make the miss stumble, and I just taught her a lesson in case she does it again,” Gu Ning said.

“You…” Hong Yuefei didnt know what to say.

Seeing that, He Yixi lost patience, and said, “Yuefei, Im your woman.

She kicked me on purpose because she doesnt respect you, which is a humiliation to the Tiandihui!”

Hearing that, Hong Yuefei agreed.

“Well, if youre willing to be my mistress, I can forgive you, otherwise Ill teach you a lesson too.” Hong Yuefei threatened Gu Ning, leering at her.

He Yixi, on the other hand, was mad.

It turned out that Hong Yuefei was still interested in this girl!

“Show me what can you do,” Gu Ning said in a cold tone.

She was reluctant to have conflict with the Tiandihui, but she wouldnt hesitate to face the challenge.

“Lord Hong, please dont cause us trouble here.

This is Gonghao Hotel.

If you affect our business, Im afraid that I can only talk to Leader Hong.” Before Hong Yuefei could do anything to hurt Gu Ning, a male voice interrupted him.

A man around 27 years old walked towards them from the entrance of the hotel.

It sounded like he was the owner or the manager of this hotel.

“Oh, what a coincidence, Lord Gong!” Seeing the man, Hong Yuefei changed his expression.

Although he wasnt flattering the man, he was very polite and kind to him.

No matter how arrogant Hong Yuefei was, he was afraid of his father.

If his father learned that he caused trouble at Gonghao Hotel, he would be criticized.

Gonghao Hotel was owned by the top super-rich family in HK, the Gong family.

Even the Tiandihui had to show some respect towards them.

Lord Gong was precisely the second son of the Gong family, Gong Zehan, who was also the heir.

There were many influential people in the Gong family.

Gong Zehans older brother was a leader of an international criminal police team, and his older sister held an important position in the politics.

The young generation of the super-rich families in HK had all heard of Gong Zehan, the heir of the Gong family, and none of them dared to act against him.

“Lord Hong, please solve your problem out of here,” Gong Zehan said, then gave Gu Ning a glance before he left.

Once Gong Zehan was gone, Hong Yuefei looked evil again.

“Lets go outside to solve this problem!” He stared straight at Gu Ning.

“Are you sure you alone can beat three of us in a fight” Gu Ning said with disdain.

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